Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch Book Review


Author:  Sara Raasch

Pages: 416 pages

Publication: September 13, 2015 by Balzer + Bray (Paperback)



4 stars

   What a surprise! Finally managed to sit and make a review for Snow Like Ashes. This is a hard book review though since I have finished the book weeks ago. I feel like I am a bit rusty since my focus right now is on the third book, which is doing better than the first two books. The third book really ate me up and I am already itching to make a book review for the last installment. I am really praying I can give the first book a justifiable book review. Therefore, without further ado let me start right away!

   I am admitting it folks the first book is the second best book of the trilogy. After reading the first chapter of the book, I decided this trilogy might be good. My assumptions never faltered throughout the whole book but of course, some frustrations cannot be helped. I was thrilled to lose myself in the book since the world behind it was new to me. Never read a book with kingdoms named Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. But hey how about ACOTAR? You might strangle me right now but I never dared to read the series yet I am too broken from reading Empire of Storms. Don’t worry I will surely grab the series soon. *winks*

   Anyway, back to Snow Like Ashes the story does not only contain four kingdoms but it has eight kingdoms all in all. The first four are the Seasons and obviously it is where Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring belongs. The other four are the Rhythm it is where the kingdoms of Paisly, Ventralli, Yakim, and Cordell belongs. Seasons and Rhythm are quiet the enemies. They do not like each other’s presence thus, the spurt of prejudices and some threats of war. Little did they know they all have the same enemy but in the first book, it was completely ignored since their egos and prejudices mattered more and the enemy has not yet unleashed his true power to the world. I am not disappointed with the setting but I just wish there is more to it. I badly want to know and study each kingdoms their culture, values, and ways. Ice Like Fire the second book, introduced some but It wasn’t enough. The third book however is understandable since its focus is on the war and the enemies and saving the world. Maybe Sara Raasch can create a novella behind the world of Snow Like Ashes and reveal its mysteries and wonders. I really hope so.

   The characters however does not really strike me at first.  I feel somewhat alienated since I am still trying to grasp their personalities and ways. I was expecting much from Meira Dynam the protagonist of the story but her personality disappointed me a bit, as the story goes on. Though reading the third book right now made me realize the author made her act selfishly for her character to grow throughout the trilogy. There were difficulties in Meira’s character and that just proves her character is not some supernatural being but instead she’s a human who is also having a hard time understanding and loving herself to the fullest without her doubts swallowing her towards the abyss. Mather Loren, the childhood friend and love interest of Meira was not truly convincing in the first book. I viewed him as a spoiled prideful brat and he does not deserve Meira at all. Making all those opinions nearly killed me when I read the second book through his point of view. I thank the heavens for Sara Raasch putting Mather’s POV in the trilogy and it made me understand his ways and personality deeper. His spoiled prideful brat image turned into ashes after reading the second book and my hate for him became nonexistent as I read the third book. He is more than the Mather you will know in the first book so just bear with your frustrations and let the possibility of change enlighten you especially when you deal with Theron Haskar. Theron the prince of Cordell and also a love interest of Meira, which makes him a rival of Mather. I was expecting a lot from him too and he will never fail you in the first book I promise, but I warn you not to let your expectations skyrocket just as I did. You will not be prepared enough for the dark days ahead. I’ll be actually satisfied how Meira and Mather’s story goes in the end but I already knew I will never be satisfied with Theron’s story. Overall, the characters were quite complicated in the first book, which I was expecting already and I clearly handled it well compared to the second book. That was a disaster for my sanity.

    The book was action packed and filled with trial and error strategies but it was a good start for the trilogy. The book has a surprising and thrilling conclusion, which is a good way to end a book and let the readers go after for the next book. Though I never thought, the second book would come out that way. *sigh* I really advise you to be patient and understanding with this trilogy believe me it is worth it especially when you will finally arrive in the last installment.

I actually recommend you guys to read my review for Ice Like fire and you will understand my frustration and my points even more and maybe you can calm down a bit too.

 I’m planning to finish the third book tonight or tomorrow so stay tuned for my book review for Frost Like Night and I bet my review will be an avalanche of feels and relief! *laughs*

Thanks for giving your time people and I’ll see you all soon!

And don’t hesitate to leave your brilliant thoughts down below and let’s discuss this wonderful trilogy.


