Books That I Planned To Buy On 2016!

Hey Guysssss!

Yep, more and more books to buy as what I’ve said on my Bookish New Year’s Resolution. I’ve already planned the books that I’ll buy last October and yes I like to plan ahead of time! 🙂

So let’s start!!!

1.)  The Throne of Glass Series by: Sarah J. Maas2015-10-10--13-14-15

Been raving for this series for how many months already but can’t buy the series because it’s not yet complete. Then I’ve changed my mind and my patience is already wearing out and so I’ll totally buy this series!

2.) The Lunar Chronicles by: Marissa Meyer


Who wouldn’t want this series? Well, I’ve been raving for this series for a very long time too and since it is now complete why not freaking grab it!

3.) The Unearthly Trilogy by: Cynthia Hand


Been planning to have this trilogy for a very long time but I haven’t got a chance to buy these books. So, I guess 2016 will be the time to buy them!

4.) The Alienated Trilogy by: Melissa Landers


YAAAY! Another alien series!!! I really have a weak spot for alien novels and since the third book will be released this August 2016 I’ll definitely buy them!

5.) The Young Elites Trilogy by: Marie Lu


After I’ve finished the Legend trilogy I was totally thrilled to read The Young Elites Trilogy. You see Marie Lu’s writing is superb and I know that this trilogy is superb too! The last book of the trilogy will be released on 2016 too!

6.) The Lone City Trilogy by: Amy Ewing


Uh huh… Another raved trilogy! It’s a freaking dystopian trilogy and I also have a weak spot for dystopian novels. Gotta have the series as soon as the third book will be released on 2016.

7.) Snow Like Ashes Trilogy by: Sarah Raasch


Well, I know that I should never judge a book by it’s cover but the cover has some kind of Throne of Glass vibe in it so I decided to have this series soon. It’s a fantasy novel and I also love fantasy novels but mostly Dystopian and Alien novels hailed but still I’ll surely have the series!

Third book will also be released this coming 2016!

8.) Hex Hall Trilogy by: Rachel Hawkins


A paranormal fantasy trilogy and that alone is tone of the reason why I’d like to have this series. I haven’t read lots of paranormal series and so I’ll start with this series and get addicted with paranormal stuffs.

9.) Everneath Trilogy by: Brodi Ashton


It’s been a long time since I’ve read a series that has some Greek mythology in it and I’ve missed the Greek world already and that’s why I’ll have these books!

10.) Razorland Trilogy by: Ann Aguirre


Dystopian wolrd + Zombies = PERFECTION! I’ve never read a dystopian novel with zombies in it. Well, I kinda have but they are not called zombies and I think there are some huge differences. I’ll truly prepare myself whenever I’ll read the series. A lot of people says that this trilogy is kinda scary. *AWOOOOOOO*

11.) The Sweet Series by: Wendy Higgins


I’ve been attracted to this series for how many months already and my desperation for this series increased especially when the first book was mentioned in the LUX series. So I’ve just decided yesterday to add the series on my list!

So that’s my plan for 2016 folks! I guess more books will be added on my plan and if so I’ll update you all about it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this postand don’t forget to tell me what are the books that you are planning to buy for 2016?


-Shawna 😀

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