Photo Taken by: Genrei Paul Aquino



By Shawna Reystine S. Canizares

Sea breeze filling up my lungs

The stretch of the sky makes my heart pound

The birds sang as wonders hang

Glad to be finally found


What a time to be alive

Seeing things finally come to light

Taking this chance with all might

I am up for this crazy dive


A whirlwind of fragility

When embraced by freedom;

Even judgements of dignity,

It will still be an unpredictable outcome.


Casting my fears away

Standing strong in this new found faith

Everyday is a brand new day

Pessimists are nothing but simply a wraith


No more blues

Just peace and positivity

Bathe in different hues

Finally found the right symphony


Hi people! Happy September and may the spirit of Christmas guide us towards laziness and bliss. Kidding. Seriously, laziness is already starting to creep in and I am in serious trouble. *laughs*

Anyway guys here’s our sixth collaboration! *cheers*

Thank you again to this awesome person Genrei Paul Aquino hue your photos? The best! Thank youuu again and again.

Never forget to check out his Instagram people! 🙂

Here’s the link:

See ya’ll next time more collaborations coming your way soon.


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster









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