-Shawna a.k.a. Bookishshimmycaster


Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch Book Review


Author:  Sara Raasch

Pages: 478 pages

Publication: October 13, 2015 by Balzer + Bray


three point five stars

3.5 stars

*Breathes heavily*

    Oh golden leaves! How I love this expression from this series! Hello, people I am back and thank the heavens for I finally have a laptop charger. My laptop got broken unfortunately, due to my careless lifestyle with my things sometimes. I am admitting it folks and I truly regretted being such a careless person sometimes.  *sniffs* Anyway, while I have been away for weeks I incredibly busied myself with reading! I became a hermit in our household and locked myself inside my cave, which is my lovely room and read until my eyes were bulging until now apparently. I am congratulating myself for accumulating more dark circles under my eyes than I have before. Come on pat my shoulders people. Sooo… if you have visited my Goodreads account, after I finished reading the third book of the Fallen series I managed to read six books while I was waiting for a new laptop charger. Here I am though on my way to the third book of the Snow Like Ashes trilogy.  Before that, let me have this book review first to share because this trilogy gave me many things.

The first few chapters of this book were somewhat exciting and quite interesting just the few okay? Because as the book goes by it became boring and all of the characters were just talking! It was insane because when an action comes up it disintegrated immediately. I could not get the book at first and I was having a hard time to understand the characters. I was not used to these dragging events and I am growing impatient every single time I turn the page. A lot of things were off and questionable so basically some things does not make sense at all. I almost grew tired of it and actually lost hope for the series but I still cannot put the book down, so I did not gave up entirely because I am not that kind of person. I am just impatient. So, I took a break and read book reviews to enlighten me with my infuriating situation and was glad to see some readers were having the same symptoms while they were reading the book thus, making my instinct correct to be patient with this book.

Crossing my fingers the whole time was totally worth it. *laughs maniacally* As the book comes towards its end it slowly made sense. I was not expecting it after all! Most pages of this book are in a deep slumber and who would ever thought it would seek its revenge and will leave you like a broken glass? NO ONE APPERENTLY! NO ONE! I realized the deep slumber made the book unpredictable, unpredictable to its inevitable huge mess that will make you scream for your broken heart and dead expectations. If I can screech virtually to all of you, I would! This explains how Sara Raasch redeemed the book through its last few chapters. It gets lively, fun in here, sad, and gory and it just makes you scream for more chapters please! Or nope I’m taking it back I am absolutely reserving it for the last installment for this trilogy! I swear to the river of Styx it was mind blowing and you can literally feel the punch of the words in your heart, gut, and soul.

When the story is in a deep slumber, it is expected the characters would follow suite. How frustrating right? They look so weak, whiny, and unreasonable. Yes yes , I know they should be a huge mess after the events of the first book but I was clearly not expecting this kind of helplessness. It was too much and I do not even know if I should jump right inside the book and shake them out from their trance or kick them until they will come to their rightful senses. It was eating my sanity bit by bit and I just closed my eyes to let the light of patience come through me. It actually worked thank the heavens and again I did not regret it especially when the book comes to its last few pages. The cowardice, helplessness, fears, pities, a stronger force suddenly cut off every negative vibes. A force, which brought optimism, bravery, and hope to the characters and to the readers. I salute Sara Raasch for this beautiful redemption. Feeling alive with hope and quirky with excitement, I cannot wait to immerse myself in the next book with hope safely tucked inside my fragile heart and wishing to have a worthy conclusion and more redemption to come. I am absurdly hoping dangerously high than the universe itself. *puts sunglasses*

So so so… that’s it for this book review and I’m hoping I could get myself together to create a book review for the first book! I’ll do my best!

Anyway, have you read Renee Adieh’s The Wrath and The Dawn? Omigoodishness! Can I tell you how good and smoking smexy hawt was it?! AHHH! Okay I need to stop! This is for a next blog post! But oh heavens it was too good and— okay, okay should really reserve this rant for the future. Whoot!

Thank you for having your time folks and please do not hesitate to comment down below and why not? Let us discuss this mind blowing second book of the Snow Like Ashes trilogy.

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– Shawna a.k.a Bookishshimmycaster

Passion by Lauren Kate Book Review


Author:  Lauren Kate

Pages: 420 pages

Publication: May 8, 2012



5 stars

    Let me start this review by congratulating myself because I’ve managed to finish the third book in three days! I’m internally screaming right now because I’ve finally moved on from my one year reading slump. Okay, okay I need to calm down but I must admit that my mind is in whirlpool right now. It’s been a while since I’ve read this fast and my eyes has taken its toll but I’m alright, this just needs a rest and some music. Gotta hit up my Sheeran playlist later. Now, let’s dive in to my review cause I’ve got loads of things to say. Exciting!

