Favorite Quotes and Moments From Jennifer Armentrout’s OPAL & ORIGIN!

Hello guys! 😀 I’ve just woke up and yeah lil’ bit grumpy here but it doesn’t stop me to make an another post. *wink wink*

Is that right? Another LUX blog post? Errr… Yes another LUX related blog post.

It’s so hard to move on from the series people and I’ll never ever move on from this series!

So let’s start away!




“The world works in messed up ways.”

“I like it when you’re happy, and if I can do something small, then I will.”

“I pretty much ran from the front of the bookstore to the new release section and that was all.”

“His dinner included three hamburgers and two orders of fries. I had no idea where those calories went. To his ego, maybe?”

“You make me think before I act. You make me want to be a better person-Luxen-whatever.”

“Oh, for the love of backwoods babies everywhere”

“I thought the whole thing with Blake would ruin this afternoon, but I had underestimated the magnetism of Daemon and his kisses.”

“This isn’t a book. This isn’t a paranormal fantasy or whatever the hell it is you read. There is no set plot or clear idea of where any of this is going. The enemies aren’t obvious. There are no guaranteed happy endings.”

“He kisses like he’s dying of thirst, and I’m water.”

“While you’re deep in something, you never say or do what you need to. It’s always after the fact, when it’s too late, that you realize what you should’ve said or done.”

“You really shouldn’t trust a soul in this game. Not when everyone has something to gain or lose.”

“But as long as everyone is together, we’ll figure something out.”


“Daemon snatched the yellow packages from my hands. “Oh! Books! You have books!”
I laughed as several people waiting in line looked over their shoulders. “Hand them over.”
He clutched them to his chest, making moony eyes. “My life is now complete.”
“My life would be complete if I could actually post a review on something other than the school library computers.”
I did that about twice a week since my latest laptop went to the big computer heaven in the sky.”

“A few seconds after he stepped out into the hallway and closed the door behind him, there was a fleshly smack and then Andrew yelling, “Ouch. What in the hell was that for?” “Your timing sucks on an epic level,” Daemon shot back.”

“Dawson shifted, dropping his head into his hand. “Do you ever stop talking?”
“When I’m sleeping,” Blake replied.
“And when you’re dead,” Daemon threw back. “You’ll stop talking when you’re dead.”
Blake’s lips thinned. “Point taken.”

“You grew up too fast, baby.”
Didn’t always feel that way, especially this morning when I couldn’t find my other flip-flop and I’d been, like, two seconds from kicking a fit.”

“Hey there, sleeping beauty…”
Over his shoulder, the sky had deepened to a denim blue. “Did you kiss me awake?”
“I did.” Daemon was propped on his side, using his arm to support his head. He placed his hand on my stomach and my chest fluttered in response. “Told you, my lips have mystical powers.”




“Did you think you could stop me? I’ll burn the world down to save her.”

“I want a years-worth of seconds and minutes with you. I want a decade’s worth of hours, so many that I can’t add them up.”

“I want to marry you because I’m in love with you, Kat. I will always be in love with you. That’s not going to change today or two weeks from now. I will be just as in love with you in twenty years as I am today.”

“So I was thinking, there’re eighty-six thousand, four hundred seconds in a day, right? There’re one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes in a day…There’re one hundred and sixty-eight hours in a week. Around eighty-seven hundred and then some hours in a year, and you know what?…I want to spend every second, every minute, every hour with you…I want a year’s worth of seconds and minutes with you. I want a decade’s worth of hours, so many that I can’t add them up.”

“Me and Katy look adorkable in extraterrestrial
highway shirts. You would just look stupid. You can thank me later.”

“I’ll do anything for her.”

“Daemon Black could be as prickly as a hedgehog having a really bad day, but underneath all that spindly armor, he was sweet, protective, and incredibly selfless.”

“Well then, it’s time to introduce the world to a little bit of extraterrestrial awesomeness.”

“…What about my life? My blog?” Okay, my blog was seriously the least of my worries, but dammit, it was important to me.

“Sometimes words were cheap. They could be powerful, but in those rare occasions like now, words meant nothing.”


“He can read your mind without even knowing.”
Dee’s face went from pale to bright cherry. “Oh God.”
She smacked her hands over her face. “Well, the whole time we were downstairs, I was picturing him naked.”

“There’s only one thing I want.”
“And that is?”
“I want to see Kat.”
Nancy’s smile didn’t fade. “And what are you willing to do to accomplish that?”
“Anything,” I said without hesitation, and I meant it. “I will do anything, but I want to see Kat first and I want to see her now.”

“I’ve been waiting a long time to run tests on someone like you, ” he said to Daemon, voice high-pitched.
Daemon arched a brow. “Another fanboy. I have them everywhere.”
I muttered, “Only you would see that as a good thing.”
He shot me a grin.”

“I’m Dee Black. I’m the sister of the douchebag known as Daemon.” She smiled brightly. “But you probably already know that.”
“That’s he’s a douchebag or that he’s your brother?” Archer asked innocently. “The answer is yes to both.”

“I promise you that this isn’t going to be our future, Kitten. I will give that to you—a normal life.”

Her eyes glistened. “I don’t expect a normal life. I just expect a life with you.”

“Luc moved to the center of the floor. “I don’t have all day, guys. I have things to do. A nap I want to take this afternoon. There’s a new movie out on Netflix I want to watch, and a goddamn coupon for a free Whopper Jr. that’s calling my name.”

“An intercom popped on and Paris dais, “Knock. Knock.”
Static and then a woman’s voice said, “Who’s there?”
Kat raised a brow at me, and I shrugged.
“The interruption cow,” Paris said, glancing at Luc, who shook his head.
From the intercom, “The inter-”
“Moooooo!” Pars dais, snickerin.
Kat giggled.
Archer rolled his eyes and shook his head.
There was an audible huff from the intercom. “That was stupid. The gate is opening. Give ist a sec.”
“That was pretty lame” I said.
Paris chuckled. “I saw it on the Internet. Made me laugh. I got more. Want to hear them?”
“No.” My rebuttal was joined by Archer’s. Something we agreed on. Huh. Go figure.
“Too bad.” Paris eased forward as the gated split, spreading wide. “That wasn’t even my best one.”

Yeah! So that’s it guys! I might do another post of my favorite quotes and moments but it will be for Opposition. The last and the aweomesauce book of the series!

I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below!

See ya’ll later!

-Shawna 😀

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