Paper Towns and Scorch Trials MOVIE REVIEW!

Boom… Baaam… BOOOOM! Ooops….

HEY GUYS! I’m in a weird state right now which is not uncommon. HA! Anyway, I know you guys have already watched Paper Towns and Scorch Trials and I for one have watched them too. I know I’m already late to discuss these things but you don’t have a choice I’m going to discuss it anyway. *grins wickedly*


Alright! That’s enough and now let us all proceed with the discussion.

papetowns1PAPER TOWNS

Here’s the truth I’ve just watched Paper Towns last week. I KNOW, I KNOW I’M SO AWFUL! Now, calm down and let me explain. I was supposed to watch Paper Towns in theaters with my friends however, they always got busy when weekends came by so after how many declinations and broken promises I got pissed and decided to watch Paper Towns through the internet and so that’s what happened last week.

The movie was awesome and hilarious! I found myself smiling in some parts of the movie and I was so shocked when Ansel Elgort appeared! Good gracious I practically screamed and played the part where he appeared dozens of times. Anyway, the contents of the book were still intact in the movie and that’s a very excellent thing! There may be some missing parts but it doesn’t changed what the book wants to tell us or it doesn’t even changed the story. I don’t have any negative things to say about the movie it is PERFECT and because of its perfection I always watch Paper Towns before I go to school. Yeah, even though I know I can’t finish the movie every morning because I’m afraid to be late but whatever Paper Towns is now part of my morning rituals.



                                                     4.5 out of 5 stars.

The-Maze-Runner-2-The-Scorch-Trials-new-Poster-2015-movie-SCORCH TRIALS

Yaaas! Watched this in a theater and guess what? After the movie I felt so awful until now I guess. My expectations for the movie was not met. Whenever, I think about the movie I’ve got lots of mixed feelings for it. I was really really pumped for this one because The Maze Runner Series is one of my favorite books but the movie!!! UGHHH! THE FREAKING MOVIE! *cries*

Why am I complaining? I’m complaining because they’ve changed lots of things as in A LOT! There are things that must not be in the movie because it belongs to the third book. When you have already read the series I swear you’ll be confused as hell while you’re watching the movie. There are parts that makes sense and there are some parts that doesn’t. I know I’m being harsh right now but it’s too much for me they’ve changed lots of things.

Now, let’s move on with the positive side. The casts played there roles pretty well and the thrill and action was amazing. The cranks scared the hell out of me though it was so realistic it’s the way how I imagined the cranks in the books more like the zombie type.

I know that the director has his own reasons why he changed the the flow of the story in the movies and I’ll do my best to accept that. Anyway it’s still pretty awesome can’t wait to see Death Cure next year!



                                                       3 out of 5 stars.

That’s it guys! So those are my reviews and opinions for the movies.

I’m deeply sorry if some of you are offended but those things were just my opinions and my point of views. So let us all be open minded in here okay?

CHILL guys just CHILL!

Anyway, don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and feel free to discuss or open up about your opinions for the movies. 🙂

I’ll see you all! 🙂

-Shawna 😀


On Going Trilogies and Series That I Want To Read Someday!

Hey Guys! 🙂

As you could see I have a problem with on going series because I just can’t read them immediately. I want the series to be complete first before I pick them up in different bookstores. Even though the story is good I’d rather not pick it up until it’s complete. I’m afraid of cliffhangers you see and to forget some important details when the next book will release. So yeah, it really takes a huge amount of self-control not to buy an on going series.

Without further ado let’s start!

Throne of Glass Series by: Sarah J. Maas


I’ve read lots of good reviews and opinions about this series but before I’ve read those things,when I saw the series on a bookstore and read the synopsis I was shockingly hooked and good gracious the genre fits my taste. Sad thing is it is still on going and I can’t grab it yet. Anyway, my self-control vanished already and my patience thinned so I made up my mind last week. I’ll buy the series next year even though it’s still not finish and the fifth book will release next year anyway. So one more book to go and boom! I’ve also heard and read some news that the books will be a TV Series. Hmmm… gotta search for more news about that one.

