About Me

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    Hi! I’m  Shawna Cañizares, a college student who decided to major in English Language and Literature. This blog site was used to be known as “Bookish Reviews” under the pen name “BookishShimmyCaster” in which I did some book reviews particularly on Young Adult novels. This blog site was a haven for fandom news, bookish topics, fangirling sessions, and book rants. Time passed by and I decided to post my works in my blog, which now create certain changes. Book reviews and the things I used to post in this blog site will still be there and I will continue doing them for some time, but there will be a major shift with the theme and contents. This will be an area of self-expression through my own literary works and other form of art that I will be posting in here. Come and journey with me as I explore deeper into the world of language, literature in different forms, and arts.

Lots of love,

Shawna Cañizares

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