The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hey guys! Another blog award and I was nominated again by Cátia of The Girl Who Read Too Much. Thank you so much for nominating me Cátia, I am so happy and excited to do this! 🙂

Sooo… Let’s Start!

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Here are the RULES:

#1: Nominate 15 other bloggers relatively new to blogging.

#2: Let the bloggers know that you have nominated them.

#3: Share random 10 facts about yourself.

#4: Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog.

#5:  Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to display on your blog.


Katie of Clumsy Katie Reads Books

Nadun of Random Thoughts

Brianna of The Word Review

Amanda of ChocolatePages

Charlie of fandomsontherun

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Ellis of  Ellis Nelson Books

 Caitlin of Weezled

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Poulami of Daydreaming books

Self Babble

What About That About!

Florida Minimalist

Anita of Iloves2read



#1: Aside from books shoes’ are my weaknesses especially boots. Seriously though, if I have some extra money I’ll spend it for boots. No, I’d rather buy it with tons of books. Yeah, that’s me no matter how tempting the boots are I’d spend my money for books,books,and books!

#2: I eat during class hours especially in the morning and I CAN’T HELP IT! My breakfast dissolves quickly I guess because I’ve got to travel for one hour in order for me to get into school. Believe me, traveling to my school involves lots of adrenaline,walking and sometimes running because I’m late already and that’s my exercise already. Including going up and down our school stairs.

#3: I’m always sleepy during Math class,so what I do is eat lots of chocolate or find something to eat during the class. Yeah, they never mind though.

#4: I really don’t care about my seating arrangement in class as long as I’m not seated with NOISY AND ANNOYING PEOPLE. Please, I’m having a hard time understanding these lessons why don’t you all shut up and listen? Well, I can’t tell them that cause I know they’ll just give me fits of hysterical giggles. I’ll just walk away and sit somewhere that I can comfortably listen to my teacher.

#5: I really love to make jokes and some pranks, you can’t see it on my face but when I’m with my friends well it naturally comes out. I cannot control it though,I just love to see my friends smiling and laughing even though it’s me they’re laughing at. In a good way I mean.

#6: I love to mix and match my clothes and shoes’ and dress like the characters from the books that I’ve read. 😉

#7: I’M A COSPLAYER! Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! 🙂 I’m a die hard fan of anime two or three years ago?  but now I’m not already but I still watch anime sometimes. I cosplayed lots of anime characters before,but now I don’t because I’m more focused in cosplaying characters coming from books.  Especially CLARY FRAY AND ROSE HATHAWAY!

#8: I love to eat pasta’s especially when my mum cook it! YUM! YUM! YUM! She’s the best cook in the world! (Hey mum! I know you’re reading this. :D)

#9: When I have enough time, I always go to bookstores after school. To relieve some stress and go book sniffing. HA! and of course to buy some books. It’s heaven in there! Well, every bookstore is heaven.

#10: I love evenings than mornings actually, I’m already starting to think that I have some blood of a vampire. I just love evenings especially midnight’s I’m so much alive.

DONE! YAY THAT WAS FUN! Again I thank Cátia for nominating me. Go check her blog guys! I swear it’s awesome especially her anticipating reads for this month!

Here’s her blog:

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and see ya’ll later! 😀

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