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   It’s quite a while since I’ve been nominated and I thank Amanda of ChocolatePages for nominating me and remembering my existence here in our planet. Seriously though, thank you so much Amanda! 🙂 This kind of post thrills me and I’m more than prepared to do this one. Hope you all will  get to know me even just a bit with this post.

Before anything else, let me just show you the following rules:

Put the award logo/image in your post.


List all the rules.

Thank whoever nominated you and leave a link to their blog.

Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.

Nominate 10-20 people and notify them.

 Link back to the creator of the award.

Ask nominees any 5 questions of your choice, with a weird or funny question.

Share the link to your best/favourite post of yours.



a.) When I’ve got nothing to do and when I’m drowning in boredom I go to school for fun.  I tend to stay in our school library and it’s actually cool because they have fast internet connection and some carpets and couches to lay upon and we are also allowed to sleep in there too. It’s like my home but not really my home.

b.) HOME-SCHOOL-BOOKSTORE-HOME-SCHOOL-BOOKSTORE vice versa. This is always my route and nothing more. I only go to malls to visit a bookstore and after that I’m done. Well, not really because I also enter shoe shops after my book shopping but after that I go home immediately. There’s no reason for me to stay and I just can’t wait to read my book and tuck myself into bed. Is it possible for me to go inside a mall without a bookstore? My answer is nope. Not a chance buddy unless I buy food and some of my basic needs but what is a mall without a bookstore? IT’S BORING.

c.) I’d like to live in a castle someday and I’m dead serious about this. Aside from this lunatic wish I also love the Victorian era. It’s weird because I love to dress myself up with elaborate gowns during the Victorian period and sometimes I wish I could wear the outfit whenever I like and wherever I go. But of course I can’t wear Victorian dresses without humiliating myself first in public, but I’m trying to mix Victorian fashion with modern day fashion whenever I dress up. I also love to decorate my future house in a Victorian way or I can also live in a castle you know. I’m soooooo attracted with this era because of its elegance or as my mum would say maybe I’m a reincarnation of a Victorian princess. Well, who knows but it’s not bad to hope right? *laughs maniacally*


1.) What is your favorite day out of the whole year?

    Hmmm… I don’t really give some thoughts about my favorite day and maybe I just don’t like to have a specific favorite day because for me everyday is my favorite day. It is my favorite day because I’m still alive and kicking, I still have my family and friends beside me, I still have many books to read, more poems and stories to write, and a lot of things to learn, discover, and explore. There are days that are bad but I don’t like to focus myself about the bad instead, I think of it as an opportunity to improve and better days are coming ahead. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes reasons may come vague or clear but I believe there is a reason behind every things and so I never ever dare to falter. Hope is such an amazing force to include in your armory when you battle against the trials of life.

2.) If you had to stay somewhere alone for a week would you choose a white sands beach or a green forest?

       I’d rather stay in a white sand beach obviously. Green forest is nice but there’s a tendency it will creep me out due to my wild imagination. Just thinking about it makes me squeal an “eeek.” While a white sand beach is an open area and just listening to  the waves and smelling the aroma of the sea makes me want to lay on the seashore until midnight. I can already imagine myself laying down on the sand while sipping an iced tea while reading.

3.) What would your ‘last meal’ request be?

      A carbonara with egg sandwiches and three glasses of iced tea. Bring on the macaroni salad and the mango float and of course a book. Books will be always a part of a meal. A meal is no fun without a good book to read. my friend.

4.)  There has to be a bookish question, so what is your all time favourite book?

       This is a hard question Amanda and a torture. *cries* Hmmm… my all time favourite book would be… Wait. Can I skip this question? Like I love all of my books but— alright, alright then I’ll just face this challenge head on! My all time favourite book would be the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. This series started my bookish escapades and without this series I might not be a hardcore reader and there’s a big chance I’ll never discover my passion for reading and writing. I’ll probably have a boring life to live so thank the heavens and thank you mum and grandma for pushing me to read since I was born and for letting me eat the Harry Potter series during my childhood.

5.) Where is your favourite place in the whole world?

       Home. Well, the continent of Europe can be but there’s no place like home. Home is where my I can find my family, home is where I learned many things about life, home is where I stumbled but still managed to get up no matter how cruel life is, home is where I grew up and home is basically my life. Without home I’m lost and a person without a soul.


     I don’t have one because all my posts are my favorite. I worked hard in each every post and poured my heart into it. Just explore my blog and you’ll see. 🙂 Have fun!












Here are MY QUESTIONS nominees:

1.) Who is your favorite Disney Princess?

2.) What is your favorite Disney song?

3.) What is your favorite classical book?

4.) If you are given a chance to choose a fictional character to marry who would it be?

5.) If you are going to to write a book what would be its genre?

Finally dooonnnee!

  Again, I’d like to thank Amanda of Chocolatepages for nominating me and do visit here blog people! 🙂

   For my nominees have fun doing this post and thank you for having your blog and sharing your thoughts and feelings about books. It makes the book blogging community alive and filled with color.

Until my next post people! 🙂

See ya!


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster


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