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Photo Taken by: Genrei Paul Aquino



By Shawna Reystine S. Canizares 

Dry as drought

Self-filled with doubts

It seems like there’s no way out


In this toxic environment

Such impossible fulfillment

Cutting any engagement


Spreading some hate

Heat rising at higher rate

I am getting tired mate


Shed our souls with light

We may not make things right

Oh just please make our future bright


I can feel death

In each breath

This is an absolute wreck


Sleeping through the mess

Truly, we need rest

I am done with the endless guess


I will hold this rope

As I search for hope

Wishing to be in a clearer road


Once a dead garden

Found, by its right rhythm

Doing my best not to harden


Show me some love! Show me some faith!

For I am already a dying wraith

I cannot live in a hate baith


Let flowers bloom

As I find a way to end this doom

And let happiness find its room


A wilted flower,

In a dark tower

Slowly filling up with power


I am not diving into another sinister

Trapped in a never ending cylinder

Vexed into another danger


Enough is enough!

I am ready again to walk in the garden of love

Hi guys! I’m bringing you our seventh collaboration and I thank Genrei Paul Aquino for his beautifully mesmerizing photos and his never ending patience. It took me a while to get a poem done. Thankkk yoouuuu agaaainn thaankkk youuu!

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More collaborations will head your way soon. Semestral break is coming!

See ya’ll guys!


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster





Photo Taken by: Genrei Paul Aquino



By Shawna Reystine S. Canizares

Sea breeze filling up my lungs

The stretch of the sky makes my heart pound

The birds sang as wonders hang

Glad to be finally found


What a time to be alive

Seeing things finally come to light

Taking this chance with all might

I am up for this crazy dive


A whirlwind of fragility

When embraced by freedom;

Even judgements of dignity,

It will still be an unpredictable outcome.


Casting my fears away

Standing strong in this new found faith

Everyday is a brand new day

Pessimists are nothing but simply a wraith


No more blues

Just peace and positivity

Bathe in different hues

Finally found the right symphony


Hi people! Happy September and may the spirit of Christmas guide us towards laziness and bliss. Kidding. Seriously, laziness is already starting to creep in and I am in serious trouble. *laughs*

Anyway guys here’s our sixth collaboration! *cheers*

Thank you again to this awesome person Genrei Paul Aquino hue your photos? The best! Thank youuu again and again.

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See ya’ll next time more collaborations coming your way soon.


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster










Photo Taken by: Genrei Paul Aquino


By Shawna Reystine S. Canizares

As you walk through dusk

Ghosts whisper, monsters moan

Waking up the shadows of past,

May these lights guide you home.


Your heart constricts with fear

Your mind sending a rush of adrenaline

Deep in the tunnel, you hear the jeer

A trap that seems to be menacing


Wind rushes in,

You can’t help shivering

Fighting off the cold,

How can you be so bold?


Stumbling towards darkness,

I hear your labored breath;

Why did I allow you to drown in loneliness?

My heart cries as it feels the incoming death.


Run! for I will meet you in the middle

Do not fear for I will never repeat the same mistake

There is no time to idle,

For we can either break or make.


Bearing my sins and shame,

I tried not to think of a catacomb

For we seek a different aim

Trust me; these lights will guide us home


The lights flickered as we finally collide

Revealing the stark joy in our eyes

As our hearts intertwined

Indeed, such a blessing in disguise


For these lights brought us home.

What a lovely evening guys! No assignments to do nor quizzes to take tomorrow and so I sing Hallelujah!

Managed to sneak some time so hurraaaaah here’s our fifth collaboration!

Thank you a million times Genrei Paul Aquino no explanations needed anymore just thank you!

Never miss the chance to check out his photos on Instagram guys! (It’s worth it.)

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(I’m hoping to bring ya’ll a book review soon enough) *wink wink*


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster





Photo Taken by: Genrei Paul Aquino


By Shawna Reystine S. Canizares

In these papers I bleed,

Words coming out naturally.

Heart clenching and terrifying for some time,

Fulfilling most of the time.

Thoughts materialize, realities getting analyzed

My heart dances as I weave and magic cleaves

Fumbling for the right words that are surely absurd

My mind, an explosion of dreams and imagination

Matching these wave of emotions

Setting fire to this stone cold heart

Providing warmth now, this is an art

Once a plain boring paper, now an evidence of passion

Burning within the flames of radiant expressions

In words I fall, in words I rise

In words I hurt, in words I heal

In words I died, in words I breathe

And I live


No more words to say. I’m just thankful for this given time and for this life.

