My Thoughts About Dominic Sherwood as Jace Herondale!

So earlier when I’ve opened my Twitter account It was filled with Dominic Sherwood’s faces and I was like “Ohh Christian Ozera..”  then when I read the tweets that he will be playing the role of JACE HERONDALE on the upcoming Shadowhunters TV series I was taken aback. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! Dominic Sherwood?! from Christian Ozera to Jace Herondale! I might faint. DOMINIC IS PERFECT FOR JACE. HE.IS.PERFECT. He played the role of Christian Ozera in Vampire Acdemy so well. He’s perfect for that role too. I’d never imagined anyone playing as Jace because all I could imagine was Jamie Campbell Bower (Our previous Jace.) was the only one who could play the role. I was really upset when they announced that City of Ashes will be canceled, but there will be a TV series instead. I am not a big fan of TV series and I was really afraid they would be recasting and then they did it!  My reaction was pure terror but as the days go by I accepted the truth. I opened my mind in any possibilities for the TV show. Then when they announced DOMINIC SHERWOOD will be playing Jace, I was really glad super extremely glad and I did not regret opening my mind for any possibilities. Ahh I can already imagine Dominic playing Jace ohh just perfect so perfect. I cannot contain this excitement. Can’t wait to know who will be playing Clary,Simon,Izzy, and Alec. After that I stalked Dominic Sherwood (yep, my curiosity for him deepened.) and I was surprised again that he was the guy in Taylor Swift’s Style music video. My reaction? “THAT’S WHY HE LOOKED SO FREAKING FAMILIAR!” and wait let me show you this feat65 I CAN SEE JACE IN HIM AHHHHH!  I AM FREAKING OUT SO BAD RIGHT NOW. Okay I need to breathe (Inhale,Exhale.)

Then Dominic Sherwood as Christian Ozera


Well? AWESOME RIGHT?! Okay,so I’m done rambling. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and tell me what do you think about Dominic Sherwood playing the role of Jace Herondale. Wanna know your thoughts so bad! Am I the only one excited here? yikes! See ya’ll later 🙂


                       Dominic Sherwood ahhh! so perfect.

3 thoughts on “My Thoughts About Dominic Sherwood as Jace Herondale!

  1. I enjoyed him in Vampire Diaries, but just now put together that HE was the one they were talking about for Jace! I’m just hoping that I’ll get to catch an episode eventually – maybe they will put it on Hulu.

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