2015-10-10--13-16-10Red Queen Trilogy by: Victoria Aveyard

I was tempted lots of times to go and grab Red Queen but I just can’t and it’s killing me! I have lots of books to buy first but Red Queen is always tempting me. You know how much I love to read dystopian books and lots of book reviews tells me that the story was so good and it is filled with surprising plot twists and I love plot twists but not cliffhangers. The second book is not yet released until this coming February 9,2016. Hmmm… Gotta have the trilogy this coming 2017. Huh too far from now.*cries* Anyway, I know that in the end it will be worth it and I’ll not die suffering from predicting things to come while waiting for the next release.

2015-10-10--13-17-26The Young Elites Trilogy by: Marie Lu

Another Dystopian trilogy by Marie Lu! Marie Lu’s books are excellent though. I have already read Legend and Prodigy and it was so awesome and it was giving me heartaches,nervous breakdowns and some twisted plots. (Currently reading Champion by the way) When I saw this book I was pretty sure that this book will be a hit and indeed it is. My desperation for the book is oozing for how many months and yet I need to control and remind myself I have still lots of books that were already planned to buy. *sigh* I guess it’ll take some time before I’ll own the books. The second book will be released on October 13,2015. Guess I’ll have the trilogy on 2016 then. HOPEFULLY!

The Lone City Trilogy by: Amy Ewing


When I saw the first book for the very first time the first thing that came to my mind was The Selection book covers. They have some similarities right? And that intrigued me and draw me to buy the book. As I searched about the contents of the book I was clearly disappointed to know that it’s still on going and I need to wait for how many years before I can read the entire trilogy. The second book was already released last October 6th so now all I need to do is to wait for next year before I can own the trilogy!

 2015-10-10--13-16-40Snow Like Ashes Trilogy by: Sarah Raasch

I saw the first book from a vlog and since it has a wonderful title and cover I immediately searched goodreads. So yeah the book belongs into a fantasy genre and fantasy is my second favorite type of genre. I was disappointed again to know that the trilogy is not yet complete and it is still on going. So I decided to wait and wait until the right time comes. The second book will be released this coming October 13,2015. IT’S ALMOST THERE! I therefore conclude that this trilogy will be mine this coming 2016!

Phew! So that’s it for now but honestly I still have tons of on going books that I want to read. I might do a part two for this post. SOON! 😀

Want to check the series? Click the links down below.

Throne Of Glass Series:

Red Queen Trilogy:

The Young Elites Trilogy:

The Lone City Trilogy:

Snow Like Ashes Trilogy:

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and I’ll see you all again on my next blog post! 🙂

-Shawna 😀

The Last Star BOOK COVER!

Hey guys! Yes, another book cover! 🙂

So last Thursday ummm… was it Thursday or Wednesday? Whatever it happened this week anyway. Rick Yancey revealed the cover for his third book!

Here it is!


“We’re here, then we’re gone, and that was true before they came. That’s always been true. The Others didn’t invent death; they just perfected it. Gave death a face to put back in our face, because they knew that was the only way to crush us. It won’t end on any continent or ocean, no mountain or plain, jungle or desert. It will end where it began, where it had been from the beginning, on the battlefield of the last beating human heart.

Master storyteller Rick Yancey invokes triumph, loss, and unrelenting action as the fate of the planet is decided in the conclusion to this epic series.”


From yellow to blue and then now to red! This trilogy has very breathtaking covers. As what I’ve told you last week I haven’t read the first book yet but it is currently sitting on my bookshelf. I’m going to read the book this coming December and the third book will be released on May 17,2016.

I don’t have much to say about this book since I don’t have any ideas about the trilogy yet. Hmmm… I might have some but it’s vague.

Can’t wait to read this trilogy soon!

If you want to check the book click the link down below.

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and I’ll see you all on my next blog post later! 🙂

-Shawna 😀

Lady Midnight BOOK COVER!



TADAAA! It’s so beautiful isn’t it?

So Lady Midnight is the first book of The Dark Artifices Trilogy and The Dark Artifices Trilogy is the series after The Mortal Instruments Series.

In this trilogy the focus will be on Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn but don’t worry guys you’ll still see Jace,Clary,Alec,Magnus,Izzy,Simon and some other important characters that was in the last series. There will be lots of new characters in this trilogy and duuuh it’s already obvious that Emma and Julian have something for each other but the thing is they are parabatai’s and according to Shadowhunter Law parabatai’s are not allowed to fall in love for each other. COMPLICATED right? My bets are they would break the law and change it or they’ll just accept the law but accepting the law seems impossible especially when Emma and Julian have those feelings for a very long time.

