Shadow Kiss by: Richelle Mead BOOK REVIEW!


The third book of Richelle Mead’s heart stopping series Vampire Academy. I don’t have enough words to describe this book it was so freaking awesome! I totally salute the  author of this series ahh! such a wonderful book guys such a wonderful book.


A lot of things happened in this book and things are growing so intense and quite scary.

I’m glad that in this book the characters were growing fast especially to those characters who encountered that horrible incident with Strigoi’s at Spokane. Rose Hathaway was getting darker for some reasons, and she was being followed by Mason’s spirit which drove her crazy and it also drove me crazy. Like hello? MASON IS ALREADY DEAD AND I AM STILL GRIEVING AND THIS MADE ME GRIEVE EVEN MORE. I really love Mason’s character and I was really shocked when he died in the second book, it surprised me as well that he still have some role play in the third book. I was kinda nervous when I read that he’s still not in peace but in the end he played a huge part and he’s now in peace. (I hope so.) Besides from Mason a lot of spirits followed Rose especially when she is out of school. She didn’t want to tell anyone about her problems because she’s afraid that everyone will thought she’s crazy and yet in the end she admitted her problem with Dimitri. Dimitri and Rose’s relationship grew stronger day by day and it really excite me because they don’t lie with their feelings for each other anymore. Dimitri’s wall of emotions and self-control can be easily broken down when it comes to Rose and lots of exciting things happened between them. Ohhh.. just read the book tehee and you’ll know, I think it’s all we’ve been waiting for to happen between them. *wink,wink* Lissa and Adrian Ivashkov were teaming up to study their abilities as a spirit users and yet Christian Ozera is becoming jealous between them but then again with Rose’s help this issue was cleared up. Adrian’s feelings for Rose were also getting stronger and I know it hurt him a lot! Oh, Adrian poor poor Adrian. I ship him with Rose you know but what else can we do? When we all knew that Dimitri stole Rose’s heart and Sydney will also steal the heart of Adrian in the Bloodlines series? Gaah! so much for that the Strigoi’s are plotting revenge for what Rose and her friends have done at Spokane. The reason why Mason and the other ghosts or should I say shadows were following Rose was to warn her that the Strigoi’s were coming. Gahh I couldn’t say much anymore or else it will spoil you more. The ending was so so miserable and it will really make you excited for the next book. Guys believe me the twists are too much to bare! The fighting scenes in this book will make your heart stop and the losses will make you cry. You can also see in here on how the Moroi’s are going to change the rules when it comes with their magics. Dhampir’s are getting stronger when they have Moroi’s fighting with them. Just ahhh it was so cool! I cannot imagine what will happen in the last three books of the series. Also, I really need the Bloodlines series right away. Phew!

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