Photo Taken by: Genrei Paul Aquino


By Shawna Reystine S. Canizares

In these papers I bleed,

Words coming out naturally.

Heart clenching and terrifying for some time,

Fulfilling most of the time.

Thoughts materialize, realities getting analyzed

My heart dances as I weave and magic cleaves

Fumbling for the right words that are surely absurd

My mind, an explosion of dreams and imagination

Matching these wave of emotions

Setting fire to this stone cold heart

Providing warmth now, this is an art

Once a plain boring paper, now an evidence of passion

Burning within the flames of radiant expressions

In words I fall, in words I rise

In words I hurt, in words I heal

In words I died, in words I breathe

And I live


No more words to say. I’m just thankful for this given time and for this life.

Thank you Genrei Paul Aquino and there are no more words to say just THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU!

Never miss a chance to check out his photos on Instagram guys~

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and you too guys who are reading my blogs and collaborations THANK YOU!

Off I go people see ya’ll soon! *insert hearts here*


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster





Photo Taken by: Genrei Paul Aquino


By Shawna Reystine S. Canizares

A crowd of different people

Myriad of pain, scars, and tragedy rambles

Hearts searching for remedy

Souls screeching desperately


Two different worlds,

Still caught up in a blur

Bless these souls for they deserve limpidity

And both shall find comfort in their peculiarities


Blindly walking in these dim lights

Thinking of a way to win this grueling fight

Setting the eyes towards the stage

Yearning arises instead of rage


Two different worlds walked away

Fate and destiny are willing to pay,

Taking charge to free each side

The future assures two different worlds will collide


This collaboration actually helps me to balance my lifestyle right now. Academic activities is currently invading my whole life and it is getting unhealthy. I need to balance it off which brings me this work of ours. 🙂

Again I want to thank Genrei Paul Aquino for agreeing with this collaboration and for his beautifully inspiring photos. I owe you many times.

And guys make sure to check out his Instagram account for more beautifully inspiring photos!

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See ya soon guys and I’m off to academic activities again! Wish me luck!


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster




Photo Taken by: Genrei Paul Aquino


By Shawna Reystine S. Canizares

The sky glows orange and gold

Both colors, beacons of hope

An aching black heart,

Such antipodes towards an art


Shadows rises afterwards,

Bringing the realizations forward

A glint in my eyes

This black heart cries


It is never too late

To make an own fate

Time is borrowed,

A promising chance for a luminous tomorrow


Hi guys! 🙂 I’m bringing to ya’ll our second collaboration.  *yipeee*

I finally got a chance to make some time and I’m so glad to show our second collaboration.

I want thank Genrei Paul Aquino again and again for agreeing with this collaboration. Without you this wouldn’t be possible and worthwhile. 🙂

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That’s it for now and see ya soon guys! *insert hearts here*


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster

COLLABORATION #1 (A photo and poem collaboration)



Photo Taken by: Genrei Paul Aquino


By Shawna Reystine S. Canizares

Walking down the street, shadows whispering

“Can’t you fear darkness?”

 Such unyielding question, it bothered me.

I stopped walking and looked towards the horizon


Colors lit the sky, a blaze shining bright with the greens of the leaves

Oh how magnificent! If only it does not hurt my soul within

Black and white, Black and white

Too much light isn’t right

Ascertain, darkness got me tight.

A shed of hope is tucked somewhere

Nevertheless, home in darkness can’t be found anywhere

Opposing figures, darkness’ fixture

A wraith of satisfaction and peace

Darkness my friend, questions yield.


Instead, I’m here with a poem and a beautiful work of my friend.

Few days back then, my friend and I decided to do a collaboration of our works. It was supposedly for his Instagram account but then I decided I’ll also post our works here in my blog and so there it go. 🙂

I want to thank Genrei Paul Aquino for making this collaboration possible and for allowing me to use his photos as an inspiration for my poems. 😀 Keep it up man.

Go check out his Instagram people you’ll never regret it.

Here’s the link:

I also want to thank Kyle Borbon, James Ceniza, Joseph Lopez, and John Ordeniza. This collaboration wouldn’t be possible if you guys did not exist in my life.

See ya soon guys! 🙂


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster