Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Photo Taken by: Genrei Paul Aquino



By Shawna Reystine S. Canizares 

Dry as drought

Self-filled with doubts

It seems like there’s no way out


In this toxic environment

Such impossible fulfillment

Cutting any engagement


Spreading some hate

Heat rising at higher rate

I am getting tired mate


Shed our souls with light

We may not make things right

Oh just please make our future bright


I can feel death

In each breath

This is an absolute wreck


Sleeping through the mess

Truly, we need rest

I am done with the endless guess


I will hold this rope

As I search for hope

Wishing to be in a clearer road


Once a dead garden

Found, by its right rhythm

Doing my best not to harden


Show me some love! Show me some faith!

For I am already a dying wraith

I cannot live in a hate baith


Let flowers bloom

As I find a way to end this doom

And let happiness find its room


A wilted flower,

In a dark tower

Slowly filling up with power


I am not diving into another sinister

Trapped in a never ending cylinder

Vexed into another danger


Enough is enough!

I am ready again to walk in the garden of love

Hi guys! I’m bringing you our seventh collaboration and I thank Genrei Paul Aquino for his beautifully mesmerizing photos and his never ending patience. It took me a while to get a poem done. Thankkk yoouuuu agaaainn thaankkk youuu!

Never forget to check out his Instagram guys! 🙂

Here’s the link:

More collaborations will head your way soon. Semestral break is coming!

See ya’ll guys!


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster



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