The Crown by Kiera Cass Book Review and Rant!

Hello there! How are you doing guys?

Me? How am I doing?

Never mind how am I doing guys… my midterms… it broke my hopeful heart.


BUT IT’S OKAY! Β πŸ˜€ Midterms is finally out and I’ll be saying hello to pre-finals soon!

For now, I finally have a free time to make a post, read books, watch anime, take pictures of books, and surf the heavenly internet.


Oh, how I miss this and guess what everyone? Semestral break is fast approaching! I’m so pumped up for sembreak and I really do wish they’ll not make it into one week break. That is somehow awful cause I want a 2-3 week break!

Say I’m demanding but blimey, I’m so done with school stuffs I want to go rest for a while.

Now, let me stop ranting about this and let me rant about the fifth and final book of Kiera Cass’ The Selection Series: The Crown!


Author:Β  Kiera Cass

Pages:Β 279 pages

Publication:Β May 3rd 2016 by: HarperTeen



Woooaaah! A very stunning and lovely book cover isn’t it? It just made my heart pop with excitement and I can’t help to make my expectations for this book grew higher back then.



Now, now. Where are we again? Oh yeah right. Me being spoiled.

After that spoiling incident, I don’t know what should I feel or think! *cries*

So here’s what happened we all knew that in the fourth book, our lovely queen America got a heart attack and princess Eadlyn was forced to make The Selection process a little bit faster. The situation got quite complicated and in the fifth book, the boys were narrowed down into the Elite immediately and these boys are Kile, Henri, Hale, Fox, Ean, and Gunner.

I was practically cheering because of course my two favorite boys got in, and those boys are Kile and Henri! But then… again I spoiled myself and discovered that Eadlyn did not end up with these two boys nor with the other four boys. MY MIND, HEART, AND SOUL WAS BLOWN AWAY INTO THE DARKNESS OF DESPAIR! Because… why? why? why? not Kile or Henri!

I was really rooting Kile for Eadlyn and you can clearly see their chemistry in the previous book! I’m not blind or numb in order for me not to see their chemistry. *cries* It was a real waste for me back then but still I did not give up and hoped that Henri will end up with Eadlyn. But then then it turns out they did not end up with each other too. AGGGH! It was sooo frustrating and I almost decided not to read the final installment of the series.

Thankfully, I gave the book a chance to explain itself and in the end it was justified. I already saw the twist coming when I was reading the fourth book a few years back. I did not took it seriously because it was a really insane and heart wrenching plot twist. But when I read the whole story of the book? My perspectives changed and I was satisfied in the end. The book did not only contained this one major twist but there are a lot more. You’ll be surprised and maybe you’ll get scared for Eadlyn’s fate but you’ll see how she will deal with things maturely. She is much more a stronger person in this book and finally, she really did open her heart already. She’s not the stone cold princess anymore.

For my part, I may say the plot twist was heart wrenching but don’t get me wrong guys no one died okay? Jusr relax! It was just heart wrenching for me because the twist was so far away from my expectations. I may saw it coming but I clearly avoided the possibility. The Crown is the shortest and the most fast paced book of The Selection series and somehow wanting for more chapters can’t be helped.

Hail Kiera Cass! This book is bloody brilliant because of the twists that will really make you roll with a lot of emotions and feels.

The book gave me justice by answering my questions and for making me realize a lot of things in life. This is what I love about books though, it will not just give me happiness but it will give me a lot of realization too.

That’s it for this post everyone and please don’t forget to smile each day!

Cause I’m trying my best to smile each day too! HAHAHA! πŸ˜€

See ya’ll on my next blog post everyone!

-Shawna πŸ˜€


Books That I’d Like To Add Up On My Plan!

Hey guys! πŸ™‚

Do you remember my post that talks about the books I’ll buy on 2016?

Yes, that post and I already have some books to add on my plan!

So without further ado, Let’s start! πŸ™‚

The End Game Trilogy


James Frey & Nils Johnson-Shelton


Been raving for this books last year and I haven’t buy it yet because it’s not complete and I know that you know the reason already. (#CliffhangerIssues) Since the third book will be released this year, I guess it will be good to pick up the series already and put them on my bookshelf for sometime and read them! It’s a freaking dystopian and the plots are very mysterious which made me more desperate to have the series.

Prisoner of Night & Fog Series


Anne Blankman


I really have thought the series will have three books but as I’ve searched the series on Goodreads, I’ve read that it will only have two books. I’m also dying to read historical fiction novels. The plot of both books are so interesting and lots of reviews told me to be emotional prepared.

HA! It’s so on!!! I’ll see these books this year!

Bloodlines Series


Richelle Mead


Well, if I’ll have this series this year then I should finish the last two books of Vampire Academy series. I haven’t finished the series last year because it gave me a very bad reading slump and so I stopped and proceed into another series. I guess, I’ll be more pumped up to read the last two books this year especially when I’ll purchase this series soon!

