Frostbite by: Richelle Mead BOOK REVIEW!

Hey guyyysss! Phew! I’m so excited to share this book review to everyone. Actually, I finished Frostbite few days ago and I’m halfway through the third book already. I’m so sorry for the delay guys.

Soo.. Let’s Start!


This book broke my heart but it also pumped me up like oh yeah!

In this book the life of the Moroi’s and Dhampir’s were in danger especially the royalties because of the Strigoi’s. It was winter break at St. Vladimir’s and no place was safe except for the ski resort at Idaho which they spent their winter break. Rose was having a hard time because 1.) Dimitri Belikov her mentor and her crush had an eye for someone. 2.) Mason had a huge crush on her as in HUGE. 3.) she always entered Vasilisa’s head accidentally while Vasilisa was making out with Christian. 4.) this guy named Adrian appeared in her dreams and lastly 5.) she’s worried about the strigoi’s. So hard for her right? But these problems are nothing compared to what she had experience at Spokane together with Christian,Mason,Eddie,and Mia.

Oh my gosh this book nearly killed me with grief and anticipation and also with the changes of the characters attitudes. In this book the violence was so awesome ahh! the gore so so gore, I totally love gore guys, the story is becoming intense and I cannot imagine the level of intensity for the rest of the books. The characters grew up and it really made me proud especially for Rose and Mia. Mason uggh! Mason is one of my favorite characters and seriously? I ship Mason with Rose so badly but something happened to him. I wanna cry my eyes out but I just can’t because my self-control ruled! I was like “FOR REAL?!” “NOOO! THAT’S SO UNFAIR FOR MASON!” “WHY?! I LOVE MASON YOU KNOW JUST NO NO!” but anyway I decided that Mason will always be in my heart. I LOVE MASON!! I also get infuriated with Rose and Dimitri’s relationship then Adrian Ivashkov is such a bae and I really want to know him more in Bloodlines series. So far the second book is not disappointing at all cannot wait to finish the third book! I also need the Bloodlines series right now! A.S.A.P.

8 thoughts on “Frostbite by: Richelle Mead BOOK REVIEW!

  1. I LOVE ADRIAN! I just bought the Bloodlines series after finishing the Vampire Academy series, and I am DYING to read it! Hope you enjoy the rest of the series!

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  2. Love this review, and love your site. I’ve been a “closet” reader for a while. The “why” is a bit embarrassing, but simple. I work 55+ hours/wk, and in my “spare” time (haha) am an aspiring children’s book writer. Reading is a luxury I can’t seem to find time for. Your blog is my way of cheating.

    I know, I know…not right at all. It’s like “Clift-Noting” your way through British Literature. However, it’s my guilty pleasure. Thanks for the entertainment and great reviews. I’m collecting the books I like to hopefully read later.

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