Senior High!

Hello folks!

This is not going to be book related but this is going to be about my experiences during the first two days of my senior high school life. Yes, that is right SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL life.

It is getting real fellas!

During the past few months I can’t help myself to think about Senior High. I can’t help myself  to ask lots of question to myself and to be curious. I was so excited and nervous. Why I’m acting like this? It’s just senior high not a big deal. Well, it’s a big deal for me because I’m moving into a university and to a new environment. My last school was not that populated but a university? Dear heavens it’s going to be different!

Everytime I woke up in the morning the first thought that will always bugged me was this. SENIOR HIGH. Always senior high. I’m so excited for new opportunities, possibilities, and of course to meet some new awesome and loving friends. I have lots of expectations but sometimes I need my expectations to calm down cause it’s going to get crazy if my expectations will not be met. I’m also scared it can’t be helped. Scared for the new challenges and trials, scared of other personalities that I might not get into, scared of judgmental people, scared of prejudice, and a lot more.

But I need to pull that away cause it’s going to bring me down and I don’t like that. I have goals and dreams that I need to achieve for my future so I must be always optimistic even though there are some negative thoughts and doubts surrounding me. I need to be strong and brave to face these challenges and trials. I need to be an open minded person and always see the positive side of the person that I will meet. I can’t handle this own my own I knew that. So I always seek God for guidance and help so that I will not be lost and I will be always strong and I will survive senior high. Of course there are my supportive parents who are always there for me whenever I have problems and gives me words of wisdom all the time. I’m so thankful to have them.

So during summer I’m always in contact with my friends who are going to the same university. We shared goals, expectations, and fears. It was comforting to know that I’m not the only person who felt this way. I always look for an update about the senior high school department in our university Facebook page and when my friend told me that the senior high school department will have 45 sections and will have 1,800 students or should I say learners (in our university senior high students are not called students but learners instead awesome right?) I was mind blowned! 1,800?! THIS IS INSANE! It’s only the senior high school department and there are still the college students! It is so different from my last school! It is a university indeed. Through the insanity I was excited about the 1800 learners. Excited to meet them and to have some new friends and to observe the different personalities of these people. I’ve already met some of them on Facebook and Twitter and it was cool.

Now, I know you’re wondering what happened to my first two days?


Before the first day I haven’t got enough sleep because of too much excitement and nervousness. My mind won’t shut at all my mind always gave me a lots of thoughts that sent butterflies fluttering in my stomach. Yes, senior high gave me the butterflies.

Even though I haven’t got enough sleep it didn’t stop my energy from drooping. My excitement was more dominant it was crazzzzzy! So before I entered the university I waited for my friends so that we can go inside together but then again lots of things changed. I entered the university alone and I WAS SHOCKED TO SEE THE NUMBER OF LEARNERS! IT WAS SO OVERWHELMING! My heart was beating faster and I immediately grabbed my phone and called my friends cause I know I can’t survive this crowd alone. It was insane! I was thankful when I saw a girl seating alone and I got excited when she smiled at me. I smiled at her and approached her and so we became friends. I have a new friend! FINALLY! Then my friends arrived at last so I introduced them to my new friend it was fun and kinda nerve wracking.

The crowd was so unpredictable because I got to see some of my old classmates and some friends that I haven’t seen for a long time. We shrieked and hugged everytime we saw each other. It was overwhelming too. I missed them so much and after how many years who would have thought that we will be going in the same university? When we entered the meeting hall I almost froze. THE CROWD WAS SO BIG! It was so new to me ! Everything is so new to me. It was getting out of hand that kind of crowd was not my comfort zone. But I’m already there so I must face it! I was buzzing with excitement and nervousness. The excitement faltered a little bit when I was separated from my friends. The senior high department is composed of 45 sections so the odds are really not in my favor cause I don’t have some friends that I already know in my section and same goes for my friends. I really felt lonely and was so nervous to meet my new classmates and teacher.

