Actually there’s a lot of reasons why I do love to read books but some things are just so hard to explain. So I’ll just share to you all my five main reasons why I do love to read books. 🙂

Let’s start right away!



1.) To escape the reality.

 REALITY is a place where we can’t have any supernatural powers such as telekinesis,invisibility,teleportation, and more. Both worlds have lots of problems but I really don’t understand why I fancy the problems in the world of books. The problems in their is just unique and so surreal. Dude! I’d rather fight demons,zombies, and aliens. In books we can make the impossible possible and the books do understand us in so many levels!

2.) Moral lessons.

     Besides from escaping the reality, I also love to read books to learn some moral lessons that I can use in my real life. Lots of moral lessons from books changed me just like the book named The Fault In Our Stars. After reading that book I was so emotional and I realized lots of things and I did some reflection within myself . Then it happened, I was very glad for the change though and I swear the books of John Green are life changing.


3.) To broaden my vocabulary and grammar.

      Yay! besides from listening to my English teacher and taking some speech class reading is the most easiest way to learn vocabulary and grammar. English is not my first language but then again reading helped me to learn the English language. I’m still improving my grammar and vocabulary though.


4.) To travel.

      When you read books you can travel anywhere anytime. You’ll enjoy a lot and you can learn lots of things just like the cultures of different countries. It will broaden your knowledge and it can also help when you want to travel into the countries that was mentioned in the book that you have read. Just use your imagination and have fun!


5.) To be someone else.

      What I mean to be someone else is to experience other new things and to have an adventure. I am a kind of girl who loves an adventure and explore different things not physically but mentally. MENTALLY=IMAGINATION  whenever I don’t read books my mind is working and I’m usually lost with my own wild imaginations.

Totally finished! I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below, and tell me what are your reason why do you love to read books? Thanks for reading see ya’ll! 🙂


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