Yay! So, that’s it for this post and I hope you all enjoyed it! πŸ™‚

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and I’ll see ya’ll!

-Shawna πŸ˜€

Bookish Things I’d Like To Have!

Hey Guys! I’m back! πŸ˜€

Anyway, I have lots of bookish things I’d like to have and I wish I could have them right now, tomorrow, or next week but I still can’t because I still have lots of books to buy.

I guess I’ll have to purchase these bookish things soon as in soon.

In 5 years maybe? HAHAHA!

They’re kinda expensive you know and it is more comfortable and wise for me to spend my money for books. Yes, I do really love books.


#1: Fandom Shirts


Photos from Pinterest & Redbubble.

I really really want to have fandom shirts especially those shirts from the LUX series and I do want to have a shirt that says “Shadowunters”.

Yep, I must have them so soon!

#2: Subscription Box


Photos from Owlcrate & Quibblerbox.

Ugggh! I really want to have a subscription box every month but good gracious it’s too expensive. A certain subscription box is equivalent to two-three books and I’d rather want to spend my money for three books. It can be a trilogy or three contemporary novels you know.

Owlcrate is based on USA while Quibblerbox is based on Philippines but Quibllerbox ships internationally! πŸ™‚

And for Owlcrate you can take a look here:

Click the links if you want to check their websites!



I might try a subscription box for once! πŸ˜€ (SOON!)

#3: Bookmarks


Photos from Etsy.

These bookmarks are so cute and I want to have them! They are so expensive on Etsy especially when I’ll pay for a shipping fee when I order them. I’m looking for these kind of bookmarks in our country and if I got to see one and if it has an affordable price then I’d totally get lots of these.

If you want to purchase or check these bookmarks then click this link:Β EtsyBookmarks

#4: Mugs


Photo from Etsy.

A mug from Etsy and I really want to own that kind of mug and then again it will be so expensive when I’ll buy it on Etsy. So, if I got to see one here and with affordable price then I’d certainly grab it.

Mug with a cold drink Β + Books = PERFECTION

P.S. I hate hot drinks!

If you want to purchase or check the mug then click this link:Β EtsyDeathlyHallowsMug

That’s it for this post and I hope you have enjoyed it!

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below folks & I’ll see ya’ll later!

-Shawna πŸ˜€

Movie Adaptations I’d Like To Watch On 2016!

Hey guys! πŸ™‚

I can’t believe it’s 2016 already HA! and 2016 means lots of movie adaptations will be in the cinemas.

So I’d like to share to ya’ll what are the movie adaptations that I’d like to watch on 2016.

Let’s Start!

1.) The 5th Wave


Release Dates

USA, January 22, 2016. Philippines, February 3, 2016.

I haven’t read the book yet but I’ll start reading it tomorrow! I know that I’ll love the series especially it’s sci-fi and it has aliens on it. I’d like to see the movie because I’d like to see the book in real life and I’d like to compare the differences they made in the movie from the book and I’ll surely rant about it.

Β 2.) The Choice


Release Dates

USA, February 5,2016. Philippines, Not yet specified.

The Choice is a novel written by Nicholas Sparks yes, NICHOLAS SPARKS! Who would’ve thought that I’d be watching a movie based from the novels Nicholas Sparks! It started last year though when I watched The Longest Ride & The Best of Me and I fell in love with them. I haven’t read any of his books yet but don’t worry his books are part of my TO BE READ or TO BUY books.

3.) Allegiant


Release Dates

USA, March 18, 2016. Philippines, March 9, 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve read the series and I miss them already and that’s part of my reasons why I’d like to see the movie. The last movie which is the INSURGENT was kinda disappointing for Β me. They’ve changed lots of things and that pissed me off on so many levels. I know they have their own reasons and I respect that but ranting is inevitable. (HAHAHA!) Anyway, Allegiant will be split into two parts and the second part will be called ASCENDANT which will be released on 2017.

4.) Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


Release Dates

USA, December 25,2016. Philippines, Not yet specified.

I’ve been waiting for the movie to come out in ages because the kept on changing the release date but it’s okay I know they have reasons. Anyway, I wish that the release date here in our country will be the same with USA and if not I don’t really know what would I do.



5.) Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Release Dates

USA, November 18,2016. Philippines, November 17,2016.


I already miss the wizarding world and it will be so good to be back this coming November! I’m so pumped up to see the movie with my lil’ sis and I even screamed so loud when I watched the teaser trailer. Man, it was a teaser trailer only I can’t even imagine how I’ll act if I’ve got to see the movie! Maybe I’ll faint? or worse. We never know!

P.S. Want to see the movie in IMAX and I’ll be always a Potterhead forever and ever!

