Pulling Myself Together

It’s been a long time people! Oh, how I miss making a blog post.

How are ya’ll doing these past months? Well, as for me I’ve fought lots of battles.

Consider this post as a diary as well cause I’m going to share to ya’ll my experiences so brace yourselves buckle up it’s going to be a long ride. Is it?


As you all can remember my last post was posted in the month of January right? After that I disappeared. I even promised to make more posts but sadly I haven’t. When Christmas break ended I thought everything in school was going to calm down and I’ll have more time for my blog and for books but I forgot the fact that school will be ending soon. Ending soon means more projects not just projects but difficult projects, seatworks, quizzes, and exams thus, it was my last year as a Junior High School Student. Projects were given all together although, they have different deadlines of submission I still have lessons that I need to catch up. So I divided my time and sacrificed my blog again. It was awful but I cannot write anything on my blog because my brain was focused with school stuffs and it was hard to focus when I have lots of deadline to meet and I also need some time to sleep to have some energy for school.

I didn’t have enough time to read a book because I used the time to sleep instead. You remember my current read last January right? It was The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. I haven’t finished the book yet because during those stressful days my reading slump visited me but I ordered The Throne of Glass series during my birthday and it arrived on the month of February. Then BOOM! I stopped reading the 5th Wave and indulged myself with The Throne of Glass series I was instantly hooked but I need to control myself from reading too much because my projects were still on going and my exams were fast approaching. The most challenging project that was given to me was my English research paper. I had fun doing the research but good heavens it was challenging and it mostly consumed my precious time. I’ve shed some tears because of that research paper agh! The pressure gosh it feels like I can’t breathe each day.

After I’ve finished some of my projects it feels like some weight was lifted upon me and my exams I can see the brightness that is waiting for me ahead. So, I eagerly finished my unfinished projects which includes my research paper. When I’ve submitted my English research paper I wanted to cry and scream cause finally, after how many weeks of agony and mixed emotions I’m free! So yeah, other projects were easy yet kinda nerve wracking but I still survived. After the projects, exams, seatworks, and quizzes I loosened myself and finally had the time to bond with my squad cause we’re going in different schools during our Senior Year. I’ve got to continue to read the Throne of Glass series as well.

 I’ve fought lots of battles these past few months it was not just about my studies but it was also about myself and I’m so thankful to have God, my family and friends. I was lost, frustrated, angry, bitter, and filled with negative things and yet they are the ones who filled me with love, motivation, and positive things. I was drowning so deep and yet they are the ones who pulled me and gave me strength to keep on living and to keep on working towards my goals. After the battles I’ve learned lots of realizations and I still have struggles but life isn’t life without struggles right?

So yeah, I’ll be a Senior High School student this coming school year and I’m officially enrolled in dream school so yay! I’m excited and yet I’m kinda scared but mostly excited with the new things and new opportunities that will be coming into my life. I know Senior Year will be more challenging and life is going to get harder but it’s up to me if I’m going to take those things in positive or negative way right? Guess what, I’m done being a negative person it just hinders me towards my goals and keeps my life miserable. I’m done so so done with negative things and pessimistic people. It’s time for a change. I have goals and dreams and I don’t want those things to slip away. I’m going to fight for those things and be victorious in the end. I’m going to make my love ones proud and happy. I wanted to change the world the things around me but how can I change the world when I couldn’t change myself right? It’s time for a change indeed.

Thank you Lord, mum, dad, sister, friends for everything thank you so so much for everything. I am truly blessed to have you all in my life. I love you all so much.

I’m getting emotional right now phew! Anyway, it’s currently summer here in the Philippines so school is out and yasss! I’ve got more time to read and to make a blog post. I’ve already finished the Throne of Glass series and it was amazingly good! Can’t wait to talk about the series on my next blog post. I’m currently reading The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard just so you know. 😉


I’m currently into Fantasy books this year I took a break from Dystopian series cause it was giving me a reading slump. One fact though Dystopian and Fantasy books are my favorite genres. 🙂 Wait, I’m also reading Morgan Matson’s Since You’ve Been Gone by the way but in epub form. 🙂


That ends my post and I’ll see ya’ll next time guys!

-Shawna 🙂


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