   First of all the prologue. This is one of the most important thing to me because it’s the introduction of the book and it is where the magnetic pull effect happens. The prologue did not disappoint me at all especially when the characters that were introduced first were the infuriating villains. It gave me some feeling that this book would be more intense than before and there are more challenges to come. This is actually expected but meeting the villains in the prologue is something intimidating. It gives you this kind of nervous feeling and adrenaline that keeps you awake and it definitely continued throughout the whole book which made me restless and out of breath. Once you’ve read the prologue you’ll never be able to put the book down and no matter how much I love to sleep, I pretty much avoided it again and again because I’d rather have the adventure given by this book. This is the whole effect of the third book and it seriously ate me up and I never regretted it.

   If you think the second book was an adventure, your definition of adventure should level up. This book offers an extreme knock-your-feet-off-the-ground-that-will-make-you- forget-about-oxygen adventure. Why? Because it involves time traveling and not just any simple time traveling but it is a heavy time traveling that will lead you back from different eras up to the ancient civilization of Earth. Can you imagine that? It really left me breathless because each adventure contained adrenaline and intense events and I don’t even have the time to collect myself first because each chapter is an adventure. EXTREME ADVENTURE.

   The main character Lucinda Price is now in real action and she needs to go back in time in order for her endless questions to finally have a real and honest answers. She needs to go see it for herself or else she will still be clueless and in doubt with her current situation. What makes this book wonderful is that it really draws you inside the adventure of Luce. You don’t just get to sit back, relax, and read but you’ll be part of the story and learn so many things. I’m a person who is fascinated with history and Lauren Kate portrayed history in this book brilliantly. Even though the story focuses about Luce and Daniel’s love life, Lauren Kate managed to connect history within their story beautifully. It all made sense and somehow realistic because the pieces were put carefully together. You can really see the mind of Kate working thoroughly to have this wonderful and fascinating book.

   The big surprise with this book, as if those things I mentioned above are not enough surprising HA! Anyway, the big surprise was DANIEL GRIGORI our lovely Daniel finally got to have his own point of view! With the given circumstances, of course Daniel do really need to have his own point of view and I’m more than glad to finally get to know his character deeper. Having Daniel’s perspective really got me to trust his character and avoid doubting his decisions and declarations. I can now clearly see his motives and his personality. I even get to have more assurance than before and it really answered a lot of my questions that were really bothering my brain cells since the first book. Lucinda Price however made me prouder of course. We saw her in action in the second but in this book, she toughen up and became more mature than before. We can really see she finally got to balance her emotions and let her mind lead her for certain situations. Although, there were still some tidbits of her old self but it’s okay because without those characters she’ll not be Luce at all. She’s not acting like a helpless damsel in distress anymore. You’ll see her pick up a sword, run from a war zone, a nurse in a war zone, and do some crazy things that you’ll never imagine that she will do at all. Ahhh! I’m so proud of her. I can finally see how the author made the story work on different angles.

   I am satisfied on how Lauren Kate wrapped up the book by having a little reunion within Luce and Daniel’s circle of friends. The dilemma between Luce and Daniel’s relationship was finally solved and all of Luce’s doubts were finally ended same as with Daniel’s. Now that their relationship got finally intact and secure Luce, Daniel, and the rest of their circle have greater challenge to face. This is not all about Luce and Daniel anymore but it’s more than that because it affects all of them. I’m so pumped up to see unity and trust building within their circle. Their circle is composed of complicated members and experiences, but the author made those things as a factor for them to unite and stay closer to defeat what needs to be defeated and to finally have justice in their lives. It really got more interesting and thrilling. As what I’ve said each book is getting better and better. I can’t wait to read the final book of the series!

That’s it for this review and I need to go in order for me to read the next book!

I think it will take more than three days for me to finish reading the book because I want to take time digesting the events and take it slow.

It seems like I’m not ready to let go this series yet.

The world of angels, demons, and nephilims is too fascinating and I want to stay there for now.

Until my next post guys!

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts down below about the magnificent third book of the Fallen Series.

