Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch Book Review


Author:  Sara Raasch

Pages: 478 pages

Publication: October 13, 2015 by Balzer + Bray


three point five stars

3.5 stars

*Breathes heavily*

    Oh golden leaves! How I love this expression from this series! Hello, people I am back and thank the heavens for I finally have a laptop charger. My laptop got broken unfortunately, due to my careless lifestyle with my things sometimes. I am admitting it folks and I truly regretted being such a careless person sometimes.  *sniffs* Anyway, while I have been away for weeks I incredibly busied myself with reading! I became a hermit in our household and locked myself inside my cave, which is my lovely room and read until my eyes were bulging until now apparently. I am congratulating myself for accumulating more dark circles under my eyes than I have before. Come on pat my shoulders people. Sooo… if you have visited my Goodreads account, after I finished reading the third book of the Fallen series I managed to read six books while I was waiting for a new laptop charger. Here I am though on my way to the third book of the Snow Like Ashes trilogy.  Before that, let me have this book review first to share because this trilogy gave me many things.

The first few chapters of this book were somewhat exciting and quite interesting just the few okay? Because as the book goes by it became boring and all of the characters were just talking! It was insane because when an action comes up it disintegrated immediately. I could not get the book at first and I was having a hard time to understand the characters. I was not used to these dragging events and I am growing impatient every single time I turn the page. A lot of things were off and questionable so basically some things does not make sense at all. I almost grew tired of it and actually lost hope for the series but I still cannot put the book down, so I did not gave up entirely because I am not that kind of person. I am just impatient. So, I took a break and read book reviews to enlighten me with my infuriating situation and was glad to see some readers were having the same symptoms while they were reading the book thus, making my instinct correct to be patient with this book.

Crossing my fingers the whole time was totally worth it. *laughs maniacally* As the book comes towards its end it slowly made sense. I was not expecting it after all! Most pages of this book are in a deep slumber and who would ever thought it would seek its revenge and will leave you like a broken glass? NO ONE APPERENTLY! NO ONE! I realized the deep slumber made the book unpredictable, unpredictable to its inevitable huge mess that will make you scream for your broken heart and dead expectations. If I can screech virtually to all of you, I would! This explains how Sara Raasch redeemed the book through its last few chapters. It gets lively, fun in here, sad, and gory and it just makes you scream for more chapters please! Or nope I’m taking it back I am absolutely reserving it for the last installment for this trilogy! I swear to the river of Styx it was mind blowing and you can literally feel the punch of the words in your heart, gut, and soul.

When the story is in a deep slumber, it is expected the characters would follow suite. How frustrating right? They look so weak, whiny, and unreasonable. Yes yes , I know they should be a huge mess after the events of the first book but I was clearly not expecting this kind of helplessness. It was too much and I do not even know if I should jump right inside the book and shake them out from their trance or kick them until they will come to their rightful senses. It was eating my sanity bit by bit and I just closed my eyes to let the light of patience come through me. It actually worked thank the heavens and again I did not regret it especially when the book comes to its last few pages. The cowardice, helplessness, fears, pities, a stronger force suddenly cut off every negative vibes. A force, which brought optimism, bravery, and hope to the characters and to the readers. I salute Sara Raasch for this beautiful redemption. Feeling alive with hope and quirky with excitement, I cannot wait to immerse myself in the next book with hope safely tucked inside my fragile heart and wishing to have a worthy conclusion and more redemption to come. I am absurdly hoping dangerously high than the universe itself. *puts sunglasses*

So so so… that’s it for this book review and I’m hoping I could get myself together to create a book review for the first book! I’ll do my best!

Anyway, have you read Renee Adieh’s The Wrath and The Dawn? Omigoodishness! Can I tell you how good and smoking smexy hawt was it?! AHHH! Okay I need to stop! This is for a next blog post! But oh heavens it was too good and— okay, okay should really reserve this rant for the future. Whoot!

Thank you for having your time folks and please do not hesitate to comment down below and why not? Let us discuss this mind blowing second book of the Snow Like Ashes trilogy.

See ya’ll soon!


– Shawna a.k.a Bookishshimmycaster

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