Thank you Genrei Paul Aquino and there are no more words to say just THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU!

Never miss a chance to check out his photos on Instagram guys~

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and you too guys who are reading my blogs and collaborations THANK YOU!

Off I go people see ya’ll soon! *insert hearts here*


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster





Photo Taken by: Genrei Paul Aquino


By Shawna Reystine S. Canizares

A crowd of different people

Myriad of pain, scars, and tragedy rambles

Hearts searching for remedy

Souls screeching desperately


Two different worlds,

Still caught up in a blur

Bless these souls for they deserve limpidity

And both shall find comfort in their peculiarities


Blindly walking in these dim lights

Thinking of a way to win this grueling fight

Setting the eyes towards the stage

Yearning arises instead of rage


Two different worlds walked away

Fate and destiny are willing to pay,

Taking charge to free each side

The future assures two different worlds will collide


This collaboration actually helps me to balance my lifestyle right now. Academic activities is currently invading my whole life and it is getting unhealthy. I need to balance it off which brings me this work of ours. 🙂

Again I want to thank Genrei Paul Aquino for agreeing with this collaboration and for his beautifully inspiring photos. I owe you many times.

And guys make sure to check out his Instagram account for more beautifully inspiring photos!

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See ya soon guys and I’m off to academic activities again! Wish me luck!


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster




Photo Taken by: Genrei Paul Aquino


By Shawna Reystine S. Canizares

The sky glows orange and gold

Both colors, beacons of hope

An aching black heart,

Such antipodes towards an art


Shadows rises afterwards,

Bringing the realizations forward

A glint in my eyes

This black heart cries


It is never too late

To make an own fate

Time is borrowed,

A promising chance for a luminous tomorrow


Hi guys! 🙂 I’m bringing to ya’ll our second collaboration.  *yipeee*

I finally got a chance to make some time and I’m so glad to show our second collaboration.

I want thank Genrei Paul Aquino again and again for agreeing with this collaboration. Without you this wouldn’t be possible and worthwhile. 🙂

Go check out his Instagram guys! Like just go!

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That’s it for now and see ya soon guys! *insert hearts here*


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster

COLLABORATION #1 (A photo and poem collaboration)



Photo Taken by: Genrei Paul Aquino


By Shawna Reystine S. Canizares

Walking down the street, shadows whispering

“Can’t you fear darkness?”

 Such unyielding question, it bothered me.

I stopped walking and looked towards the horizon


Colors lit the sky, a blaze shining bright with the greens of the leaves

Oh how magnificent! If only it does not hurt my soul within

Black and white, Black and white

Too much light isn’t right

Ascertain, darkness got me tight.

A shed of hope is tucked somewhere

Nevertheless, home in darkness can’t be found anywhere

Opposing figures, darkness’ fixture

A wraith of satisfaction and peace

Darkness my friend, questions yield.


Instead, I’m here with a poem and a beautiful work of my friend.

Few days back then, my friend and I decided to do a collaboration of our works. It was supposedly for his Instagram account but then I decided I’ll also post our works here in my blog and so there it go. 🙂

I want to thank Genrei Paul Aquino for making this collaboration possible and for allowing me to use his photos as an inspiration for my poems. 😀 Keep it up man.

Go check out his Instagram people you’ll never regret it.

Here’s the link:

I also want to thank Kyle Borbon, James Ceniza, Joseph Lopez, and John Ordeniza. This collaboration wouldn’t be possible if you guys did not exist in my life.

See ya soon guys! 🙂


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster






Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch Book Review


Author:  Sara Raasch

Pages: 416 pages

Publication: September 13, 2015 by Balzer + Bray (Paperback)



4 stars

   What a surprise! Finally managed to sit and make a review for Snow Like Ashes. This is a hard book review though since I have finished the book weeks ago. I feel like I am a bit rusty since my focus right now is on the third book, which is doing better than the first two books. The third book really ate me up and I am already itching to make a book review for the last installment. I am really praying I can give the first book a justifiable book review. Therefore, without further ado let me start right away!

