Reader Problems Book Tag!

Geez… Hey Guys! Yes, you’re right I’m doing a book tag like right now. I did not expect to do another blog post since tomorrow will be my exams but whatever my hands are itching to do some book tags.

So let’s not make this rant much longer and let me start right away!

Q#1: You have 20,000 books on your TBR. How in the world do you decide what to read next?

Oh, that 20,000 books are still not enough for me but if you say 20,000 books then 20,000 it is. I guess it will really depend on my mood and what genres I’m interested in for a certain month or season. I’m really not that conscious about deciding what book am I going to read next in my TBR pile.The important thing is I finished my TBR pile with flying colors. (Okay, that flying colors thing is so freaking exage.)


Seriously? Flying or spitting with colors?! I’m confused.

Q#2: You’re halfway through a book and you’re just not loving it. Do you quit or are you committed?

Secret… No, just kidding. Sometimes I quit and sometimes I stay committed but for those books that I’ve quit reading I always get back to them. I always give those books a second chance because I know that at very end of the book it will be worth it.


Q#3: The end of the year is coming and you’re so close, but so far away on your Goodreads reading challenge. Do you try to catch up and how?

Uhhmmm… I really really really really really really don’t know how because I am never good in catching up with challenges and I hate challenges. So as you could see my Goodreads reading challenge is not progressing because 1.) I’m too lazy to tick that read button and 2.) School is keeping me slow from reading my books,but anyway I’m so pumped to read more books after my exams.


Q#4: The covers of a series you love do. not. match. How do you cope?

Uhhh… book covers are really awesome but what’s inside the book is the most important for me so no coping up needed.


Q#5: Every one and their mother loves a book you really don’t like. Who do you bond with over shared feelings?

I guess I’ll just have to keep these feelings to myself or I’ll just have to let it out even though they’re going to hate me for it. It’s my own opinion anyway so do know to mind your own business.


Q#6: You’re reading a book and you are about to start crying in public. How do you deal?

Got to find the nearest bathroom after all and pour my emotions out there with the toilet at least I’ve got to have some free tissues.


Q#7: A sequel of a book you loved just came out, but you’ve forgotten a lot from the prior novel. Will you re-read the book?

Probably not I’ll just go find a summary after all or I’ll re-read the book but I have to skip some parts or chapters. I am not a fan of re-reading books because it feels like I’m wasting lots of time and I need that time to read my books in my never ending TBR pile. When I feel like re-reading a book sometimes, I just listen to its audio book and that’s where I appreciate the existence of audio books here on Earth.

Q#8: You do not want anyone. ANYONE. borrowing your books. How do you politely tell people nope when they ask?

HA! I guess my classmates are reading this so yes, fellas I hate anyone borrowing my books. So I came up with these reasons 1.) My mum will still read the book after I finished reading it. 2.) My cousins borrowed my books and 3.) I simply tell them that I don’t allow anyone to borrow my books. P.S. My fellow classmates who are reading this blog post I’m so sorry to let you down but my books are for me only I love you guys but when it comes to my books I become an over protective person.


Q#9: Reading ADD. You’ve picked up and put down 5 books in the last month. How do you get over your reading slump?

I’ll just give it a rest and watch lots of TV series and do lots of blog post until I miss reading books and yes I’m currently in this situation. I’m having a slow reading progress with Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and I hate my self for that.

Q#10: There are so many new books coming out that you’re dying to read! How many do you actually buy?

I’ll just take my time to save some money and convince my mum and uncle to buy me some books then voila! I have it all.


P.S. Love you mum and some peace for you uncle. 😀

Q#11: After you’ve bought the new books you can’t wait to get to, how long do they sit on your shelf before you get to them?

HA! No idea at all as long as I have them and I need to read them soon.

OH! FINALLY! Thank you so much guys for reading this blog post I hope you enjoyed reading this. I’m finally back and still alive.*pumps fist into the air*

I tag all of you especially these people

Amanda of ChocolatePages

Katie of Clumsy Katie Reads Books

Ashley of What’s She Reading

Brianna of The Word Review

because I simply miss these people.

It’s sooooo good to be back! So, I guess I’ll see you in my new blog post maybe another one later? or next week for my book haul. Love you all guys! 🙂

And please don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below! Thanks! 😉

-Shawna 🙂

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