Yohooo! It’s already December and still my surroundings feels like hell! I’ve been out last month cause I was very very busy with school and projects and all those stuffs that left me so miserable. I want to crawl into my bed and hide underneath my pillows and blankets and stay there forever! GAAAAH! It was a very hell month guys and the month of November is still haunting me. I am trying not to be a pessimist right now especially that Christmas is coming already. I want to be happy and read lots of books,eat and eat,celebrate Christmas with my family soon and do lots of blog posts since I missed a lot last moth. Believe me I cannot count how many times I’ve shed  tears last month. Well this is life! The most annoying thing was that I’ve only read 2 books last month. That’s not fair and my Goodreads reading challenge well– I don’t know! *cries* Anyway, I’m currently reading the book one of the LUX series which is super ultra mega awesome to the highest level! GOOD GRACIOUS! I do understand now why you people keeps drooling over DAEMON BLACK!!! Anyway, that’s it for my rant today. I am just ranting right now cause I am so stressed and my exams are fast approaching!  *crosses my fingers* This grading period is not easy than what I expected. Anyway, my brain is bursting with ideas for my upcoming blog posts very soon! 🙂


That’s it for today I hope you’ll understand me and see ya’ll soon!




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