See ya! 🙂


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster

Torment by Lauren Kate Book Review


Author:  Lauren Kate

Pages: 452 pages

Publication: September 28, 2010, Delacorte Press


four point five

4.5 stars

      I can’t believe I already finished the second book so fast! Well fast enough for me since I’ve been in a reading slump for a year. So why the fast paced reading? Well guys good news! The second book is way better than the first one. I was really disappointed with the first book as you could read in my Fallen book review, but the second book did not fail me. As what I said in my previous book review, I was hoping for the story to develop and to grow deeper and indeed it did. The story and the characters jumped higher than my expectations and I was so glad I did not gave up on this series. Well, I don’t give up easily when it comes to books and I always give it a chance no matter what.

    The prologue got me instantly. It was written in a way that you can’t get your hands off the book anymore. From the state of dullness and annoyance I was immediately snared and hypnotized, and it was a great prologue compared to the last book. Why? because the pages contained an intriguing and dark event that bothered me and at the same time made me excited. It was kind of expected but it is still unbelievable. To make it simple, the prologue simply captures the attention of the readers by being surreal and giving the readers more questions and mysteries to solve. However, the author gave a strong assurance through the prologue that our questions from the first book will be finally answered. As a reader who is too keen to have some answers and finally got a crystal clear assurance, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best as I hopped into the story.

     I totally did not put my efforts into waste crossing my fingers because the characters and the story developed thoroughly especially Luce Price the main character. There are times that I still get annoyed with Luce’s behavior but in this story at least she is now in action. Daniel however seems to be distant. He’s actually distant in the first book but in the second book it seems like I can’t even grasp anything from him anymore. Maybe because he doesn’t have any point of view in the book aside from the prologue and the last chapter of the book. It was quite unfair because I also want to understand the motives of Daniel and his feelings towards Luce and the more I read Luce’s point of view the more Daniel became distant and unreachable. I really don’t want to be a biased reader because mostly, I want to be in the center weighing both sides in order for me to understand them and put all the pieces together. I know this is a kind of strategy created by the author and at first it taken me aback because I’m not used to it, but now I think it’s a brilliant idea. It may frustrate the reader but the frustration makes you desperate to go on and proceed and finally have some answers and peace of mind.


     I am absolutely in love with the change of setting of the book. From a very dark and gothic setting we now jump into a paradise. I did not expect this happening since the series has that dark aura radiating, but Lauren Kate made an excellent job in fitting a lighter setting. It actually put me into ease after the creepy, gothic, and punk setting in the first book. The setting successfully made a democratic environment compared before. Although, the setting changed into a lighter one but the dilemmas absolutely did not. It became heavier and darker and I am again frustrated with the fact that they still keep on babying Luce which makes her blind with the reality. I am so glad to finally see Luce using her stubbornness into a good use. She may be called reckless but at least she is trying to find a way to help Daniel and the world. Luce doesn’t care about the risks because she is mostly driven by her emotions and that’s what makes her reckless and stubborn but when we look at the brighter side it is somehow selfless for me. That is where I proved that Lucinda Price is starting to grow.

     With the change of setting comes the new characters and I’m more than happy to see new personalities popping out into the life of Luce. Aside from the whole badass undefeatable angel squad of Luce, it’s good to see her mingle with normal people. Well not one hundred percent normal but at least they’ve got some normalcy in their veins. Luce’s circle of friends actually became bigger and more meaningful. I finally found myself laughing within the last few chapters of the book because of the immediate gathering that took place. Another shenanigans of Lauren Kate that I did not expect at all. Other characters were absolutely given a chance to display their personalities and assured me that I can trust them throughout the series. There’s also no denying my heart got slightly broken because of the situation of Luce and Daniel’s relationship, but the last chapter concluded that there’s nothing else than can tear them apart. Luce made another stubborn and reckless act but I think it is for her good and for the good of everyone. She must go away first and discover some things for herself in order for her to understand things and create a plan on how to save herself, her love ones, her Daniel, and the world from destruction.

It was a great read and I’m now into the third book. I’m still hoping the series won’t deeply fail me and I’ve got a strong instinct it won’t.

I’m bowing down to Lauren Kate right now.

giphy (7)

I hope you enjoyed reading this book review and don’t hesitate to bring out your thoughts down below. 🙂

I had fun again and until the next post!