That’s it for this post and I hope you enjoyed it! πŸ™‚

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and I’ll see you all later!

-Shawna πŸ˜€

Thank You Everyone!

Hey guys!


giphy (22).gif

I have such a very wonderful and blessed year 2015 and I hope I’ll have more wonderful and blessed 2016! πŸ˜€

I’ve started this blog on April 2015 and I am so glad that I’ve made one. I want to thank those people who visited my blog everyday and those people who followed my blog. Without you guys my blog wouldn’t be like this. I am so thankful that I’ll be able to share my love, passion, feelings, and thoughts about books.

I haven’t been consistent last year but I was shocked because I still have some viewers everyday. Thank you thank you guys for your support! I have been spamming my twitter about my blog and yeah I’ll still continue spamming my twitter! πŸ˜€

I want to thank the other bloggers out there for having your blog because everytime I visited your blog it inspires me to pursue and improve my blog. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH PEOPLE!

As what I’ve promised to you guys I’ll be more consistent this year and so expect more posts for this year! πŸ™‚ Part of my promise is also to manage my time and yes I’ll do that! Again, THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!

I also want to thank my friends and my classmates who was so tolerating when I told them to read my blog and share them. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! THANK YOU! I wish you’ll still keep on tolerating me this year! πŸ˜€

I also want to thank my ever supportive cousins for always sharing and reading my blog. Even though they make fun of me because of this, It’s fine because I know it’s how they show their love for me. THANK YOU GUYS AND I LOVE YOU TOO! πŸ˜€

I want to thank my lil’ sister for helping me making my first ever video on my blog and for understanding me when I get too serious whenever I’m making a blog post. Thank you so much for everything sis. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU!

And lastly, I want to thank my mom yes, my mom for being my number 1 follower and fan on my blog since from the start. She’s the one who tells me what are the things that I needed to improve on my blog and she also gives some ideas when I am running out of out of them. She even share my blog with her friends. Mom, thank you! thank you so much and I LOVE YOU MOM! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! πŸ˜€


HAPPY 2016! πŸ™‚

-Shawna πŸ˜€

Books That I Planned To Buy On 2016!

Hey Guysssss!

Yep, more and more books to buy as what I’ve said on my Bookish New Year’s Resolution. I’ve already planned the books that I’ll buy last October and yes I like to plan ahead of time! πŸ™‚

So let’s start!!!

1.) Β The Throne of Glass Series by: Sarah J. Maas2015-10-10--13-14-15

Been raving for this series for how many months already but can’t buy the series because it’s not yet complete. Then I’ve changed my mind and my patience is already wearing out and so I’ll totally buy this series!

2.) The Lunar Chronicles by: Marissa Meyer


Who wouldn’t want this series? Well, I’ve been raving for this series for a very long time too and since it is now complete why not freaking grab it!

3.) The Unearthly Trilogy by: Cynthia Hand


Been planning to have this trilogy for a very long time but I haven’t got a chance to buy these books. So, I guess 2016 will be the time to buy them!

4.) The Alienated Trilogy by: Melissa Landers


YAAAY! Another alien series!!! I really have a weak spot for alien novels and since the third book will be released this August 2016 I’ll definitely buy them!

5.) The Young Elites Trilogy by: Marie Lu


After I’ve finished the Legend trilogy I was totally thrilled to read The Young Elites Trilogy. You see Marie Lu’s writing is superb and I know that this trilogy is superb too! The last book of the trilogy will be released on 2016 too!

6.) The Lone City Trilogy by: Amy Ewing


Uh huh… Another raved trilogy! It’s a freaking dystopian trilogy and I also have a weak spot for dystopian novels. Gotta have the series as soon as the third book will be released on 2016.

7.) Snow Like Ashes Trilogy by: Sarah Raasch


Well, I know that I should never judge a book by it’s cover but the cover has some kind of Throne of Glass vibe in it so I decided to have this series soon. It’s a fantasy novel and I also love fantasy novels but mostly Dystopian and Alien novels hailed but still I’ll surely have the series!

Third book will also be released this coming 2016!

8.) Hex Hall Trilogy by: Rachel Hawkins


A paranormal fantasy trilogy and that alone is tone of the reason why I’d like to have this series. I haven’t read lots of paranormal series and so I’ll start with this series and get addicted with paranormal stuffs.

9.) Everneath Trilogy by: Brodi Ashton


It’s been a long time since I’ve read a series that has some Greek mythology in it and I’ve missed the Greek world already and that’s why I’ll have these books!

10.) Razorland Trilogy by: Ann Aguirre


Dystopian wolrd + Zombies = PERFECTION! I’ve never read a dystopian novel with zombies in it. Well, I kinda have but they are not called zombies and I think there are some huge differences. I’ll truly prepare myself whenever I’ll read the series. A lot of people says that this trilogy is kinda scary. *AWOOOOOOO*

11.) The Sweet Series by: Wendy Higgins


I’ve been attracted to this series for how many months already and my desperation for this series increased especially when the first book was mentioned in the LUX series. So I’ve just decided yesterday to add the series on my list!

