My Thoughts For Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray on Shadowhunters TV Series!

Hey guys! Are you excited for Katherine McNamara to play Clary’s role in Shadowhunters TV Series? I bet your answers will be hell yes! or maybe for some people it will be nah, not really.

Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray

Can someone please tell if she’s a natural red headed girl or blonde headed girl? I am really confused but anyway no matter what her hair color is she’s still beautiful. In the whole The Mortal Instruments series Clary is my number one favorite and for me no one can beat Lily Collins on portraying her role. Everytime I reread the series I always imagine Lily Collins as Clary. Gaahh, she’s just the perfect Clary for me. I really do find it hard to move on from Lily Collins than the other casts in the movie. Guys,I’m so sorry for that but what else can I do right? It’s time to move on! Well, when I read that Kat is the lucky girl who’ll play Clary I was like “Wait.. Who?!” then I went into her twitter and was really shocked to know that she’s the same actress who will play Sonya’s role in Scorch Trials. I got pretty excited and look,her hair color is so perfect for Clary. It’s the correct hair color for Clary right? Same with the girl in the book covers. I watched her video and she’s really sweet and I was really wondering if Kat and Dom will have the perfect chemistry. I’m still skeptical though, I really want to see her playing with Dominic in their roles soon. Even though I’m skeptical, I’m still excited for her of course.

Lastly, I cant wait to know who will play the roles of Magnus,Alec, and the most intriguing one Church. (HAHAHA!) January 2016 please be fast!

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