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster

Fallen by Lauren Kate Book Review


Author:  Lauren Kate

Pages: 452 pages

Publication: September 28, 2010, Delacorte Books for Young Readers


three point five stars

3.5 stars

    Before I start this book review I’d like to say hello guys! It’s been a while again and I’m so pumped up to have my first ever book review for this year. Cheers for that and cheers for me to have finally found some time to make a blog post after many months of missing in action. I’ve got a loose schedule nowadays since it’s summer break and I can finally tuck myself into bed peacefully with my pillows and blankets, read more books, have time for my blog, and write some stuffs so I’m trying my best to make this summer productive while having fun.

     Now into my book review, I’ve started to read Fallen last Sunday and finished it today. Basically, it took me one week to finish the book. While I was in the first few chapters, I decided to watch the movie adaptation of Fallen which I regretted in the end. I’ve got a lot of expectations from this book and these expectations are in a form of questions. The movie gave me some ideas about the book and it also made my expectations higher since the movie did not explain the story well and it’s expected because it’s a movie. There’s a huge line between movie adaptation and the book and I already knew that, but the reason why I watched the movie is to have some ideas about the characters and its story. I totally regretted watching the movie because my ideals for the book got turned off and as I continued reading I am starting to get annoyed by the characters.


   Luce Price the main character, I can understand her at first but as I start to know her character better it annoyed me on how cowardly she is. No offense though and I don’t know if I’m being biased right here but I just can’t get some parts of her character. I know that she’s clueless about everything and I don’t know why it annoys me so much and I also know I shouldn’t  get annoyed because it’s somehow part of the story process. I just can’t help myself but I’m actually doing good on making my common sense work in order for me to just get into her character. All I can say is maybe because the story is just slow paced and I’m not really used with slow paced stories, maybe that’s why I got annoyed and frustrated with Luce.


    There are also many questions that are hanging everywhere inside my head and I know I shouldn’t push through yet because you know this is just the first book of the series. I can say that Lauren Kate did a great job in keeping her readers intrigued and frustrated because she hid a lot of secrecies and mysteries behind the story. Most of the series that I’ve read, I’ve observed that most questions were already answered in the first book and new questions will be formed in the other books but it’s still connected. Whereas, in this series it’s totally different because the questions are continuous. All of your questions will not be answered by the first book and when there’ll be some answers, it is very very  vague. In other words, this book will not leave you satisfied but instead it will really leave you hungry for answers and frustrated because of its vagueness. Believe me or not, this is how I interpreted the book and I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. You’ll really not have an idea about what’s happening just like the main character. There are no other point of views so it’s really up to you and the main character on how you’ll unveil the secrets and mysteries. I just hope as the series goes deeper, answers will be really provided and somehow in the end there will be no loose ends.

      I think I’m just not used with this kind of format where readers are always left hanging and frustrated. I’m a reader who usually loves fast paced stories and with different questions per book inside my head and right now in this series same questions are still hanging inside my head. It’s really bothering me and it keeps me frustrated but I think I just need to stretch my patience a little bit longer. I also hate the way the other characters make Luce so clueless, vulnerable, and somehow unimportant then immediately important in certain events. Like why? How could you do that without an explanation? Why always the vague expressions and answers? JUST WHY? It frustrates me because it makes Luce so coward and a dependent useless main character. Sure, she finds way to solve the mystery but she gets interrupted and unfocused that in the end it took too much of her time. She’s a smart witty character I admit but I just hope as the story goes I’ll find her finally doing a real action for the dilemma and somehow she’ll learn how to keep her balance and emotions aside. I really really hope so and I’m crossing my fingers right now.


    I’m looking forward to see Luce grow in the story and get to know the other characters even more especially Daniel Grigori and Cam Briel. They also play a huge part in the series since they are the love interest of our very own main character Luce Price. Though, I really want to call Luce with her real name which is Lucinda. It sounds classy and ancient it’s definitely my taste.


   I think this is it for my book review and I feel relieved. I finally ranted everything out and now I can continue reading the second book peacefully.

We can also discuss and rant more about the first book down below just feel free to comment. 🙂

Thank you guys and next time again!

–  Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster

The Crown by Kiera Cass Book Review and Rant!

Hello there! How are you doing guys?

Me? How am I doing?

Never mind how am I doing guys… my midterms… it broke my hopeful heart.


BUT IT’S OKAY!  😀 Midterms is finally out and I’ll be saying hello to pre-finals soon!

For now, I finally have a free time to make a post, read books, watch anime, take pictures of books, and surf the heavenly internet.


