The Fate Of Ten Book Cover!

Who loves the Lorien Legacies series out there? High-five to you all! So yesterday evening I was informed that the book cover for the sixth book entitled “The Fate of Ten” was already revealed.

So here it is:


My reactions





OH MY FREAKING GOSH! I’m trying to control myself but it’s so hard especially when the cover was revealed already. Ella’s symbol is so beautiful, I did not expect that she will have a symbol. I really thought that this would be the last book but thankfully the author decided to have a seventh book. The last book was a total cliffhanger, Oh, Sam! Sam did a miracle guys that made me jumped with excitement when I read that part. I was blown away with the twist and Number Eight! There’s still some hope for him,for those who ship Marina and Number Eight don’t you ever give up please I beg you! There’s still a chance for them. This series is so intense I don’t even want this series to end if that’s possible. For those who didn’t read the series yet, What are you waiting for?! go grab the series A.S.A.P ,you’ll never regret reading this. I swear you’ll have a roller coaster of emotions.


Check the summary of the book here: the fate of ten

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and Thanks for reading! 🙂

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