Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch Book Review


Author:  Sara Raasch

Pages: 416 pages

Publication: September 13, 2015 by Balzer + Bray (Paperback)



4 stars

   What a surprise! Finally managed to sit and make a review for Snow Like Ashes. This is a hard book review though since I have finished the book weeks ago. I feel like I am a bit rusty since my focus right now is on the third book, which is doing better than the first two books. The third book really ate me up and I am already itching to make a book review for the last installment. I am really praying I can give the first book a justifiable book review. Therefore, without further ado let me start right away!

   I am admitting it folks the first book is the second best book of the trilogy. After reading the first chapter of the book, I decided this trilogy might be good. My assumptions never faltered throughout the whole book but of course, some frustrations cannot be helped. I was thrilled to lose myself in the book since the world behind it was new to me. Never read a book with kingdoms named Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. But hey how about ACOTAR? You might strangle me right now but I never dared to read the series yet I am too broken from reading Empire of Storms. Don’t worry I will surely grab the series soon. *winks*

   Anyway, back to Snow Like Ashes the story does not only contain four kingdoms but it has eight kingdoms all in all. The first four are the Seasons and obviously it is where Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring belongs. The other four are the Rhythm it is where the kingdoms of Paisly, Ventralli, Yakim, and Cordell belongs. Seasons and Rhythm are quiet the enemies. They do not like each other’s presence thus, the spurt of prejudices and some threats of war. Little did they know they all have the same enemy but in the first book, it was completely ignored since their egos and prejudices mattered more and the enemy has not yet unleashed his true power to the world. I am not disappointed with the setting but I just wish there is more to it. I badly want to know and study each kingdoms their culture, values, and ways. Ice Like Fire the second book, introduced some but It wasn’t enough. The third book however is understandable since its focus is on the war and the enemies and saving the world. Maybe Sara Raasch can create a novella behind the world of Snow Like Ashes and reveal its mysteries and wonders. I really hope so.

   The characters however does not really strike me at first.  I feel somewhat alienated since I am still trying to grasp their personalities and ways. I was expecting much from Meira Dynam the protagonist of the story but her personality disappointed me a bit, as the story goes on. Though reading the third book right now made me realize the author made her act selfishly for her character to grow throughout the trilogy. There were difficulties in Meira’s character and that just proves her character is not some supernatural being but instead she’s a human who is also having a hard time understanding and loving herself to the fullest without her doubts swallowing her towards the abyss. Mather Loren, the childhood friend and love interest of Meira was not truly convincing in the first book. I viewed him as a spoiled prideful brat and he does not deserve Meira at all. Making all those opinions nearly killed me when I read the second book through his point of view. I thank the heavens for Sara Raasch putting Mather’s POV in the trilogy and it made me understand his ways and personality deeper. His spoiled prideful brat image turned into ashes after reading the second book and my hate for him became nonexistent as I read the third book. He is more than the Mather you will know in the first book so just bear with your frustrations and let the possibility of change enlighten you especially when you deal with Theron Haskar. Theron the prince of Cordell and also a love interest of Meira, which makes him a rival of Mather. I was expecting a lot from him too and he will never fail you in the first book I promise, but I warn you not to let your expectations skyrocket just as I did. You will not be prepared enough for the dark days ahead. I’ll be actually satisfied how Meira and Mather’s story goes in the end but I already knew I will never be satisfied with Theron’s story. Overall, the characters were quite complicated in the first book, which I was expecting already and I clearly handled it well compared to the second book. That was a disaster for my sanity.

    The book was action packed and filled with trial and error strategies but it was a good start for the trilogy. The book has a surprising and thrilling conclusion, which is a good way to end a book and let the readers go after for the next book. Though I never thought, the second book would come out that way. *sigh* I really advise you to be patient and understanding with this trilogy believe me it is worth it especially when you will finally arrive in the last installment.

I actually recommend you guys to read my review for Ice Like fire and you will understand my frustration and my points even more and maybe you can calm down a bit too.

 I’m planning to finish the third book tonight or tomorrow so stay tuned for my book review for Frost Like Night and I bet my review will be an avalanche of feels and relief! *laughs*

Thanks for giving your time people and I’ll see you all soon!

And don’t hesitate to leave your brilliant thoughts down below and let’s discuss this wonderful trilogy.


-Shawna a.k.a. Bookishshimmycaster


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