Oh, how I miss this and guess what everyone? Semestral break is fast approaching! I’m so pumped up for sembreak and I really do wish they’ll not make it into one week break. That is somehow awful cause I want a 2-3 week break!

Say I’m demanding but blimey, I’m so done with school stuffs I want to go rest for a while.

Now, let me stop ranting about this and let me rant about the fifth and final book of Kiera Cass’ The Selection Series: The Crown!


Author:  Kiera Cass

Pages: 279 pages

Publication: May 3rd 2016 by: HarperTeen



Woooaaah! A very stunning and lovely book cover isn’t it? It just made my heart pop with excitement and I can’t help to make my expectations for this book grew higher back then.



Now, now. Where are we again? Oh yeah right. Me being spoiled.

After that spoiling incident, I don’t know what should I feel or think! *cries*

So here’s what happened we all knew that in the fourth book, our lovely queen America got a heart attack and princess Eadlyn was forced to make The Selection process a little bit faster. The situation got quite complicated and in the fifth book, the boys were narrowed down into the Elite immediately and these boys are Kile, Henri, Hale, Fox, Ean, and Gunner.

I was practically cheering because of course my two favorite boys got in, and those boys are Kile and Henri! But then… again I spoiled myself and discovered that Eadlyn did not end up with these two boys nor with the other four boys. MY MIND, HEART, AND SOUL WAS BLOWN AWAY INTO THE DARKNESS OF DESPAIR! Because… why? why? why? not Kile or Henri!

I was really rooting Kile for Eadlyn and you can clearly see their chemistry in the previous book! I’m not blind or numb in order for me not to see their chemistry. *cries* It was a real waste for me back then but still I did not give up and hoped that Henri will end up with Eadlyn. But then then it turns out they did not end up with each other too. AGGGH! It was sooo frustrating and I almost decided not to read the final installment of the series.

Thankfully, I gave the book a chance to explain itself and in the end it was justified. I already saw the twist coming when I was reading the fourth book a few years back. I did not took it seriously because it was a really insane and heart wrenching plot twist. But when I read the whole story of the book? My perspectives changed and I was satisfied in the end. The book did not only contained this one major twist but there are a lot more. You’ll be surprised and maybe you’ll get scared for Eadlyn’s fate but you’ll see how she will deal with things maturely. She is much more a stronger person in this book and finally, she really did open her heart already. She’s not the stone cold princess anymore.

For my part, I may say the plot twist was heart wrenching but don’t get me wrong guys no one died okay? Jusr relax! It was just heart wrenching for me because the twist was so far away from my expectations. I may saw it coming but I clearly avoided the possibility. The Crown is the shortest and the most fast paced book of The Selection series and somehow wanting for more chapters can’t be helped.

Hail Kiera Cass! This book is bloody brilliant because of the twists that will really make you roll with a lot of emotions and feels.

The book gave me justice by answering my questions and for making me realize a lot of things in life. This is what I love about books though, it will not just give me happiness but it will give me a lot of realization too.

That’s it for this post everyone and please don’t forget to smile each day!

Cause I’m trying my best to smile each day too! HAHAHA! 😀

See ya’ll on my next blog post everyone!

-Shawna 😀

Shadow and Bone by: Leigh Bardugo Book Review!

Yo! I’m alive and still kickin’ fellas!

I’ve been very very busy with school stuffs! Senior High made my life busy nowadays and I’m not complaining at all. Well… maybe sometimes but Senior High is fun and I hope it will continue until the end of the school year. 🙂

So, let’s go back to the main topic for this post and start the book review!


Author: Leigh Bardugo

Pages: 327 pages

Publication:  May 7th 2013 by: Square Fish



I’ve finished reading Shadow and Bone within the month of May. Probably, within the last two weeks of my summer. I’ve been procrastinating to read this book since last year because I knew that I might get hooked by the series. I was still in the middle of my Throne of Glass series hungover when I decided to grab this book. I was really having a hard time concentrating on the books that I’ve read before Shadow and Bone and it was so frustrating! It was kinda hard to recover from the Throne of Glass series. Even in my dreams Aelin Galathynius would still haunt me. But what got me to push through the book was its mysterious setting and these hard words to pronounce.The first sentence of the book brought me back to the world of Harry Potter. Seriously, I’m not kidding. The book gave me some Harry Potter feels but the book is unique in its own way. The terminologies, the places, the hierarchy was beautifully made.

