Top Four Books That I Wish To Have Some Sequels Someday!

Hey Guys! I’m so sorry for not posting earlier but don’t worry I’m back! We all have read books that will leave us satisfied,then there are other books that will leave us begging for more. Even though we all knew that it’s the last book of the series or that book is just a stand alone. So let me share to ya’ll what are the the books or series’ that left begging for sequels.

Bloodlines Series by: Richelle Mead


Yes, the Bloodlines Series and I know you might be questioning yourselves right now. Yeah you’re right, I haven’t read the series yet and as you can see I’m still reading the fourth book of the Vampire Academy series. I have warned you all before that there’s a tendency that I’ll spoil myself because of excitement or desperation. Well, in this case I was drawn by both because of Dimitri and Rose. Gaaah, I got very excited because their relationship was becoming intense and I was pretty desperate to know if they’ll get married. I searched about them and I was spoiled a lot but in the end I was left unsatisfied because I really want to read about their wedding day. I also want to know more about Lissa,Christian,Sydney,and Adrian. I really don’t know if my mind will change if I’ll finish the series soon but I really want to read about Dimitri and Rose’s wedding someday

Paper Towns by: John Green.


THIS BOOK DEFINITELY MADE MY MOUTH HANG OPEN AFTER I FINISHED THE BOOK. I was like “So that’s it?!” “SERIOUSLY?!?!” Yeah, I know they are still going to communicate with each other but still it wasn’t enough! I really don’t know if the ending was sad or happy and my emotions also was combined after I read the book. HOLY MACAROONS! I need to know if Margo will go to college in New York or she has some other plans for her future. Well, as for Quentin it’s understandable that he’ll go to college but I really need to know how he’ll handle his college and her long distance relationship with Margo. Seriously? It’s still complicated you know but at least I’m still thankful that they have mutual feelings for each other. I’m still skeptical though,Margo is so hard to handle. *sigh* Well, it’s Quentin anyway and I know he understands her in so many levels than any of us can.

Ruby Red Trilogy: Kerstin Gier


Uhhh… this book really left me unsatisfied. Well, I really want this trilogy to have a sequel. I’m still suspicious with the Count and a lot of things wasn’t explained yet. Umm..a prequel and a sequel? Much better actually. 😉 Thus, Gideon and Gwen has the whole eternity of time,in other words they are both immortal and because of that who on earth will not keep on wondering about them? I really don’t have a long explanation about this but this trilogy really needs a sequel case closed.


Harry Potter Series by: J.K. Rowling


Well this case was pretty different, I was satisfied with the ending of course! but there are times that you can’t resist to beg for another Harry Potter series. Umm.. not really Harry Potter but a Albus Potter series? Yeah, that will be totally great. A lot of rumors are already spreading that there will be another series of Harry Potter soon because of this I came up with a theory. Here’s my theory: J.K. Rowling is making the second series in secret to avoid pressures from fans and publishers. Is that a theory or a statement? I’m actually confused HAHAHA! but anyway I am hoping that aunt Rowling will really get into the second series soon.

YAY! I’M DONE! I wish you have fun reading this blog and guys please don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and tell what are your top books that you’d like to have some sequels someday.

Thanks for reading and see ya’ll! 🙂

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