Craving for The Queen of the Tearling Series by: Erika Johansen

So guys I went into a bookstore earlier and if you’re wondering yes, I did buy some books and those books will be included in my incoming book haul this weekend so stay tuned for that! :D. So let’s go back to the main topic. While I was scanning the books in that bookstore I almost fainted because I found this



You remember its book 1 right?

The Queen of the Tearling.



I believe that I already mentioned this book on my blog post about a few months ago and It’s driving me mad because until now I do not own this book yet. Guys, you know how excited I am to read this book it’s just that this book is not on my list of books to buy for this year but whatever I’m going to find a way. I always find ways when it comes to this kind of thing and now my desperation for this book exceeds level 100. Especially now that the book 2 was finally released and I’m not fine with that. I NEED THESE TWO BOOKS ASAP!

The Queen of the Tearling Book Trailer

The Invasion of the Tearling Book Trailer

And here’s the link of my blog post about The Queen of the Tearling

I know that this series will not disappoint me (hopefully HAHAHA!) and the book covers are so freaking awesome and same with its spines. I’m falling for these books and I can”t help it. Want them right now!

So that’s all for today I know it’s full of rants but hopefully it encouraged you to read the series and good news my exams already done! It was pretty easy well except for Math as always. *sigh* I AM SO FREE TO READ LOTS OF BOOKS THIS WEEK. Well, not really though but at least I have time to spend with my books. 😀

Now now, I really need to stop typing because I really need to go sleep because I still have to go to school tomorrow! Good night folks see ya’ll tomorrow if I still have some time and if not I guess I’ll see you on Thursday or Friday.

Thanks for reading this blog and don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below! 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to stay tuned for my book haul this coming weekend!

-Shawna 🙂

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