In this story the world is composed of  Humans and Grisha. Grisha are those people who possessed a supernatural power while humans well, they are just humans they don’t have any special abilities and that made them feel intimidated. The Grisha are divide into orders: Corporalki, Etherealki, and the Materialki. The names are so brilliant and hard to pronounce right? Which made this book awesome and interesting. Like where did just these names came from? How did the author came up with these stunningly insane ideas?! Anyway, let’s discuss more about the orders. The Corporalki are divided into two which are the Healers and the Heartenders. Corporalki can be also called as The Order of the Living and The Dead. We can also say that the Corporalki is the highest order of Grisha aside from the Darkling of course. The Darkling is like the king of the Grisha and it seems like the Darkling is the villain of this story which is kinda sad for me. Etherealki, this order is composed of Inferni, Squallers, and Tidemakers. They can be called as The Order of Summoners. Yup, that’s right they can summon fire, air, and, water. Then there was this girl who was discovered by accident that she can summon a light. She was called as the Sun Summoner and she’s considered as a special summoner. She caught the attention of the Darkling and boom the adventure began. Lastly, the Materialki which is composed of the Durasts and Alkemi and they can be called as The Order of Fabrikators.

You see, the hierarchy of the story will really get you and the magical setting too. The story would not be that wonderful without its interesting love affair right? So don’t worry the love affair in this book is not that confusing and heart breaking. Well at least for me I guess, compared to the series I’ve read before Shadow and Bone. But still it was enough to give me some feels. So out of 5 stars I rate this book with 4 stars. The book was interesting, fast paced, magical, and a lot more. But I’m still searching for some factor that will really leave a mark inside my head, heart, and probably my soul. (HAHAHA!) So 4 stars for now.

I’m currently reading the second book which is The Siege and Storm and I’m reading it in a slow manner. Good heavens, I’m so busy with school stuffs that even my time for reading was consumed. I’m doing my best to finish the book within this month though. My Preliminary Exams is fast approaching. *crosses my fingers*

Wish me luck fellas! That’s it for this book review! Hope, to make a book talk about this series when I finished reading them all. 🙂 Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below.

See ya’ll soon.

-Shawna 🙂

Since You’ve Been Gone by: Morgan Matson Book Review!





I’m sorry guys but I can’t help to sing Kelly Clarksons’ Since You’ve Been Gone everytime I see or read this book.



Hey you! 😀 Hello guys I am back! Two book reviews in one day this is sweet!

Anyway, I’ve finished Since You’ve Been Gone last Tuesday and it was clearly unexpected.

So without further rants, let’s start! 🙂


Author: Morgan Matson

Pages: 449 pages

Publication: May 6th 2014 by: Simon & Schuster



I’ve been waiting for a long time to read this book but I kept on hesitating to buy the book because I prefer to buy a series rather than a contemporary novel. So I read the book in epub form instead. I’ve read the first two chapters of the book about a week ago and then I stopped because I’ve concentrated reading Red Queen after that I took a break because good heavens Red Queen killed my feels. Anyway, when Tuesday came I was installing a game and while waiting I don’t have anything to do so I grabbed my phone and took a chance to read Since You’ve Been Gone. GUESS WHAT? I’ve finished the book in a day because it was so so so good.

I was drawn to this book because of its unique plot like what kind of best friend leaves you own your own without a word at all and then after how many days of searching, wondering, and emotional breakdowns you receive a letter from your best friend which composed of lists you need to do during summer. AMAZING RIGHT?

I can truly say that this book was not filled with cliche events I swear it doesn’t. I don’t know for you guys but every moment in this book was unique and inspiring. You’ll be truly lost in its story and you’ll never notice the time and how many pages are left to read. The events were perfectly matched and it everything made sense. In this book you’ll see how true friendship works and how to be brave and strong when facing your biggest fears in life. I highly recommend this book to you all guys. Please, you’ll get lots of realizations and moral lessons reading this book.

Family, Friendship, Love life? This book contains everything!

That’s it for this review guys and don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below! 🙂

Til’ next time!

-Shawna 😀

Red Queen by: Victoria Aveyard Book Review!

Konnichiwa minna-sama!

Oh my gosh!




Hello guys!

I’m back and I’ve already finished Red Queen last Saturday and I’m here to share my book review. 🙂

So without further ado, let’s start!

