The Heir by: Kiera Cass Book Talk!

Good gracious I was supposed to post this blog yesterday but something happened with my post and all of the things that I have typed were deleted. So yeah I need to start to all over again. *bumps my head on the wall*

I know that you have probably read the book already and I finished the book last August. I just really want to talk to you all about my opinions of the characters in the book.

So without further rants let us start! 🙂

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 Eadlyn Schreave-  She’s so different from her mom. Her personality is just too strong and she feels very independent. I find her self confidence is too much and it is becoming kinda narcissistic. Enough with the negative things! Anyway, I can understand why she’s building strong walls between herself and to the other people but sometimes she must break those walls down because she gets lonely. I’m happy that her parents decided to conduct a selection because her walls were slowly getting down and she’s beginning to realize that she can’t rule Illea alone. Behind her strong personality and walls is a very soft and kind heart I promise you it’s just that she always follow her brain rather than her heart.

Kile Woodwork- Son of Carter and Marlee Woodwork. Hallelujah! Praise for this guy! Out of 35 suitors he’s the very first guy I’d like Eadlyn to end up with. He’s been in the castle with Eadlyn since they were babies. They are practically childhood friends but the thing is they can’t stand each other. THEY ALWAYS ARGUE! However, I find their arguments cute and entertaining. When Kile accidentally ended up with the selection I was very happy because since from the start of the book when Kile made his first appearance,there’s some force that I cannot explain going on between them that made me ship them so hard. Anyway, I can say that they’re perfect for each because Kile already knew what’s the true personality of Eadlyn. He can see things in Eadlyn that the others cannot see and with that he can easily understand Eadlyn and he just knows what to do to make Eadlyn melt and happy. I really wish that they’ll end up with each other. PLEASE!

Henri Jaakoppi-  Awwww! this cute guy. I don’t have any strong opinions for this guy. He’s cute,romantic and a gentleman. He’s very in love with princess Eadlyn. I wish really wish that he could speak in English straightly so that he can speak more of his feelings to Eadlyn and they can understand each other more often. Especially when trials comes into their lives when they end up with each other. I want to know more about Henri and he’s the second guy I want Eadlyn to be with when she will not choose Kile.

Hale Garner- This guy can also see things in Eadlyn that others cannot but I think it would be best if Eadlyn and Hale would stay as friends not really friends but BEST FRIENDS. I don’t think he can handle Eadlyn when they end up with each other. Yeah, he’s kind,generous,romantic,understanding, and a gentleman but no I just can’t imagine both of them together as lovers or husband and wife. Well if Eadlyn doesn’t choose Kile and Henri then she must choose Hale then.

Ean Cabel- NO! I DON’T WANT HIM TO END UP WITH PRINCESS EADLYN. He’ll just ruin princess Eadlyn and good god I want him to be out from the selection. I hate him for making a deal with Eadlyn and I hate him more because Eadlyn can’t let go of him because of the deal. His motives are confusing he’s such a mystery but the thing is I DON’T WANT HIM TO BE WITH EADLYN FOREVER AND EVER!

Ahren Schreave- The brother that I’d like to have but couldn’t. Eadlyn is so lucky to have Ahren in her life. Ahren is so kind and protective that he almost gave up his love life for Eadlyn. I can see that Eadlyn is truly lost when her brother is not around. Ahren is the one who picks up Eadlyn when she’s broke, he is the one who knows Eadlyn truly well, he understands her, and he is the one who saves Eadlyn from any trouble and more. All I can say is Eadlyn is not Eadlyn without Ahren and Ahren is not Ahren without Eadlyn. He is the most perfect example of a brother and I envy Eadlyn for that.

So guys these are the only characters that I’d like to talk to you all about because they are the characters who gave me some impact but then if you want to talk about the other characters feel free to talk about them below. So if you’re wondering why I didn’t talk about America and Maxon in here I just can’t because there’s a possibility I might spoil you and it’s depressing. Don’t worry their love for each other is still there and you’ll be happy to see and read about them in the book.

If you want to check the book click the link below:

And then if you want to purchase the book click the link below:

So you all on my next blog post! 🙂

-Shawna 😀

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