My Favorite Bookstores!

Hey guys I’m excited to ya’ll to share my favorite bookstores and the photos are not mine so credits for those people who took the photos! 🙂

Fully Booked

(Abreeza mall of Davao branch)


My favorite bookstore of all time! I love this bookstore to the moon and back. They’ve got everything in here. Every time I went here I felt like I was floating within the clouds. They’re very great in book reservations and they have friendly sales clerks in here! I’ve always stayed here for how many hours and it’s the only Fully Booked branch here in our city. This place makes me happy and alive.

National Bookstore

(Abreeza mall of Davao branch)


Of all the National Bookstore branches here in our city, this is my most favorite branch. It’s big and cozy in here and they’ve always got the new released book here.

National Bookstore

(Gaisano mall of Davao branch)


This bookstore is just near by my school, that’s why it’s one of my favorites. When I cannot go to my two favorite bookstores I just go here and chill and of course buy some books. I go here especially when I have a bad day at school. Books are stress reliever, we all know that right?

National Bookstore

(SM Lanang Premiere branch)


It’s because they’ve got the most awesome books on sale here! Every time I went here I’m having a hard time to control myself to buy books. Ahh! I really need to go here, one of these days hopefully.

SOOO THOSE ARE MY FAVORITE BOOKSTORES! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and tell me what are your favorite bookstores. Thanks for reading and see ya! 😀

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