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Hello fellow book lovers, book readers, and book bloggers! I’m  Shawna Cañizares and I can be also identified as BookishShimmyCaster. I’m a current senior high school student and a busy one. Well you know how hectic can school be and I’m trying my best to keep up with my book blog same with my TBR pile. There’s so much book to read and as what they say there’s such a little time and it’s a torture for book readers right there like me! Anyway, aside from book reviews, book rants, bookish topics, fandoms, and my fangirling moments I might also post some of my poetries and short stories in this blog.  If you’re wondering, my favorite genre of books are Young Adult Fantasy and Dystopian novels so don’t get shocked if most book reviews that I have will fall in that genre.

Please do enjoy reading my blogs and do rant with me and yes you can follow me on Twitter cause that’s where you’ll know me and my bookish fetish whatever. Contact details can be seen when you just click the Contact Me section above. Yep, that’s right!

Have fun fellas and keep on reading, blogging, and writing!

Lots of love,

Shawna a.ka. BookishShimmyCaster

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