So that’s my plan for 2016 folks! I guess more books will be added on my plan and if so I’ll update you all about it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this postand don’t forget to tell me what are the books that you are planning to buy for 2016?


-Shawna πŸ˜€

My Bookish New Year’s Resolution!


Our household is so busy right now preparing for New Year’s Eve! (Yeah, seriously I almost put Christmas Eve. tsk tsk)

Anyway, I’m planning to make three or more posts today and phew! I guess I’ll be dividing my time today wisely!

So, before this year will end I decided to make my new year’s resolution that I hope I’ll fulfill this 2016!

giphy (17)


So without further ado, let’s start! πŸ™‚



giphy (18).gif

I really really need to read more books. Uhmmm… apparently I’ve decided to read 2 books within a week. Well, I must try because I still have my studies but I know I can do it! πŸ™‚


giphy (19).gif




Uh huh… More blogs for 2016 guys! I’ve just started my blog last April and I’m planning to make more and more and more!


I know, my bad guys my bad. I haven’t been consistent on my blog because of Β 1.) School Stuffs, 2.) Laziness and 3.) Crappy Internet. But guys I’m so determined to be consistent on my blog and that’s a freaking big PROMISE to you all!


I actually have a bookstagram and I’m not that active and so now I’ve decided also to be active on it. Bookstagram community is so awesome and good gracious I keep on drooling over the books of the bookstagrammers. Yaaaass goals, goals, and goals.


How can I buy more books if I don’t save more money right? So, yeah save more money.


I’ve just started last Sunday and so I must do more next year!


Yep, there’s always a room for improvement. So why not grab it?


Apparently, I’ve been writing my own story last March and then I’ve been so stupid and clumsy and guess what? I’ve deleted my freaking story. I also deleted it on my recycle bin. So when I’ve searched for it again I’ve realized that I’ve deleted the wrong file. Man, what a waste but I have already a new characters for my new story. KUDOS 2016!


I’m lazy lazy lazy especially during weekends. It was supposed to be the time I’m going to make some posts on my blog but laziness hailed and that’s going to change this 2016!


Reading, blogging, bookstagramming, and school? Yeah, it’s about time to manage my time.

My my… what a bookish new year’s resolution!

So guys what are your BOOKISH NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION?

You can answer it down below! πŸ™‚

And also I tag these people to do their own BOOKISH NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION!

Kimsiang ofΒ The Spines Breaker

Catia of The Girl Who Read Too Much


Becca ofΒ Becca and Books

That’s it for today folks see ya’ll later.

-Shawna πŸ˜€

I Fell In Love With The Book Cover Part 2!

A moment of silence for this breathtaking book cover.


Hey Guys! I’ve already told all of you that I’m always attracted with girls in long dresses on book covers but this book cover is more attractive than the others. Just look at that beautiful girl and that enchanted Victorian dress. Ahhh.. I really love Victorian dresses! So much for Victorian dresses, I saw the book in a bookstore and I was really shocked that I didn’t saw the book on Goodreads first I was like “WTF?”. Anyway, just looking at the girl’s dress and her background,it occurred to me immediately that this book is a historical fiction and I really love to read historical fiction books. I was like: “OH MY GOSH! I NEED THIS BOOK LIKE RIGHT NOW A.S.A.P!” aside from the the genre the book cover helped a lot to encourage me to add this book in my TBR list.*sigh*

So here’s the summary:

“Happily Ever After…Or Happily Nevermore? Gisela’s childhood was filled with laughter and visits from nobles such as the duke and his young son. But since her father’s death, each day has been filled with nothing but servitude to her stepmother. So when Gisela meets the duke’s son, Valten–the boy she has daydreamed about for years–and learns he is throwing a ball, she vows to attend, even if it’s only for a taste of a life she’ll never have. To her surprise, she catches Valten’s eye. Though he is rough around the edges, Gisela finds Valten has completely captured her heart. But other forces are bent on keeping the two from falling further in love, putting Gisela in more danger than she ever imagined.”



So this book is going to retell Cinderella’s story? OH.MY.GOSH! For real?! I really love Cinderella and I love it even more when I’ve saw the movie. Ahhh! Why I didn’t read the summary?! Gaaaaaahh! I’m freaking out guys *breathes heavily* I’m a huge fan of retellings you know. I AM NOW DESPERATE TO GET THIS BOOK!

Bad News: there’s only one copy left in the bookstore the last time I went there. *cries*

I hope the book will not be bought by someone else first please please please!


Thanks for reading this blog guys and I hope you enjoyed reading this. πŸ˜€

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and see ya’ll! πŸ™‚