Hey guys! Let us all talk about aliens and what I mean by aliens are The 5th Wave and The Fate of Ten.

Let’s start!


I know guys you have probably read The 5th Wave already but as for me I haven’t read it yet. I know, I know it’s awful and I’m sorry for that but don’t worry the book is already sitting on my bookshelf about a few weeks ago and I’m planning to read it this coming December together with the second book entitled The Infinite Sea.

So we all knew that the trailer was already out and I really felt bad why I haven’t read the book yet. The reason why I haven’t read it yet because the third book is not yet released and I hate to read trilogies or series that is not complete because 1.) I’m afraid that the last book will be a cliffhanger and 2.) There’s a tendency that I might forget some details of the story when the next book will be released.

For those people who didn’t see the trailer yet here’s the trailer and for those who already saw the trailer well watch it again.

So, as you could see the trailer is pretty epic and well,I don’t have anything to say yet because I haven’t read the book so I’ll just calm my nerves down and wait for December to come.

WHY DECEMBER?! December because I still have lots of books to read and December is the month before January and January is the month when The 5th Wave will be in theaters.

Then… you have probably heard the news already that the third book will be entitled as THE LAST STAR. Pretty interesting title huh can’t wait for 2016. Seriously though if the book was not made into movie I might start reading The 5th Wave in 2016 so that the trilogy is already complete.

Anyway just check the reactions of the people about the incoming third book here:

I might die reading their reactions they are suffering because the third book is still not out and I’m afraid I might feel that kind of emotions when I finished reading the two books this coming December. GAAAH! This is what I’m talking about to all of you!

Anyway, I’ll still read it there’s still a few months left to prepare myself for any emotional breakdowns.


THE FATE OF TEN! UGGGH! I still haven’t read the book and I still haven’t own the book yet! However, I’m going to own this book within this month HOPEFULLY.

So we all knew that the last book ended excitedly and yes the book trailers confirmed it that it is true but I can’t say much more because I still haven’t read the book. I’m such a mess but guys someone spoiled me that someone VERY IMPORTANT DIED. I cannot say who it is because someone might be reading this blog who didn’t read the book yet like me. But whyyyyyyyy??? WHY DID THAT PERSON DIED? WHY?!

Uhhh… no don’t tell me why I’m just going to read the book. The more I dwell on this topic the more I become desperate to have the book.

JUST WAIT SHAWNA JUST WAIT. It’s almost there!

Here’s the book trailer folks especially for those people who haven’t read the book yet.

ATTENTION: For those people who haven’t read the series yet or didn’t continue to read the series PLEASEEEEEEE READ IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN BEFORE IT’S TO LATE! 🙂

Click the link below if you want to check out the series.

So, that’s it guys don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and feel free to start a discussion down below!

See ya’ll on my next blog post! 🙂

-Shawna 😀

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