Books that I want to see in THEATERS Part 1!

Hey guys! Earlier this morning I’ve read a news and that news was the Warner Bros. has won the film rights of The Selection series by Kiera Cass. *screams* yes,yes FINALLY! Hopefully this will not be canceled like what happened with the supposedly upcoming TV series.  (my toes and fingers are crossed for the movie) and so after reading the news I made this blog and I’ll leave the link down below if you want to know more about The Selection series.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series


Yes I know, the first two books had movies already and it didn’t turned pretty well and I know it is impossible to have the third book into movie. Seriously, I was not impressed by the movies. I loved the casts I really loved the casts they were good and perfect, but the flow of the movie was really different from the book. I know they had some reasons but maybe it was the reason why people didn’t liked the movies. Same with their props I guess let’s say the Andromeda. I was really expecting it would be some kind of old medieval ship and it would be scary as hell like what we read in the book ,but instead it was a Modern yacht and I was like “Wait, Is that Andromeda? Are they freaking serious?”

or more like this:

and I guess they were serious. So much for that,I still want to see the books in theaters. I’ve heard some rumors that Dreamworks wants to recreate the films. I wish that will happen soon and I will prepare myself for the recasting.

Vampire Academy Series


The movie was good the casts are perfect but it wasn’t enough and I’m too late for this:

My Reaction?


I want to bring the other books to life! but I guess that would be impossible for now they’ve closed the fund raising already. I want the movies so bad and Frostbite should happen this year. I still have my hopes up for the movies or they could just make it into TV series. That’s so much better but not really because I want the casts to stay and there’s Christian Ozera. Dominic Sherwood will not play Christian’s character anymore if they’ll continue the movie but that’s okay he’s perfect for Jace. Nope, that’s not okay he’s also perfect for Christian. Aggh! Now I’m so confused.

Under The Never Sky Trilogy

under the never sky trilogy

We all knew that Under The Never Sky was optioned by Warner Bros. for filming but I haven’t heard any news about that these days! My fingers and toes are still crossed for this series. I really want to see Aria and Perry come to life and ROAR! This is a Dystopian series so why not? I hope they will give this series a chance.  This is one of my favorite dystopian series.


Shatter Me Trilogy


Well yeah! this series should be seen in theaters. It’s awesome a dystopian series with unique characters. I am out of words for this series this series deserves a movie. Wanna see Warner for real like oh my gosh and for your information I am in favor of team Warner.

My dream cast for Warner




That’s it! Stay tuned for part two it will come very very soon. So here’s the link for The Selection News:

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and thanks for Reading! 🙂

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