My Favorite Places To Read!

Hey guys! Let me share to ya’ll where are my favorite places to read.

Let us start with…



It’s just small but it’s heaven. I love to read while having this teddy bear by my side I feel like he’s reading with me too. (hahaha!) I can do every position that I want when I’m in my bed. I can sit and lay down comfortably, I can even roll side by side just to make my body comfortable reading. It’s the best place believe me you don’t have to worry if you fell asleep while reading. I can stay in my bed forever with books and lots of food.



If I’m tired with my own bed I always go to our living room and read on our couch. This is my second favorite place to read. This couch is my second bed even if I cannot roll side by side just like on my bed. I can still sit here in whatever positions that I like. I can also stretch in this couch and our living room is also silent so I love this couch more than the other couches that I tried to sit on.



Whenever I’m in school my favorite place to read is in our school library,because I have my own spot in there that nobody knows I guess. Instead of sitting on a chair and having a table in front of me I hid beside the bookshelves and sat on the floor and read peacefully.  I love my spot cause I don’t feel much exposed while reading.



Fresh air and the breezeeeeee… so cool! I don’t live beside the sea or whatever. When we went on a vacation I love to read beside the seashore it was very peaceful than our school library and I have a very relaxing view. Even though there’s a lot of people in there it was like they don’t exist at all. I was really swallowed up by the book and the beautiful roar of the sea.

And those are my favorite places to read! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and tell me what are your favorite places to read and why? I hope you enjoyed this blog and thanks for reading 🙂 see ya’ll later!

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