A message for my countrymen.



I’m a person who does not care about the world. Why? Because the world is so chaotic and I cannot handle it. I have my own personal problems and I don’t want to make the problems of this world my problem too. Why it is a problem for me? It is a problem for me because I can feel the pain of those people who suffered from the chaos. I want to help them, I want to fight justice for them, I want to make this world peaceful for them but instead all I can do is to watch the news and be slowly killed by the pain because I cannot do these kind of things yet. To avoid this pain, I decided to shut myself out of this world I focused on my own problems. I don’t watch or read the news anymore. If I heard a bad news about the society whether it was political, social, or economical I don’t mind anymore. I’ve been numb to these things for years but everything changed when September 2, 2016 came.

I’m having a normal Friday night watching anime and just chilling around but then when I opened my Facebook I was shocked by a live video. It says: “Disturbing graphics. Explosion at Roxas Night Market.” I almost laughed because I thought it was just a hoax, a really bad hoax because dude why would you make up something that would really affect the public? It’s not funny. But when I watched the video I can’t believe what I’m seeing. My city was in chaos people were panicking, they were in terror, in confusion, in shock, in pain. I for one was also confused. Why did it happen? What’s the reason? Am I seeing things? What should I do? This is my city. I was in denial but as the live video continued it broke my heart. I was so nervous and scared I even panicked as I approached my mother to tell the news she was also shocked. Everyone was shocked. We tuned in to CNN Philippines and kept on updating myself and my family about the incident through Facebook and Twitter. A lot of people were still debating about the explosion. By that time, it was not yet confirmed by the police if it was a bomb or a LPG tank that caused the explosion. But as I look through the photos and videos it was horrifying. Dead bodies, injured people, traumatized people. It was too much and my years of numbness shattered. It woke me up.  I realized that I can’t be numb cause this kind of pain is inevitable.

This is now different; this is my city they are messing with. I need to take an action and voice out. I read articles, watched the news, scroll through Facebook and Twitter to be updated. I can’t help myself to be scared but then there’s a spark inside my heart that wants to fight for the people who were unjustified.  I cried for those people who lost their lives. It was all unexpected. They were at the Night Market to have an income, have fun, and to eat. It was all peaceful intentions but suddenly it was ruined. Innocent lives were immediately lost and in critical danger. All walks of life were in that market. A mother, father, son, daughter, students, professional workers, vendors, and more. Roxas Market is a kind of place where you can see different walks of life. It is unusual to have that kind of place within a country but then it was terrorized. These people were innocents and I know these people still have their own goals and dreams in their lives. They still want to do something in this world, they still want to achieve something, and I’m pretty sure they still want to make something right in this world but it was stolen from them. The chances were stolen from them and the most painful thing? THEY ARE INNOCENTS. Why do this? Why kill innocent lives with dreams? Why kill innocent lives with families to take care of? Why kill innocent lives with loving parents from other town who always wait for their children to come back home? Why kill innocent lives who works to have income to raise their families WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! With just one click and everything vanished.

I am also disappointed with my fellow Filipinos who laughed at the incident. It really angered me to see them mocking my city and my fellow Davaoeños. What the hell is wrong with you people? WHY DO YOU MOCK YOUR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN? Why do you need to show your insecurities hence, your IMMATURITY DURING THIS CRUCIAL TIME? When Paris and other countries were terrorized you showed your empathy or is it really empathy? I really don’t know. But now your countrymen were terrorized you just laughed and mocked! What a HYPOCRITE! Now, don’t blame the president or either question the president. The president knows what to do and so don’t act as if you’re smarter and wiser than our president. Please just stop and please stop tainting the name of the president. You voted for him now you stabbed him again, I say WHAT A HYPOCRITE! I won’t dwell with this problem anymore. Please stop this nonsense and wake up! WAKE UP! Davao City is not the only place that is in danger but THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS NOW IN DANGER.  Filipinos should unite, we should unite against terrorism. A country without unity is a country that will be filled with unjust, chaos, sadness, terror, hatred, and fear. WOULD YOU LIKE THAT? WOULD YOU LIVE IN A COUNTRY WITHOUT UNITY?! NO, YOU DON’T! WE DON’T! WE SHOULD WAKE UP!


I went to the heart of the city earlier and it was a mournful situation. The streets were empty, the mall was quiet, people are disturbed. Eventually, I could see that the city is paralyzed. I can feel the emptiness and the sorrow of the people, of the city. Wherever I go it’s like the attack that happened yesterday is a cursed shadow that will always follow us. The pain, injustice, and sorrow it was too much. My heart is aching, all of our hearts are aching but it does not end here. Do not let these awful things consume us. Instead we should use these things as an inspiration for us to do better for our city and for our country. Use these things as an inspiration to UNITE AND TO STAND UP AGAINST THESE SCHEMES. We mourn now and then we fight! Do not let that spark in your hearts die. USE IT! BECAUSE THAT SPARK IS HOPE. Hope that can bring us unity, peace and, justice. Soon enough it will not just be “Davao Life is Here” but it will be “Philippines Life is Here”.

This incident woke me up and it slapped me with realizations. I wrote this to raise my voice and to encourage and motivate people.



P.S. This is not a book blog related but I need to post this I want to help my countrymen.


One thought on “A message for my countrymen.

  1. Reblogged this on Denal's Mind and commented:
    It is indeed sad when you learned that there are people who were happy with the Roxas Avenue bombing incident. It goes to show that many Filipinos have sick mind.


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