That is not only their problem do you remember Mark Blackthorn? He appeared on the sixth book of The Mortal Instruments series and he was stolen by the faeries. Until now he’s still in the hands of the faeries and something fishy is happening in the Downworlders world. So the faeries or the Fair Folk asked some help from the Shadowhunters particulary to Emma and Julian if they’ll help them they will return Julian’s brother Mark Blackthorn but they are only given two weeks to help them.

Now, I’m having a hard time to chill out! The book will be released on March 8,2016.

I can’t wait anymore and the thrill is killing me so badly.

Anyway here’s my favorite snippet that was revealed a long time ago.

“Hello? This is Clary Fairchild.”

“Clary? It’s me, Emma.”

“Oh, Emma, hi! I haven’t heard from you in ages. My mom says thanks for the wedding flowers, by the way. She wanted to send a note but Luke whisked her away on a honeymoon to Tahiti.”

“Tahiti sounds nice.”

“It probably is — Jace, what are you doing with that thing? There is no way it’ll fit.”

“Is this a bad time?”

“What? No! Jace is trying to drag a trebuchet into the training room. Alec, stop helping him.”

“What’s a trebuchet?”

“It’s a huge catapult.”

“What are they going to use it for?”

“I have no idea. Alec, you’re enabling! You’re an enabler!”

“Maybe it is a bad time.”

“I doubt there’ll be a better one. Is something wrong? Is there anything I can do?”

“I think we have your cat.”


“Your cat. Big fuzzy Blue Persian? Always looks angry? Julian says it’s your cat. He says he saw it at the New York Institute. Well, saw him. It’s a boy cat.”

“Church? You have Church? But I thought — well, we knew he was gone. We thought Brother Zachariah took him. Isabelle was annoyed, but they seemed to know each other. I’ve never seen Church actually likeanyone like that.”

“I don’t know if he likes anyone here. He bit Julian twice. Oh, wait. Julian says he likes Ty. He’s asleep on Ty’s bed.”

“How did you wind up with him?”

“Someone rang our front doorbell. Diana, she’s our tutor, went down to see what it was. Church was in a cage on the front step with a note tied to it. It said For Emma. This is Church, a longtime friend of the Carstairs. Take care of this cat and he will take care of you. —J.”

“Brother Zachariah left you a cat.”

“But I don’t even really know him. And he’s not a Silent Brother any more.”

“You may not know him, but he clearly knows you.”

“What do you think the J stands for?”

“His real name. Look, Emma, if he wants you to have Church, and you want Church, you should keep him.”

“Are you sure? The Lightwoods —“

‘They’re both standing here nodding. Well, Alec is partially trapped under a trebuchet, but he seems to be nodding.”

“Jules says we’d like to keep him. We used to have a cat named Oscar, but he died, and, well, Church seems to be good for Ty’s nightmares.”

“Oh, honey. I think, really, he’s Brother Zachariah’s cat. And if he wants you to have him, then you should.”

“Why does Brother Zachariah want to protect me? It’s like he knows me, but I don’t know why he knows me.”

“I don’t exactly know … But I know Tessa. She’s his — well, girlfriend seems not the right word for it. They’ve known each other a long, long time. I have a feeling they’re both watching over you.”

“That’s good. I have a feeling we’re going to need it.”

“Emma — oh my God. The trebuchet just crashed through the floor. I have to go. Call me later.”

“But we can keep the cat?”

“You can keep the cat.”
Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight

GAAAAAAH! This so funny and I can imagine it vividly.

If you want to check more about the book check it here:

So that’s it for now I’ll see you later I guess. The internet is really crappy right now but whatever this can’t stop me from making more blog posts. 🙂

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and opinions down below and what are your bets for Emma and Julian?

See ya!

-Shawna 😀


Hey guys! Let us all talk about aliens and what I mean by aliens are The 5th Wave and The Fate of Ten.

Let’s start!


I know guys you have probably read The 5th Wave already but as for me I haven’t read it yet. I know, I know it’s awful and I’m sorry for that but don’t worry the book is already sitting on my bookshelf about a few weeks ago and I’m planning to read it this coming December together with the second book entitled The Infinite Sea.

So we all knew that the trailer was already out and I really felt bad why I haven’t read the book yet. The reason why I haven’t read it yet because the third book is not yet released and I hate to read trilogies or series that is not complete because 1.) I’m afraid that the last book will be a cliffhanger and 2.) There’s a tendency that I might forget some details of the story when the next book will be released.

For those people who didn’t see the trailer yet here’s the trailer and for those who already saw the trailer well watch it again.

So, as you could see the trailer is pretty epic and well,I don’t have anything to say yet because I haven’t read the book so I’ll just calm my nerves down and wait for December to come.

WHY DECEMBER?! December because I still have lots of books to read and December is the month before January and January is the month when The 5th Wave will be in theaters.

Then… you have probably heard the news already that the third book will be entitled as THE LAST STAR. Pretty interesting title huh can’t wait for 2016. Seriously though if the book was not made into movie I might start reading The 5th Wave in 2016 so that the trilogy is already complete.

Anyway just check the reactions of the people about the incoming third book here:

I might die reading their reactions they are suffering because the third book is still not out and I’m afraid I might feel that kind of emotions when I finished reading the two books this coming December. GAAAH! This is what I’m talking about to all of you!

Anyway, I’ll still read it there’s still a few months left to prepare myself for any emotional breakdowns.


THE FATE OF TEN! UGGGH! I still haven’t read the book and I still haven’t own the book yet! However, I’m going to own this book within this month HOPEFULLY.

So we all knew that the last book ended excitedly and yes the book trailers confirmed it that it is true but I can’t say much more because I still haven’t read the book. I’m such a mess but guys someone spoiled me that someone VERY IMPORTANT DIED. I cannot say who it is because someone might be reading this blog who didn’t read the book yet like me. But whyyyyyyyy??? WHY DID THAT PERSON DIED? WHY?!

Uhhh… no don’t tell me why I’m just going to read the book. The more I dwell on this topic the more I become desperate to have the book.

JUST WAIT SHAWNA JUST WAIT. It’s almost there!

Here’s the book trailer folks especially for those people who haven’t read the book yet.

ATTENTION: For those people who haven’t read the series yet or didn’t continue to read the series PLEASEEEEEEE READ IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN BEFORE IT’S TO LATE! 🙂

Click the link below if you want to check out the series.

So, that’s it guys don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and feel free to start a discussion down below!

See ya’ll on my next blog post! 🙂

-Shawna 😀

Contemporary Novels That I Want To Have and Read Someday!

Yo guys! I’m here again to share to all of you some contemporary novels that I’d like to have someday.

I’m not really into contemporary novels because I often read and buy trilogies or series but, as I finished Falling Into Place and decided what book should I read next I realized that I missed lots of wonderful contemporary novels out there. However, I’m finding some ways and solutions on how can I fit my budget to buy contemporary novels together with lots of trilogies and series that I like to have someday.

Without further ado let’s start right away! 🙂

18189606Since You’ve Been Gone by: Morgan Matson

“It was Sloane who yanked Emily out of her shell and made life 100% interesting. But right before what should have been the most epic summer, Sloane just…disappears. All she leaves behind is a to-do list.

On it, thirteen Sloane-inspired tasks that Emily would normally never try. But what if they could bring her best friend back?

Apple picking at night? Okay, easy enough.

Dance until dawn? Sure. Why not?

Kiss a stranger? Um…

Emily now has this unexpected summer, and the help of Frank Porter (totally unexpected), to check things off Sloane’s list. Who knows what she’ll find?

Go skinny-dipping? Wait…what?”

I always see this book a lot in so many blog sites but it’s not the hype that draw me to read this book. IT’S THE STORY IT’S THE FREAKING STORY. It’s all about friendship and folks I’ve been looking for some books about friendships because I know I can relate about them and so that I can pick some lessons from the book that I can apply in real life. I have three best friends and I think it will best for us to read this book together. I hope I can convince them. *evil laugh*

18459855Another Day by: David Levithan

“Every day is the same for Rhiannon. She has accepted her life, convinced herself that she deserves her distant, temperamental boyfriend, Justin, even established guidelines by which to live: Don’t be too needy. Avoid upsetting him. Never get your hopes up.

Until the morning everything changes. Justin seems to see her, to want to be with her for the first time, and they share a perfect day—a perfect day Justin doesn’t remember the next morning. Confused, depressed, and desperate for another day as great as that one, Rhiannon starts questioning everything. Then, one day, a stranger tells her that the Justin she spent that day with, the one who made her feel like a real person…wasn’t Justin at all.

