The LUX Series Book Talk!

DAAYYUUUUMMM! It’s so obvious that I can’t get enough with the freaking series!

Hey you guys! I’m back again! 🙂

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 I’ve made a book review for the series earlier and still I want to talk no, I’m not going to talk cause I’ll actually rant about the series.


 I was totally curious about the models of the book covers so I’ve searched them and I was surprised that they have an interview on Jennifer’s blog. I’ve got those photos on her website too and turned them into GIF’s.

So the model who portrayed Daemon Black was Pepe Toth and wow! He is so totally perfect for Daemon Black and the model who portrayed Katy was Sztella Tziotziosz. Man, I can’t even pronounce her name! And she’s so beautiful.

So if you want to read their interview on Jennifer’s website and please do read it because it was so fun and well you’ll discover lots of things as in lots about them

Here’s the link:

Wanna stalk them? Here are their Twitter & IG accounts.

Yeah, you’re welcome folks.

So much for that let’s proceed with the book talk or should I say rant? Anyway, my book talk/rant are composed of questions that I have made and since then my book talk/rant will always have these questions. Unless I’ll add an extra question.

Who is your favorite character?



Katy oh Katy of course! She might be stubborn and annoying sometimes I still love her character. I can relate with Kat’s character on so many levels specifically her love and passion for books and her love for her family. I can really appreciate her closeness and bond with her mother because I’m a mother’s girl too. She’s so feisty and I love it because it’s an extra point for her badassery. I love how she thinks first before she goes into action but most of all the most remarkable thing that I love about her is kindness and bravery.

Any new book boyfriend?

It’s so obvious isn’t it?



He can be an asshat but he can also be the most soft hearted and gentleman in the whole universe! Daemon is so kind and protective with his love ones. His love is so strong and remarkable and he’ll even burn the world just to keep you safe and sound. He does have a humor and good gracious I can’t really decide if his arrogance is cute or annoying. He’s an ideal type of guy aside for his H-A-W-Tness, Awesomeness, and handsomeness he has the most kind and understanding heart.

Who is your favorite supporting character ?



Oh holy baby aliens everywhere! I was imagining Dee as Jourdan Miller and I didn’t expect that Jourdan would be perfect. (Jourdan Miller is the ANTM’S Cycle 20 winner. Who knew I was watching ANTM along time ago HAHAHA!) Well, so much for that Dee is my favorite because she’s an example of a true friend. Dee and Katy went through lots of rough as in ROUGH challenges. It was pretty hard because their friendship was really tested.  Even though their friendship was somehow tainted with negative things they still forgave each other and comes back into each others arm.  I’m also in love with Dee’s jolliness and hyperness.

What is your favorite book in the series?


Don’t get me wrong guys the other books were awesomesauce as a lasagna with so much cheese in it but Opposition is my favorite. Well, because it contains the most awaited happy ending and the the justice the FREAKING JUSTICE that we all have been waiting for. The characters deserved that justice. 🙂 That’s why I love Jennifer Armentrout!

What is your favorite sweetest scene in the series?

Hmmm… I guess the scene where Daemon asked Katy to marry him and their very rush wedding. Don’t worry guys they’ll have a proper wedding after their problems were solved. 🙂

What is your favorite kickass scene in the series?

Man, how about the fight they created in Vegas? It was so awesome and a lot of kickass things happened. I can imagine the fight vividly I was like watching a movie. Never mind the tragedies tho.

*Alien powers here!* *Alien powers there!* *Alien powers everywhere!*

And if you’ve read or finished the series already I have something for you to see.

Just click the link and  you’ll see it’s a gift from our awesome author Jennifer L. Armentrout.

But for those who haven’t finished or read the series YET PLEASE DON’T CLICK THE LINK. *SPOILER AHEAD*

That’s it for this post! I really hope that you enjoyed reading this post and might as well convinced you to read the series. (For those who haven’t read the series.)

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below people!

See ya’ll! 🙂

-Shawna 😀

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