November Wrap Up!

Hello guys! YAHOOOOOOOOOO! I’m so happy very happy to be back!


I just came home from school and I am so excited to go home and make this blog post. I think this is my very first wrap up here on my blog.

So as what I’ve told you yesterday last month was a very busy and crappy month for me  and the result of that was I’ve only read two books which are *drum rolls*



EVE by: Anna Carey

I know two books aren’t enough but I don’t have any choice I have to balance my time but don’t worry Christmas break is fast approaching.

Anyway, let us all talk about Eve first.

9297774 The first book of the Eve Trilogy by Anna Carey. I read this book when I finished the Legend Trilogy even though I was not in the mood to read another dystopian series. I was actually looking forward to read the Lux series after I finished the Legend Trilogy. However, I didn’t own any books from the Lux series yet and the series went out of stock in the bookstores. I picked it up and the story was good but I cannot appreciate it that much because good gracious I just finished an entire dystopian series. Still I didn’t gave up on this book. My progress of reading was very slow because 1.) I’m busy with school stuffs 2.) I was suffering from a book hungover and 3.) I’m slowly walking into the void of miserable reading slump. *sigh* I did not much enjoy reading this book but I knew that it was my fault. So I decided that I might read the book again and the other sequels of this book.


Well folks I have a confession to make. Uhmmm… I don’t know if this is still a confession since it is so obvious I haven’t continued the Eve Trilogy. I tried I really tried to read the second book and after a few chapters I gave up because I thought that my brain was going to blast and my reading slump will become worst than what I’d expected. So I shift into another genre that will relax my mind. I picked this book then and guess what, I’ve only understand this book a little. It is understandable but behind those simple words and sentences that was written by the author contains some more deeper meaning. I was having a hard time deciphering it. Nevertheless, It was cool,sad and yet it will give you lots of nostalgic feels. I should probably do some research about this book so that I can understand it completely.

giphy (1)

So that’s it for my November wrap up and hopefully I can read all of my TBR books for the month of December which will be posted tomorrow!

Stay tuned for that! 😀

Here’s what I’m currently reading by the way which I have already mentioned many times.



giphy (2)

Thanks you so much for reading this blog post and guys please do not forget to leave your thoughts down below.

-Shawna 🙂

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