22328546 (1)

Author: Victoria Aveyard

Pages: 383 pages

Publication:  February 10th 2015 by: HarperTeen



After how many months of anticipation I’ve finally finished the first book of the trilogy. I was excited to read this book but within the first few chapters of the book I found it really really slow and kinda boring. I guess, I’m in the wrong timing to read the book because I’ve just finished reading the Throne of Glass series and I am still suffering from book hungover. I can’t also help myself from comparing the book to the Throne of Glass series. My bad actually and I’ve realized that the book is more into Dystopian theme than a Fantasy theme and I am currently taking a break from reading any Dystopian novels.

I almost stopped reading the book and decided to read the book in some other time but after those first few chapters a twist happened and that twist made me stay and made me continue to read the book. The first twist was shocking and good heavens I was amazed by the effect of that plot twist. It was clearly brilliant and unexpected in so many levels. I can’t stop myself from shrieking and making some weird noises. HAHAHA! I am clearly pumped up to finish the book and please save me everyone! Every chapter of this book was mind blowing (well, except for those first few chapters I guess) and I’m having trouble keeping my emotions steady. This book will truly test your patience and temper. I COULDN’T BREATHE! Don’t trust every chapter of the book guys cause you’re going to be crazy if you put so much trust! If you don’t want to get hurt it’s alright to be on guard while reading this book. Good gracious!

Don’t get me wrong guys this book is heart wrenching in a beautiful way and other than that THIS BOOK IS BRILLIANT SO SO BRILLIANT I MIGHT CRY!

It was actually my fault for reading this book during my Dystopian novels reading break and that explains my lack of interest during the first few chapters. I love Dystopian novels guys but I really really need to take a break because I’m getting used to it. Getting used to it means lack of excitement and you can mostly predict what happens next in the few chapters. Which makes it boring for me and making me hurl into a reading slump for months and it’s awful. Reading slumps are awful and that’s why I’m more into High Fantasy novels this year.

Anyway, the character were good and awesome but I couldn’t put my trust in them for now because they are so unpredictable. I’m sorry guys but I could not talk about the characters anymore cause there’s a tendency I might spoil some things and that would really really affect your excitement and your expectations for this book.

My advice?


and don’t forget to…

“Rise, Red as the dawn!”

giphy (2)

I hope you enjoyed this book review guys and don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below! 🙂

See ya’ll soon!

-Shawna 😀

Shadows by: Jennifer L. Armentrout Book Review!


Hey guys!

Just got home from somewhere and I’m so freaking tired. I’ve just finished Shadows while I was away from my blog and I’m already starting to read The 5th Wave.

I almost decided not to finish Shadows but as I picked up the book and saw that I’m only 5 chapters till the end I’ve changed my mind immediately.

I was really stupid thinking not to finish Shadows though. Tsk. Tsk.

It was really worth it!


Author:  Jennifer L. Armentrout

Pages: 179 pages

Publication: February 21st 2012 by: Entangled Publishing



So this book is a prequel of the LUX Series and if you’re looking for Katy in this book well she’s not here yet. This book mainly talks about Dawson Black and Bethany Williams. Dawson is the brother of Daemon Black and Dee Black while Bethany is a new comer in their town, West Virginia. (Well, she’s just like  Katy too  a newcomer.)

As we all know the crazy things that happened in the LUX series started when Dawson and Bethany disappeared. In this book you’ll read how Dawson and Beth met each other and how they fell in love but you’ll got to read how the enemy took them from their families and from each other.

Anyway, you’ll also see the Thompson’s cruelty with humans in this book. Yep, they treated Beth just how they treated Katy well, except for Adam though. Adam is cool with humans and stuffs. You’ll also see Daemon acts like a father and a brother when it comes to his siblings. You may see it annoying but it is his way of protecting them. I also laughed at Daemon’s ironic promises or proclamations when it comes to not falling in love with a human. HA! IRONIC VERY IRONIC!

This book never failed me and somehow I was enlightened about Dawson and Beth but I swear I find Daemon and Katy’s life more exciting. Maybe because I can relate myself more with Katy’s character than Beth’s. Well, yeah totally that. Overall, this book makes you want to read the series again and again even though the ending was kinda heart wrenching but still I’ll give this book a 5 stars!

My favorite character? STILL KATY!

New book boyfriend? STILL DAEMON!

So that’s it for this review folk and I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and I’ll see ya’ll later!

-Shawna 😀