   I am admitting it folks the first book is the second best book of the trilogy. After reading the first chapter of the book, I decided this trilogy might be good. My assumptions never faltered throughout the whole book but of course, some frustrations cannot be helped. I was thrilled to lose myself in the book since the world behind it was new to me. Never read a book with kingdoms named Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. But hey how about ACOTAR? You might strangle me right now but I never dared to read the series yet I am too broken from reading Empire of Storms. Don’t worry I will surely grab the series soon. *winks*

   Anyway, back to Snow Like Ashes the story does not only contain four kingdoms but it has eight kingdoms all in all. The first four are the Seasons and obviously it is where Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring belongs. The other four are the Rhythm it is where the kingdoms of Paisly, Ventralli, Yakim, and Cordell belongs. Seasons and Rhythm are quiet the enemies. They do not like each other’s presence thus, the spurt of prejudices and some threats of war. Little did they know they all have the same enemy but in the first book, it was completely ignored since their egos and prejudices mattered more and the enemy has not yet unleashed his true power to the world. I am not disappointed with the setting but I just wish there is more to it. I badly want to know and study each kingdoms their culture, values, and ways. Ice Like Fire the second book, introduced some but It wasn’t enough. The third book however is understandable since its focus is on the war and the enemies and saving the world. Maybe Sara Raasch can create a novella behind the world of Snow Like Ashes and reveal its mysteries and wonders. I really hope so.

   The characters however does not really strike me at first.  I feel somewhat alienated since I am still trying to grasp their personalities and ways. I was expecting much from Meira Dynam the protagonist of the story but her personality disappointed me a bit, as the story goes on. Though reading the third book right now made me realize the author made her act selfishly for her character to grow throughout the trilogy. There were difficulties in Meira’s character and that just proves her character is not some supernatural being but instead she’s a human who is also having a hard time understanding and loving herself to the fullest without her doubts swallowing her towards the abyss. Mather Loren, the childhood friend and love interest of Meira was not truly convincing in the first book. I viewed him as a spoiled prideful brat and he does not deserve Meira at all. Making all those opinions nearly killed me when I read the second book through his point of view. I thank the heavens for Sara Raasch putting Mather’s POV in the trilogy and it made me understand his ways and personality deeper. His spoiled prideful brat image turned into ashes after reading the second book and my hate for him became nonexistent as I read the third book. He is more than the Mather you will know in the first book so just bear with your frustrations and let the possibility of change enlighten you especially when you deal with Theron Haskar. Theron the prince of Cordell and also a love interest of Meira, which makes him a rival of Mather. I was expecting a lot from him too and he will never fail you in the first book I promise, but I warn you not to let your expectations skyrocket just as I did. You will not be prepared enough for the dark days ahead. I’ll be actually satisfied how Meira and Mather’s story goes in the end but I already knew I will never be satisfied with Theron’s story. Overall, the characters were quite complicated in the first book, which I was expecting already and I clearly handled it well compared to the second book. That was a disaster for my sanity.

    The book was action packed and filled with trial and error strategies but it was a good start for the trilogy. The book has a surprising and thrilling conclusion, which is a good way to end a book and let the readers go after for the next book. Though I never thought, the second book would come out that way. *sigh* I really advise you to be patient and understanding with this trilogy believe me it is worth it especially when you will finally arrive in the last installment.

I actually recommend you guys to read my review for Ice Like fire and you will understand my frustration and my points even more and maybe you can calm down a bit too.

 I’m planning to finish the third book tonight or tomorrow so stay tuned for my book review for Frost Like Night and I bet my review will be an avalanche of feels and relief! *laughs*

Thanks for giving your time people and I’ll see you all soon!

And don’t hesitate to leave your brilliant thoughts down below and let’s discuss this wonderful trilogy.


-Shawna a.k.a. Bookishshimmycaster

SunTag: The Mystery Blogger Award


   It’s quite a while since I’ve been nominated and I thank Amanda of ChocolatePages for nominating me and remembering my existence here in our planet. Seriously though, thank you so much Amanda! 🙂 This kind of post thrills me and I’m more than prepared to do this one. Hope you all will  get to know me even just a bit with this post.

Before anything else, let me just show you the following rules:

Put the award logo/image in your post.


List all the rules.

Thank whoever nominated you and leave a link to their blog.

Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.

Nominate 10-20 people and notify them.

 Link back to the creator of the award.

