Emerald Green by: Kerstin Gier BOOK REVIEW!


The third and the last book of Ruby Red Trilogy, Guess what? I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED WITH THE BOOK. YEAAAH! All of the things that I’ve expected happened in this book. More actions,dramas,and revelations. I was very giddy as I read the book and I’m having a hard time not to spoil myself. There’s a very huge twist in this book,well let’s say for the whole series that I did not expect coming. It was very shocking that I actually let my eyeballs out and screamed “SERIOUSLY?! WHOA!” and then Gwendolyn and Gideon’s romance became super intense that I really need to put my book down and take a deep breath while saying “OH, I NEED A BREAK!” Believe me guys this book will drive you crazy with swoons. I am clearly out of words for this book it really exceeds my expectations with its fast paced events, who would have thought it will be very beautiful,more understandable,and not disappointing. All you really have to do is to have some patience when you read the series. You’ll never regret it by the end of the book. It’s just that the book will give you lots of confusion but don’t worry, you’ll understand it at the end. It’s really satisfying to know that Gwendolyn and Gideon’s lives ended well and you’ll be happy for them too, knowing that they are both oops! Sorry no spoilers allowed. JUST READ THE SERIES GUYS PLEASE PLEASE! It’s very magical and satisfying well not really because I want the trilogy to have some sequel. I just want to know what happened to Gwen and Gideon after the events.  Do they have a child? What about the Circle? and more. Within the books you’ll see how Gwen became so brave and how she changed in a good way same also with Gideon. I bet I’ll suffer book hangover for days and I’ll miss Madame Rossini’s elegant Victorian dresses and Xemerius’ snide remarks. I really recommend you all to read this series especially if you love historical fiction and Europe during the old times.

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