How to Avoid Reading Slumps?

Hey guys, let me share to ya’ll what are my ways to avoid reading slumps, I really hope these tips will work for you.

1.) Every time you read a high fantasy,paranormal,dystopian, or any series that is filled with actions do not jump into another series with that genres right away. You’ll probably suffer a reading slump if you read that genres continuously. Put a space in between like this: Dystopian-Romance-Paranormal-Romance-High Fantasy and so on. If you don’t like romance just find a book that will make you relax a bit especially your emotions.


2.) If you already finished a series don’t go and start another series right away, just wait until tomorrow let your head and heart relax for a bit. Go eat a lot and sleep for how many hours. You must also prepare yourself to jump into another world.


3.) You must choose wisely what book or series you must read next because if you’ll not choose wisely, you’ll probably jump into another book if you did not like the one that you chose and it will become your habit and it will really cause you a reading slump.


4.) If you feel like your having a reading slump coming, STOP reading right away. You just need some sleep or even food. If those things will not help you go outside your house breathe some fresh air or see some relaxing views and after a few hours you’ll be fine. That reading slump feeling will go away.


That’s all I can give you guys cause that’s all what I do to avoid reading slumps. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and tell me what are your ways to avoid reading slumps. Thanks for reading! 🙂


6 thoughts on “How to Avoid Reading Slumps?

  1. I cannot imagine a reading slump. I never seem to have enough time to read and I read 2-3 books a week. However, I do agree with you about changing genres for a breath of fresh air.

    I read multiple books at a time and I try not to read two books that are similar at once. I can get confused if I do.

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  2. I actually tend to break series into chunks so that they don’t get stale. I have just returned to Cold Days by Jim Butcher before reading Prudence for my blog.

    The Dresden Files feel like comfort food in book form. At least for me.


  3. I like your idea of just stop reading. Take a break. That’s what I do when I experience reader burnt out. No point resenting what you’re doing when it’s not the book’s fault!


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