Bookish Things I’d Like To Have!

Hey Guys! I’m back! πŸ˜€

Anyway, I have lots of bookish things I’d like to have and I wish I could have them right now, tomorrow, or next week but I still can’t because I still have lots of books to buy.

I guess I’ll have to purchase these bookish things soon as in soon.

In 5 years maybe? HAHAHA!

They’re kinda expensive you know and it is more comfortable and wise for me to spend my money for books. Yes, I do really love books.


#1: Fandom Shirts


Photos from Pinterest & Redbubble.

I really really want to have fandom shirts especially those shirts from the LUX series and I do want to have a shirt that says “Shadowunters”.

Yep, I must have them so soon!

#2: Subscription Box


Photos from Owlcrate & Quibblerbox.

Ugggh! I really want to have a subscription box every month but good gracious it’s too expensive. A certain subscription box is equivalent to two-three books and I’d rather want to spend my money for three books. It can be a trilogy or three contemporary novels you know.

Owlcrate is based on USA while Quibblerbox is based on Philippines but Quibllerbox ships internationally! πŸ™‚

And for Owlcrate you can take a look here:

Click the links if you want to check their websites!



I might try a subscription box for once! πŸ˜€ (SOON!)

#3: Bookmarks


Photos from Etsy.

These bookmarks are so cute and I want to have them! They are so expensive on Etsy especially when I’ll pay for a shipping fee when I order them. I’m looking for these kind of bookmarks in our country and if I got to see one and if it has an affordable price then I’d totally get lots of these.

If you want to purchase or check these bookmarks then click this link:Β EtsyBookmarks

#4: Mugs


Photo from Etsy.

A mug from Etsy and I really want to own that kind of mug and then again it will be so expensive when I’ll buy it on Etsy. So, if I got to see one here and with affordable price then I’d certainly grab it.

Mug with a cold drink Β + Books = PERFECTION

P.S. I hate hot drinks!

If you want to purchase or check the mug then click this link:Β EtsyDeathlyHallowsMug

That’s it for this post and I hope you have enjoyed it!

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below folks & I’ll see ya’ll later!

-Shawna πŸ˜€

17 thoughts on “Bookish Things I’d Like To Have!

  1. Omg i would like a shadow hunters t-shirt! I’ve been dying for one! Oh and the tattoo’s and the seraph blade (the model of course) And the mugs?! Yes please! But then again i love to buy books…
    ~Hafsa πŸ˜€

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  2. I completely agree about subscription boxes. I would love to get one and did look into it before Christmas, but they’re all so expensive! Perhaps just get one for my birthday… ?
    I have a bit of a thing about bookmarks. I love these ones!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. First, I love all these things and would also like to have them! Second, I never knew about the subscription boxes! I also have a lot of bookmarks but it seems like whenever I need one, I cant find any!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I can relate to your problem, Iive in Malaysia and all bookish things, are really expensive because of our currency right now. Not to mention shipping fees. :/
    I think I’ll just stick to buying books.

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