Ask nominees any 5 questions of your choice, with a weird or funny question.

Share the link to your best/favourite post of yours.



a.) When I’ve got nothing to do and when I’m drowning in boredom I go to school for fun.  I tend to stay in our school library and it’s actually cool because they have fast internet connection and some carpets and couches to lay upon and we are also allowed to sleep in there too. It’s like my home but not really my home.

b.) HOME-SCHOOL-BOOKSTORE-HOME-SCHOOL-BOOKSTORE vice versa. This is always my route and nothing more. I only go to malls to visit a bookstore and after that I’m done. Well, not really because I also enter shoe shops after my book shopping but after that I go home immediately. There’s no reason for me to stay and I just can’t wait to read my book and tuck myself into bed. Is it possible for me to go inside a mall without a bookstore? My answer is nope. Not a chance buddy unless I buy food and some of my basic needs but what is a mall without a bookstore? IT’S BORING.

c.) I’d like to live in a castle someday and I’m dead serious about this. Aside from this lunatic wish I also love the Victorian era. It’s weird because I love to dress myself up with elaborate gowns during the Victorian period and sometimes I wish I could wear the outfit whenever I like and wherever I go. But of course I can’t wear Victorian dresses without humiliating myself first in public, but I’m trying to mix Victorian fashion with modern day fashion whenever I dress up. I also love to decorate my future house in a Victorian way or I can also live in a castle you know. I’m soooooo attracted with this era because of its elegance or as my mum would say maybe I’m a reincarnation of a Victorian princess. Well, who knows but it’s not bad to hope right? *laughs maniacally*


1.) What is your favorite day out of the whole year?

    Hmmm… I don’t really give some thoughts about my favorite day and maybe I just don’t like to have a specific favorite day because for me everyday is my favorite day. It is my favorite day because I’m still alive and kicking, I still have my family and friends beside me, I still have many books to read, more poems and stories to write, and a lot of things to learn, discover, and explore. There are days that are bad but I don’t like to focus myself about the bad instead, I think of it as an opportunity to improve and better days are coming ahead. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes reasons may come vague or clear but I believe there is a reason behind every things and so I never ever dare to falter. Hope is such an amazing force to include in your armory when you battle against the trials of life.

2.) If you had to stay somewhere alone for a week would you choose a white sands beach or a green forest?

       I’d rather stay in a white sand beach obviously. Green forest is nice but there’s a tendency it will creep me out due to my wild imagination. Just thinking about it makes me squeal an “eeek.” While a white sand beach is an open area and just listening to  the waves and smelling the aroma of the sea makes me want to lay on the seashore until midnight. I can already imagine myself laying down on the sand while sipping an iced tea while reading.

3.) What would your ‘last meal’ request be?

      A carbonara with egg sandwiches and three glasses of iced tea. Bring on the macaroni salad and the mango float and of course a book. Books will be always a part of a meal. A meal is no fun without a good book to read. my friend.

4.)  There has to be a bookish question, so what is your all time favourite book?

       This is a hard question Amanda and a torture. *cries* Hmmm… my all time favourite book would be… Wait. Can I skip this question? Like I love all of my books but— alright, alright then I’ll just face this challenge head on! My all time favourite book would be the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. This series started my bookish escapades and without this series I might not be a hardcore reader and there’s a big chance I’ll never discover my passion for reading and writing. I’ll probably have a boring life to live so thank the heavens and thank you mum and grandma for pushing me to read since I was born and for letting me eat the Harry Potter series during my childhood.

5.) Where is your favourite place in the whole world?

       Home. Well, the continent of Europe can be but there’s no place like home. Home is where my I can find my family, home is where I learned many things about life, home is where I stumbled but still managed to get up no matter how cruel life is, home is where I grew up and home is basically my life. Without home I’m lost and a person without a soul.


     I don’t have one because all my posts are my favorite. I worked hard in each every post and poured my heart into it. Just explore my blog and you’ll see. 🙂 Have fun!












Here are MY QUESTIONS nominees:

1.) Who is your favorite Disney Princess?

2.) What is your favorite Disney song?

3.) What is your favorite classical book?

4.) If you are given a chance to choose a fictional character to marry who would it be?

5.) If you are going to to write a book what would be its genre?

Finally dooonnnee!

