My Thoughts For Matthew Daddario and Isaiah Mustafa As Alec Lightwood And Luke Garroway On Shadowhunters TV Series!

Hey Guys! I’m freaking back and again I did not post any blog yesterday so I’m sorry for that. So, let me start right away! 🙂

Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood


The casts for the TV show are getting better and better! Seriously I don’t have any idea that Alexandra Daddario has a brother when I read about new cast for Alec I was like: “Huh? Daddario?” “WAIT?! IS THIS FREAKING SERIOUS?! ” I searched about Matthew immediately and I was really giddy after my researches confirmed that he and Alexandra Daddario are siblings. My mind was blown away after that. So much for the Daddario siblings let’s discuss about the Lightwood’s. Can you spot some similarities between Matt and Emeraude?


All I can spot is their Hispanic features. I was really worried about the cast for Alec because he must have some similarities with Emeraude. It’s not easy though because Emeraude has Hispanic features and then they casted Matthew. HOLY MACAROONS PERFECT PERFECT JUST SO FREAKING PERFECT! I don’t know how to put this kind of perfection into words but they have an awesome casts for the Lightwood siblings. I really can’t wait to see Matt and Emeraude bringing their characters as a siblings into life. I trust Matt a lot that he’ll portray Alec’s character excellently and now I can’t wait to know who’ll be playing Magnus’ character. Good gracious they must really find an Asian guy out there that will have a perfect chemistry for Matt.

#WhoIsMagnus and #WhoIschurch

Isaiah Mustafa as Luke Garroway


Yay! Our Luke Garroway. I haven’t expected this guys I swear I didn’t! I never thought that they’ll have a cast for Luke so early but anyway I’m glad about it. I don’t have any problem about the actor at all I was just like: “Oh, he’s new to me.” actually everyone except for Dominic Sherwood was new to me. Just put some glasses on him and make his hair longer then voila! I don’t have much to say about him but I’m excited to see how he’ll be playing as Clary’s father and as Jocelyn’s trusted friend or should I say her husband. I’m also excited to know who’ll be playing Jocelyn’s character. They better choose wisely!


Thanks for reading guys and I hope you enjoyed it!

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and see ya’ll later! 😉

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