Reorganizing My Bookshelf!

Hey guys! I’m back and I’m so not on my mind right now!

giphy (12)

So last Sunday I filmed a video while I was reorganizing my bookshelf. Holy baby aliens everywhere! My mind can’t even register that I’ve filmed a video already. Anyway, it was awkward and a nerve wracking experience. I’m a camera shy type person and it took lots of energy for me to have this video. But in the end it was worth it especially that my lil’ sis helped me in this video.


So yeah, guys I’m so sorry if I made some mistakes. FORGIVE me! THIS IS THE VERY FIRST VIDEO THAT I HAVE MADE FOR MY BLOG! I still have lots of work to do to improve my videos and my blog and I’m so excited to go deeper. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this blog and don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below folks!

See ya!

-Shawna 😀

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