In this enthralling companion to his New York Times bestseller Every Day, David Levithan tells Rhiannon’s side of the story as she seeks to discover the truth about love and how it can change you.”

I’ve seen this book in a bookstore about a few weeks ago and when I read the plot I already knew that I will love this book. I was tempted to buy it but I just can’t because I have lots of books to buy that I have already planned. The story is pretty mysterious and intriguing and it’s not a common love story I guess. Ahh! I will have this book pretty soon.

23528142Juniors by: Kaui Hart Hemmings

“Part Hawaiian, part Mainlander. Perpetual new girl at school. Hanging in the shadow of her actress mother’s spotlight. And now: new resident of the prominent West family’s guest cottage.

Bracing herself for the embarrassment of being her classmates’ latest charity case, Lea is surprised when she starts becoming friends with Will and Whitney West instead—or in the case of gorgeous, unattainable Will, possibly even more than friends. And despite their differences, Whitney and Lea have a lot in common: both are navigating a tangled web of relationships, past disappointments and future hopes. As things heat up with Will, and her friendship with Whitney deepens, Lea has to decide how much she’s willing to change in order to fit into their world.

Lea Lane has lived in between all her life. But it isn’t until her junior year that she learns how to do it on her own terms.”

I’M A JUNIOR RIGHT NOW AND I’LL BE A SENIOR NEXT YEAR! YEY! So, this is the reason that draw me to read this book. I want to compare my junior life and the junior life of the protagonist of the book or I want to know if the things that happened in the book is also happening in my Junior life. Anyway, the point is I want to learn some lessons and enjoy the book.

2283657599 Days by: Katie Cotugno

“Day 1: Julia Donnelly eggs my house my first night back in Star Lake, and that’s how I know everyone still remembers everything—how I destroyed my relationship with Patrick the night everything happened with his brother, Gabe. How I wrecked their whole family. Now I’m serving out my summer like a jail sentence: Just ninety-nine days till I can leave for college, and be done.

Day 4: A nasty note on my windshield makes it clear Julia isn’t finished. I’m expecting a fight when someone taps me on the shoulder, but it’s just Gabe, home from college and actually happy to see me. “For what it’s worth, Molly Barlow,” he says, “I’m really glad you’re back.”

Day 12: Gabe got me to come to this party, and I’m actually having fun. I think he’s about to kiss me—and that’s when I see Patrick. My Patrick, who’s supposed to be clear across the country. My Patrick, who’s never going to forgive me”

I might die the plot killed it! IT IS A FREAKING LOVE TRIANGLE! I love to read books with love triangles because it is challenging and somehow heart breaking. I really love to break my own heart for this kind of books. See you soon in 99 days I guess?

18520642Proof of Forever by: Lexa Hillyer

“Before: It was the perfect summer of first kisses, skinny-dipping, and bonfires by the lake. Joy, Tali, Luce, and Zoe knew their final summer at Camp Okahatchee would come to an end, but they swore they’d stay friends.

After: Now, two years later, their bond has faded along with those memories.

Then: That is, until the fateful flash of a photo booth camera transports the four of them back in time, to the summer they were fifteen—the summer everything changed.

Now: The girls must recreate the past in order to return to the present. As they live through their second-chance summer, the mystery behind their lost friendship unravels, and a dark secret threatens to tear the girls apart all over again.”

Always: Summers end. But this one will change them forever.”

Another book about friendship horaay for this! Lots of people doesn’t believe in forever nowadays. Now if you ask me do I believe in forever? Well, my answer will depend when I already read this book. Kidding, anyway this book truly intrigued me if it can really prove forever to all of us. So, I’m excited to get this book and share it with my best friends.

18140047Love Letters to the Dead by: Ava Dellaira

“Laurel chooses Kurt Cobain because her sister, May, loved him. And he died young, just like May. Soon, Laurel has a notebook full of letters to the dead—to people like Janis Joplin, Heath Ledger, Amelia Earhart, and Amy Winehouse—though she never gives a single one of them to her teacher. She writes about starting high school, navigating the choppy waters of new friendships, learning to live with her splintering family, falling in love for the first time, and, most important, trying to grieve for May. But how do you mourn for someone you haven’t forgiven?

It’s not until Laurel has written the truth about what happened to herself that she can finally accept what happened to May. And only when Laurel has begun to see her sister as the person she was—lovely and amazing and deeply flawed—can she truly start to discover her own path.

