Passion by Lauren Kate Book Review


Author:  Lauren Kate

Pages: 420 pages

Publication: May 8, 2012



5 stars

    Let me start this review by congratulating myself because I’ve managed to finish the third book in three days! I’m internally screaming right now because I’ve finally moved on from my one year reading slump. Okay, okay I need to calm down but I must admit that my mind is in whirlpool right now. It’s been a while since I’ve read this fast and my eyes has taken its toll but I’m alright, this just needs a rest and some music. Gotta hit up my Sheeran playlist later. Now, let’s dive in to my review cause I’ve got loads of things to say. Exciting!

   First of all the prologue. This is one of the most important thing to me because it’s the introduction of the book and it is where the magnetic pull effect happens. The prologue did not disappoint me at all especially when the characters that were introduced first were the infuriating villains. It gave me some feeling that this book would be more intense than before and there are more challenges to come. This is actually expected but meeting the villains in the prologue is something intimidating. It gives you this kind of nervous feeling and adrenaline that keeps you awake and it definitely continued throughout the whole book which made me restless and out of breath. Once you’ve read the prologue you’ll never be able to put the book down and no matter how much I love to sleep, I pretty much avoided it again and again because I’d rather have the adventure given by this book. This is the whole effect of the third book and it seriously ate me up and I never regretted it.

   If you think the second book was an adventure, your definition of adventure should level up. This book offers an extreme knock-your-feet-off-the-ground-that-will-make-you- forget-about-oxygen adventure. Why? Because it involves time traveling and not just any simple time traveling but it is a heavy time traveling that will lead you back from different eras up to the ancient civilization of Earth. Can you imagine that? It really left me breathless because each adventure contained adrenaline and intense events and I don’t even have the time to collect myself first because each chapter is an adventure. EXTREME ADVENTURE.

   The main character Lucinda Price is now in real action and she needs to go back in time in order for her endless questions to finally have a real and honest answers. She needs to go see it for herself or else she will still be clueless and in doubt with her current situation. What makes this book wonderful is that it really draws you inside the adventure of Luce. You don’t just get to sit back, relax, and read but you’ll be part of the story and learn so many things. I’m a person who is fascinated with history and Lauren Kate portrayed history in this book brilliantly. Even though the story focuses about Luce and Daniel’s love life, Lauren Kate managed to connect history within their story beautifully. It all made sense and somehow realistic because the pieces were put carefully together. You can really see the mind of Kate working thoroughly to have this wonderful and fascinating book.

   The big surprise with this book, as if those things I mentioned above are not enough surprising HA! Anyway, the big surprise was DANIEL GRIGORI our lovely Daniel finally got to have his own point of view! With the given circumstances, of course Daniel do really need to have his own point of view and I’m more than glad to finally get to know his character deeper. Having Daniel’s perspective really got me to trust his character and avoid doubting his decisions and declarations. I can now clearly see his motives and his personality. I even get to have more assurance than before and it really answered a lot of my questions that were really bothering my brain cells since the first book. Lucinda Price however made me prouder of course. We saw her in action in the second but in this book, she toughen up and became more mature than before. We can really see she finally got to balance her emotions and let her mind lead her for certain situations. Although, there were still some tidbits of her old self but it’s okay because without those characters she’ll not be Luce at all. She’s not acting like a helpless damsel in distress anymore. You’ll see her pick up a sword, run from a war zone, a nurse in a war zone, and do some crazy things that you’ll never imagine that she will do at all. Ahhh! I’m so proud of her. I can finally see how the author made the story work on different angles.

   I am satisfied on how Lauren Kate wrapped up the book by having a little reunion within Luce and Daniel’s circle of friends. The dilemma between Luce and Daniel’s relationship was finally solved and all of Luce’s doubts were finally ended same as with Daniel’s. Now that their relationship got finally intact and secure Luce, Daniel, and the rest of their circle have greater challenge to face. This is not all about Luce and Daniel anymore but it’s more than that because it affects all of them. I’m so pumped up to see unity and trust building within their circle. Their circle is composed of complicated members and experiences, but the author made those things as a factor for them to unite and stay closer to defeat what needs to be defeated and to finally have justice in their lives. It really got more interesting and thrilling. As what I’ve said each book is getting better and better. I can’t wait to read the final book of the series!

That’s it for this review and I need to go in order for me to read the next book!

I think it will take more than three days for me to finish reading the book because I want to take time digesting the events and take it slow.

It seems like I’m not ready to let go this series yet.

The world of angels, demons, and nephilims is too fascinating and I want to stay there for now.

Until my next post guys!

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts down below about the magnificent third book of the Fallen Series.

See ya! 🙂


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster

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