Falling Into Place by: Amy Zhang BOOK REVIEW!

Hey guys! Finally I’ve finished Falling Into Place and I can’t help to make a book review about this book.

Let’s start! 🙂




This book is all about suicide,friendship,and problems which are very unexpected. I really thought that this book is about falling in love and those cliche stuffs but I was blown away when I started the first chapter. I was confused when I read the first chapter but then as I went deeper my expectations were changed. The experiences and problems of the protagonist Liz Emerson are very relatable. My heart shattered for her bitterness and loneliness and for the things that she have done that destroyed her and other people’s life. There’s also a strong friendship in the story. A friendship that no matter how many times they tried to destroy their lives, no matter how messed they are, even though they have fought many times in the end they still love and be always there to comfort each other. I love the way how her best friends Julia and Kennie are so willing to change and realized how Liz is so sad in her life. So about Liz’ love life it is quite complicated because it can’t be really called as a relationship. However, there’s a guy named Liam who’s been crushing on her since their 5th grade. He always observed Liz and can see Liz for who she is and how broke and lonely she is even though Liz and her best friends made some awful things to him. Liz’ problems are very common for teenagers like me but for her she sees things differently and that’s why she decided to commit suicide. Reading her story will enlighten you and will give you lessons that will be in your hearts everyday. If you have a problem right now and you’re deciding to commit suicide or thinking about suicide just please please please read the book. I was touched and gosh my feelings were freaking hurt reading this story but it’s okay cause I’ve learned lots of lessons and realizations about life.

P.S. Suicide is not an answer for all your problems!

So guys if you want to discuss further about the book don’t be shy and discuss it down below and I have a question for those who already have read the book. Who do you think is the narrator? I’m having a hard time guessing who’s the narrator. It’s either her imaginary friend, her dead sister, or her guardian angel. GAAAAAH! This is driving me insane. Anyway enough with this.

Check the book in here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18163646-falling-into-place

And purchase it here: http://www.bookdepository.com/Falling-into-Place-Amy-Zhang/9780062367884

I’m currently reading Marie Lu’s Legend by the way! See you on my next blog post folks!

-Shawna 😀

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