New faces, new personalities, new adjustments it was tiring but I need to fight! I felt uncomfortable at first but I was still in the process of adjusting. Somehow I’ve already had a friend from my section phew! Our teacher discussed about the rules and we introduced ourselves. Now the most challenging part was during the lunch break. THE HALLWAYS WERE PACKED WITH LEARNERS! And of course it was noisy. The learners were very busy contacting their friends from the other sections so that they could eat together and I was one of those learners. I was having a hard time contacting my friends cause I can’t hear them when I called them cause it was so noisy! I got really nervous cause I really don’t like to end up alone. It was awful. In the end I saw my friend and then we ate our lunch together but somehow I was kinda sad cause I haven’t got the chance to see my other friends. I was so worried.

Thankfully, before the lunch break ended I saw my other friend and we talked it was great then I proceed to my classroom and somehow I was already comfortable. Kinda I guess but it was a progress. The rules of the university were strict but it was reasonable it’s for our sake after all. I was also glad that my adviser is such a joker and jolly. It took the tension of the classroom away. I know I’m such a lucky learner to have him as my adviser. With the academic stuffs I can already feel the pressure and I know that my efforts should be tripled by now cause senior high is going to get harder. After the discussions of rules the whole senior high department were gathered again in the meeting hall. There are some awesome presentations from the learners and teachers. It was so cool and amazing. I was mesmerized. I’m so thankful that I chose this university. No regrets at all just love!

So my first day ended with successfully. Even though I felt like I was in a roller coaster ride at least I somehow made some adjustments and new friend already. I was tired and sleepy but I’m already looking forward for the second day.

The second day gets even better my best friend because was finally present and somehow I’ve got to meet her friend too. It was awesome we were already a squad in instant. Second day was more exciting because it was a club fair day. So it was the time for me to choose what clubs I want to join. When our director announced the clubs  I was so confused of what clubs that I will choose. We are only allowed to join 2 clubs and yet here I am wanting to join seven clubs all in all! HAHAHA! It was so insane I want to join the school paper, book club, faith club, photography club, debate club, poetry club, and SHS Knights. IT WAS CRAZZZZY!!! My heart was pounding with excitement with the options. I can’t believe it! My interests and hobbies are all here! I actually want to shout with excitement at that time.

I also made a new friend within my section and I’m so thankful for it too. She is so nice and kind. I hope to get to know her more. Aside from that the most exciting part of my second day was the time when we need to go to the booths of our chosen clubs and drop our names there. It was an adventure! I was nervous at first because I couldn’t find my squad in the crowd but with our awesome communication we found each other and there we find our club booths together and dropped our names. It was so cool because while we were searching for the booths we got to see some other friends and got to meet new friends. IT WAS SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS AWESOME! I can still feel the excitement right now. Ahhh! Help me I’m already loving that kind kind of activity.


My second day ended successfully too and when I went home I can’t help myself from smiling and I was so excited to share my experiences to my mum.

By next week I will already have my regular classes and I know my adjustments will still be on going but I’m looking forward to it. I really need to cast this nervousness and negative things away cause without them I’m going to learn lots of things while I’m having fun!

Shout out to my old friends and new friends out there! I don’t know if you are reading this but thank you so much for being there and for being so friendly and for always stopping just to greet me.

Lyka, Rodrich, Gendy, Sofia, Prime, James, Ainel, Shoji, Ice, Vanessa, Jooyin, Yuki, Christine, Cris , and a lot more. (I’m sorry if I spelled some of your name incorrectly.)


I also want to thank my teachers from my section. Thank you so much for being so jolly and for making some jokes. It really helped me to feel comfortable with the new environment. Thank you so much.

I also want to thank our director for always giving us pieces of advise and reminders about manners, the rules of the university, claygo, and a lot more. Thank you so much sir Ricci your words motivates me to do good.

AND HELLO! ST. MATEO RICCI! MY VERY OWN SECTION! I know I’m just silent and a very shy girl but when I’m already used with the environment. Believe me I will not stop talking! I HOPE TO GET TO KNOW ALL OF YOU SOME MORE! I’m sorry for not talking much yet but I will do my best next week!

I also thank my little sister for texting me and making me laugh when I’m nervous during the first two days your concern touched me. I was so shocked with your words though but thank you!

And lastly I want to thank my parents for allowing me to enter this university and for being always there willing to listen about my first two days. I can’t wait to share more experiences that I will encounter to both of you! Thank you so much ma and pa.

That’s it for this post! 🙂

-Love, Shawna!

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