In a voice that’s as lyrical and as true as a favorite song, Ava Dellaira writes about one girl’s journey through life’s challenges with a haunting and often heartbreaking beauty.”

The plot is complicated and that’s the certain reason why I’d like to have this book. I’ve read some reviews that says that it will break my emotions and my heart. I guess this book is somehow relatable so I go for this.

22864443The Secrets of Attraction by: Robin Constantine

“Madison Pryce thinks she’s got everything figured out—she’s working on a portfolio for a summer art program and hanging with her friends. Plus she has her hot boyfriend, Zach. But then a visit from a family friend turns Maddie’s life upside down.

Jesse McMann is still reeling from a breakup that shattered his heart and his band. Then pride (and some goading from his bass player and fellow barista) forces him to find a new drummer—and the inspiration to write music again.

Kismet arrives in the unlikely form of Grayson Barrett, who tries out for Jesse’s band, and whose girlfriend is BFFs with the cute girl who orders a chai latte after yoga every Thursday: Maddie. What Jesse and Maddie thought they knew about the secrets of attraction and the rules of romance changes once they start falling for each other.”

Cliche love story again? Whatever I’ll still read this book though all books are unique.

18160600CITY LOVE by: Susane Colasanti

“Sadie, Darcy, and Rosanna are living together in New York City the summer before their freshman year of college begins. With no parents, no rules, and an entire city to explore, these three girls are on the verge of the best summer of their lives.

Sadie is a native New Yorker. She is hopeful, romantic, and an eternal optimist who is ready to find her soul mate. Then she meets her dream boy: cute, funny, and quirky in all the right ways. The chemistry between them is unreal. Could he be the one?

Darcy is a free spirit from SoCal with rebellious tendencies and unlimited financial resources. Moving to New York City is just another adventure for her. Darcy wants this summer to be all about boy adventures—nothing serious. But how much fun is too much?

Rosanna leaves Chicago for NYC so she can put her past behind her and reinvent herself. The only thing standing in her way is the grand total of seventy-three cents she has saved. Then she meets a guy who wants to show her the glamorous side of New York—a side that she would never get to experience on her own. If Rosanna doesn’t resist, she may find herself in city love.”

Another book about friendship however there’s some plot twist because they all find there love lives in New York? Hmmm… this sounds fun and interesting and that’s why I need to have this book immediately!

Phew! Honestly guys I still have lots of contemporary novels that I want to buy and read someday as in lots! However I’m running out of time and I guess my list of contemporary novels to read is infinite.

I’ll be having a part two about this post pretty soon!

So if you want to purchase the books just click on the links down below:

I hope you enjoy this blog post and don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below!

See you all! 🙂

-Shawna 😀

Falling Into Place by: Amy Zhang BOOK REVIEW!

Hey guys! Finally I’ve finished Falling Into Place and I can’t help to make a book review about this book.

Let’s start! 🙂




This book is all about suicide,friendship,and problems which are very unexpected. I really thought that this book is about falling in love and those cliche stuffs but I was blown away when I started the first chapter. I was confused when I read the first chapter but then as I went deeper my expectations were changed. The experiences and problems of the protagonist Liz Emerson are very relatable. My heart shattered for her bitterness and loneliness and for the things that she have done that destroyed her and other people’s life. There’s also a strong friendship in the story. A friendship that no matter how many times they tried to destroy their lives, no matter how messed they are, even though they have fought many times in the end they still love and be always there to comfort each other. I love the way how her best friends Julia and Kennie are so willing to change and realized how Liz is so sad in her life. So about Liz’ love life it is quite complicated because it can’t be really called as a relationship. However, there’s a guy named Liam who’s been crushing on her since their 5th grade. He always observed Liz and can see Liz for who she is and how broke and lonely she is even though Liz and her best friends made some awful things to him. Liz’ problems are very common for teenagers like me but for her she sees things differently and that’s why she decided to commit suicide. Reading her story will enlighten you and will give you lessons that will be in your hearts everyday. If you have a problem right now and you’re deciding to commit suicide or thinking about suicide just please please please read the book. I was touched and gosh my feelings were freaking hurt reading this story but it’s okay cause I’ve learned lots of lessons and realizations about life.

P.S. Suicide is not an answer for all your problems!

