What Are My Distractions From Reading?

Hey Guys! I’m back! I’m so sorry for not posting for two days. There was no internet connection in here and I’m quite distracted too.

So let me start this blog right away! 🙂

Social Media


 Whenever I got my hands on my laptop I find it hard to stay away from it. Besides from reading I also love to stay in Twitter,Goodreads,and YouTube communities and stay connected with different authors,book lovers, and bloggers. Sometimes I can’t read any books at all because I’m too busy chatting with book lovers and bloggers or I’m doing my blogs.



You all knew that our Living Room is one of my favorite places to read because of our couch and it’s pretty quite in there. Yes it’s quite because I always turn off the television when I read,but when my sister and cousin was watching I don’t have choice but to ignore the freaking television. Yet, sometimes I can’t help it because I find myself looking up from my book and go watch with them until the movie was finished. After that I always freaked out because I just wasted a lot of precious time for reading. I sometimes hate television.



I used to watch Anime 24/7 back then, but now I just watch them If I’m in the mood. It is still a distraction because If I watch I’m having a hard time to pull myself away. I’m a person who is easily hooked by anime. I wasted a lot of time last December and last week because of watching anime.



I swear guys I am not a fan of K Dramas! but last week I was distracted by K Dramas until now. I usually spend my nights reading or blogging but this time I watch K Dramas with my mum. I was pretty hooked by two K Dramas (hahaha!) and now I really need to sort some plans on how I’ll divide my precious time. Don’t worry because reading and blogging are my first priorities this summer!

And those are my distractions! I’ll post some ways on how to control yourself from distractions tomorrow, so stay tuned for that! I Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and tell me what are your distractions from reading. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and thank for reading! See ya’ll later. 🙂

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