Torment by Lauren Kate Book Review


Author:  Lauren Kate

Pages: 452 pages

Publication: September 28, 2010, Delacorte Press


four point five

4.5 stars

      I can’t believe I already finished the second book so fast! Well fast enough for me since I’ve been in a reading slump for a year. So why the fast paced reading? Well guys good news! The second book is way better than the first one. I was really disappointed with the first book as you could read in my Fallen book review, but the second book did not fail me. As what I said in my previous book review, I was hoping for the story to develop and to grow deeper and indeed it did. The story and the characters jumped higher than my expectations and I was so glad I did not gave up on this series. Well, I don’t give up easily when it comes to books and I always give it a chance no matter what.

    The prologue got me instantly. It was written in a way that you can’t get your hands off the book anymore. From the state of dullness and annoyance I was immediately snared and hypnotized, and it was a great prologue compared to the last book. Why? because the pages contained an intriguing and dark event that bothered me and at the same time made me excited. It was kind of expected but it is still unbelievable. To make it simple, the prologue simply captures the attention of the readers by being surreal and giving the readers more questions and mysteries to solve. However, the author gave a strong assurance through the prologue that our questions from the first book will be finally answered. As a reader who is too keen to have some answers and finally got a crystal clear assurance, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best as I hopped into the story.

     I totally did not put my efforts into waste crossing my fingers because the characters and the story developed thoroughly especially Luce Price the main character. There are times that I still get annoyed with Luce’s behavior but in this story at least she is now in action. Daniel however seems to be distant. He’s actually distant in the first book but in the second book it seems like I can’t even grasp anything from him anymore. Maybe because he doesn’t have any point of view in the book aside from the prologue and the last chapter of the book. It was quite unfair because I also want to understand the motives of Daniel and his feelings towards Luce and the more I read Luce’s point of view the more Daniel became distant and unreachable. I really don’t want to be a biased reader because mostly, I want to be in the center weighing both sides in order for me to understand them and put all the pieces together. I know this is a kind of strategy created by the author and at first it taken me aback because I’m not used to it, but now I think it’s a brilliant idea. It may frustrate the reader but the frustration makes you desperate to go on and proceed and finally have some answers and peace of mind.


     I am absolutely in love with the change of setting of the book. From a very dark and gothic setting we now jump into a paradise. I did not expect this happening since the series has that dark aura radiating, but Lauren Kate made an excellent job in fitting a lighter setting. It actually put me into ease after the creepy, gothic, and punk setting in the first book. The setting successfully made a democratic environment compared before. Although, the setting changed into a lighter one but the dilemmas absolutely did not. It became heavier and darker and I am again frustrated with the fact that they still keep on babying Luce which makes her blind with the reality. I am so glad to finally see Luce using her stubbornness into a good use. She may be called reckless but at least she is trying to find a way to help Daniel and the world. Luce doesn’t care about the risks because she is mostly driven by her emotions and that’s what makes her reckless and stubborn but when we look at the brighter side it is somehow selfless for me. That is where I proved that Lucinda Price is starting to grow.

     With the change of setting comes the new characters and I’m more than happy to see new personalities popping out into the life of Luce. Aside from the whole badass undefeatable angel squad of Luce, it’s good to see her mingle with normal people. Well not one hundred percent normal but at least they’ve got some normalcy in their veins. Luce’s circle of friends actually became bigger and more meaningful. I finally found myself laughing within the last few chapters of the book because of the immediate gathering that took place. Another shenanigans of Lauren Kate that I did not expect at all. Other characters were absolutely given a chance to display their personalities and assured me that I can trust them throughout the series. There’s also no denying my heart got slightly broken because of the situation of Luce and Daniel’s relationship, but the last chapter concluded that there’s nothing else than can tear them apart. Luce made another stubborn and reckless act but I think it is for her good and for the good of everyone. She must go away first and discover some things for herself in order for her to understand things and create a plan on how to save herself, her love ones, her Daniel, and the world from destruction.

It was a great read and I’m now into the third book. I’m still hoping the series won’t deeply fail me and I’ve got a strong instinct it won’t.

I’m bowing down to Lauren Kate right now.

giphy (7)

I hope you enjoyed reading this book review and don’t hesitate to bring out your thoughts down below. 🙂

I had fun again and until the next post!


– Shawna a.k.a BookishshimmyCaster

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