My thoughts for Alberto Rosende and Emeraude Toubia as Simon and Isabelle on Shadowhunters TV series!

Hey guys! I’m so sorry for not posting for two days , so last Friday the casts for Simon and Isabelle were announced. I was not clearly prepared for that because I really thought that they would announce the cast for Clary first, buy anyway I’m glad for the results.

Alberto Rosende as Simon Lewis


Simon is one of my favorite guy in The Mortal Instruments series and I was used to see Robert Sheehan playing his role. When I heard that they’re going to do some recasting I was telling myself that they must really choose carefully when it comes to Simon’s role because Robert Sheehan really nailed it. When I read that Alberto got the role I was like “Oh my gosh! He looks like Robert.” but looking like Robert wasn’t enough though so I watched his video and that video gave me a huge satisfaction that he’s perfect for Simon. He really talked like the Simon in my imagination, that awkward kind of talking was really really Simon and that got me as well as his eyeglasses. I really didn’t know this guy, I haven’t watch any of his past films and I don’t have any plans to watch them. I’m glad about that because I’m going to see him for the first time in the Shadowhunters TV series this coming January 2016.

Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle Lightwood


Oh, Isabelle our dear Isabelle Lightwood. I was still in dazed on how Jemima West played her role because she really played it excellently. She got that very fierce eyes that really fits for Isabelle. When I read that Emeraude will play her role I was a little bit skeptical because I thought she’s just soft for Isabelle. Don’t get me wrong guys I’ve learned my lesson don’t judge a person by its picture. When I watched her video I was pretty blown away I cannot explain why or how she’s just perfect. I can imagine her already in Shadowhunter gear,fighting with her whip,her Hispanic features made her look like a goddess and somehow fierce. She’s a very perfect Izzy beautiful and fierce. Can’t wait to see her this coming January 2016.



Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and tell me what are you thoughts about them as Izzy and Simon. Thanks for reading and see ya’ll later! 🙂

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