Photo Taken by: Genrei Paul Aquino


By Shawna Reystine S. Canizares

In these papers I bleed,

Words coming out naturally.

Heart clenching and terrifying for some time,

Fulfilling most of the time.

Thoughts materialize, realities getting analyzed

My heart dances as I weave and magic cleaves

Fumbling for the right words that are surely absurd

My mind, an explosion of dreams and imagination

Matching these wave of emotions

Setting fire to this stone cold heart

Providing warmth now, this is an art

Once a plain boring paper, now an evidence of passion

Burning within the flames of radiant expressions

In words I fall, in words I rise

In words I hurt, in words I heal

In words I died, in words I breathe

And I live


No more words to say. I’m just thankful for this given time and for this life.

Thank you Genrei Paul Aquino and there are no more words to say just THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU!

Never miss a chance to check out his photos on Instagram guys~

Here’s the link:

and you too guys who are reading my blogs and collaborations THANK YOU!

Off I go people see ya’ll soon! *insert hearts here*


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster




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