  Again, I’d like to thank Amanda of Chocolatepages for nominating me and do visit here blog people! 🙂

   For my nominees have fun doing this post and thank you for having your blog and sharing your thoughts and feelings about books. It makes the book blogging community alive and filled with color.

Until my next post people! 🙂

See ya!


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster

Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch Book Review


Author:  Sara Raasch

Pages: 478 pages

Publication: October 13, 2015 by Balzer + Bray


three point five stars

3.5 stars

*Breathes heavily*

    Oh golden leaves! How I love this expression from this series! Hello, people I am back and thank the heavens for I finally have a laptop charger. My laptop got broken unfortunately, due to my careless lifestyle with my things sometimes. I am admitting it folks and I truly regretted being such a careless person sometimes.  *sniffs* Anyway, while I have been away for weeks I incredibly busied myself with reading! I became a hermit in our household and locked myself inside my cave, which is my lovely room and read until my eyes were bulging until now apparently. I am congratulating myself for accumulating more dark circles under my eyes than I have before. Come on pat my shoulders people. Sooo… if you have visited my Goodreads account, after I finished reading the third book of the Fallen series I managed to read six books while I was waiting for a new laptop charger. Here I am though on my way to the third book of the Snow Like Ashes trilogy.  Before that, let me have this book review first to share because this trilogy gave me many things.

The first few chapters of this book were somewhat exciting and quite interesting just the few okay? Because as the book goes by it became boring and all of the characters were just talking! It was insane because when an action comes up it disintegrated immediately. I could not get the book at first and I was having a hard time to understand the characters. I was not used to these dragging events and I am growing impatient every single time I turn the page. A lot of things were off and questionable so basically some things does not make sense at all. I almost grew tired of it and actually lost hope for the series but I still cannot put the book down, so I did not gave up entirely because I am not that kind of person. I am just impatient. So, I took a break and read book reviews to enlighten me with my infuriating situation and was glad to see some readers were having the same symptoms while they were reading the book thus, making my instinct correct to be patient with this book.

Crossing my fingers the whole time was totally worth it. *laughs maniacally* As the book comes towards its end it slowly made sense. I was not expecting it after all! Most pages of this book are in a deep slumber and who would ever thought it would seek its revenge and will leave you like a broken glass? NO ONE APPERENTLY! NO ONE! I realized the deep slumber made the book unpredictable, unpredictable to its inevitable huge mess that will make you scream for your broken heart and dead expectations. If I can screech virtually to all of you, I would! This explains how Sara Raasch redeemed the book through its last few chapters. It gets lively, fun in here, sad, and gory and it just makes you scream for more chapters please! Or nope I’m taking it back I am absolutely reserving it for the last installment for this trilogy! I swear to the river of Styx it was mind blowing and you can literally feel the punch of the words in your heart, gut, and soul.

When the story is in a deep slumber, it is expected the characters would follow suite. How frustrating right? They look so weak, whiny, and unreasonable. Yes yes , I know they should be a huge mess after the events of the first book but I was clearly not expecting this kind of helplessness. It was too much and I do not even know if I should jump right inside the book and shake them out from their trance or kick them until they will come to their rightful senses. It was eating my sanity bit by bit and I just closed my eyes to let the light of patience come through me. It actually worked thank the heavens and again I did not regret it especially when the book comes to its last few pages. The cowardice, helplessness, fears, pities, a stronger force suddenly cut off every negative vibes. A force, which brought optimism, bravery, and hope to the characters and to the readers. I salute Sara Raasch for this beautiful redemption. Feeling alive with hope and quirky with excitement, I cannot wait to immerse myself in the next book with hope safely tucked inside my fragile heart and wishing to have a worthy conclusion and more redemption to come. I am absurdly hoping dangerously high than the universe itself. *puts sunglasses*

So so so… that’s it for this book review and I’m hoping I could get myself together to create a book review for the first book! I’ll do my best!

Anyway, have you read Renee Adieh’s The Wrath and The Dawn? Omigoodishness! Can I tell you how good and smoking smexy hawt was it?! AHHH! Okay I need to stop! This is for a next blog post! But oh heavens it was too good and— okay, okay should really reserve this rant for the future. Whoot!

Thank you for having your time folks and please do not hesitate to comment down below and why not? Let us discuss this mind blowing second book of the Snow Like Ashes trilogy.

See ya’ll soon!


– Shawna a.k.a Bookishshimmycaster