So guys if you want to discuss further about the book don’t be shy and discuss it down below and I have a question for those who already have read the book. Who do you think is the narrator? I’m having a hard time guessing who’s the narrator. It’s either her imaginary friend, her dead sister, or her guardian angel. GAAAAAH! This is driving me insane. Anyway enough with this.

Check the book in here:

And purchase it here:

I’m currently reading Marie Lu’s Legend by the way! See you on my next blog post folks!

-Shawna 😀

The Heir by: Kiera Cass Book Talk!

Good gracious I was supposed to post this blog yesterday but something happened with my post and all of the things that I have typed were deleted. So yeah I need to start to all over again. *bumps my head on the wall*

I know that you have probably read the book already and I finished the book last August. I just really want to talk to you all about my opinions of the characters in the book.

So without further rants let us start! 🙂

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 Eadlyn Schreave-  She’s so different from her mom. Her personality is just too strong and she feels very independent. I find her self confidence is too much and it is becoming kinda narcissistic. Enough with the negative things! Anyway, I can understand why she’s building strong walls between herself and to the other people but sometimes she must break those walls down because she gets lonely. I’m happy that her parents decided to conduct a selection because her walls were slowly getting down and she’s beginning to realize that she can’t rule Illea alone. Behind her strong personality and walls is a very soft and kind heart I promise you it’s just that she always follow her brain rather than her heart.

Kile Woodwork- Son of Carter and Marlee Woodwork. Hallelujah! Praise for this guy! Out of 35 suitors he’s the very first guy I’d like Eadlyn to end up with. He’s been in the castle with Eadlyn since they were babies. They are practically childhood friends but the thing is they can’t stand each other. THEY ALWAYS ARGUE! However, I find their arguments cute and entertaining. When Kile accidentally ended up with the selection I was very happy because since from the start of the book when Kile made his first appearance,there’s some force that I cannot explain going on between them that made me ship them so hard. Anyway, I can say that they’re perfect for each because Kile already knew what’s the true personality of Eadlyn. He can see things in Eadlyn that the others cannot see and with that he can easily understand Eadlyn and he just knows what to do to make Eadlyn melt and happy. I really wish that they’ll end up with each other. PLEASE!

Henri Jaakoppi-  Awwww! this cute guy. I don’t have any strong opinions for this guy. He’s cute,romantic and a gentleman. He’s very in love with princess Eadlyn. I wish really wish that he could speak in English straightly so that he can speak more of his feelings to Eadlyn and they can understand each other more often. Especially when trials comes into their lives when they end up with each other. I want to know more about Henri and he’s the second guy I want Eadlyn to be with when she will not choose Kile.

Hale Garner- This guy can also see things in Eadlyn that others cannot but I think it would be best if Eadlyn and Hale would stay as friends not really friends but BEST FRIENDS. I don’t think he can handle Eadlyn when they end up with each other. Yeah, he’s kind,generous,romantic,understanding, and a gentleman but no I just can’t imagine both of them together as lovers or husband and wife. Well if Eadlyn doesn’t choose Kile and Henri then she must choose Hale then.

Ean Cabel- NO! I DON’T WANT HIM TO END UP WITH PRINCESS EADLYN. He’ll just ruin princess Eadlyn and good god I want him to be out from the selection. I hate him for making a deal with Eadlyn and I hate him more because Eadlyn can’t let go of him because of the deal. His motives are confusing he’s such a mystery but the thing is I DON’T WANT HIM TO BE WITH EADLYN FOREVER AND EVER!

Ahren Schreave- The brother that I’d like to have but couldn’t. Eadlyn is so lucky to have Ahren in her life. Ahren is so kind and protective that he almost gave up his love life for Eadlyn. I can see that Eadlyn is truly lost when her brother is not around. Ahren is the one who picks up Eadlyn when she’s broke, he is the one who knows Eadlyn truly well, he understands her, and he is the one who saves Eadlyn from any trouble and more. All I can say is Eadlyn is not Eadlyn without Ahren and Ahren is not Ahren without Eadlyn. He is the most perfect example of a brother and I envy Eadlyn for that.

So guys these are the only characters that I’d like to talk to you all about because they are the characters who gave me some impact but then if you want to talk about the other characters feel free to talk about them below. So if you’re wondering why I didn’t talk about America and Maxon in here I just can’t because there’s a possibility I might spoil you and it’s depressing. Don’t worry their love for each other is still there and you’ll be happy to see and read about them in the book.

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