Another book tag! Yay, Once again I was not tagged to this one but I just want to do this because it’s FUN,FUN,FUN! 🙂

#1: Audio or Book in hand?

  Book in hand of course! I listen to audio books as well,but I find books more comfortable and I can understand the story more if I read it. I’m more into reading and comprehension than listening and comprehension.

#2: Soft cover or Hardback?

  Soft cover because hardbacks are very expensive compared to soft covers,but hardbacks are fine if I have some money.

#3: Fiction or Non-fiction?

   FICTION OF COURSE! I’m really not into non-fictions. I find it hard to be in their world. It’s just that I’m trying to escape the reality so why read Non-fiction?

#4: Fantasy world or Real life issues?

   Fantasy world!!!! As what I’ve said I’m trying to escape the reality and I’d rather face the issues in Fantasy World because it’s really different from reality. It’s new,unique and fun. I know it’s weird but every bibliophiles can understand what I’m trying to say.

#5: Harry Potter or Twilight?

     Harry Potter definitely! to be honest I haven’t read the Twilight series and I’m not planning to,well I don’t know maybe I’ll change my mind through the years hopefully. Harry Potter is my childhood and the beginning of everything besides The Chronicles of Narnia. Harry Potter holds lots of memories in my life. POTTERHEAD FOREVER!

#6: Kindle, I-pad or other?

    Books I prefer books! It is always there for you and you don’t have to charge it so that you can read. Really, books are more comfy for me but if I don’t have a choice Kindle is fine since I also have a kindle but BOOKS ARE THE BEST!

#7: Borrow or Buy?

     BUY BUY BUY! Obviously, I prefer to buy than to borrow books. It’s more comfortable and you don’t have to worry about the deadline,when will you return the borrowed book. The books that you’ve bought will be sitting on your bookshelf forever and you can read them anytime you want. HAKUNA MATATA!

#8: Bookstore or Online?

     Bookstores because Online bookstores are expensive because of the shipping. When I looked amazon for books I was really shocked because the price are so cheap but when the shipping price was added I was also shocked because it was very expensive. Gosh, I could buy a lot more books if I live somewhere in U.S. but I’m living somewhere in Asia, So I’ll stick with bookstores a little bit cheaper than the online bookstores or shop and it will also take so long before I get the books in my hands.

#9: Tell me, One time or Trilogy?

       TRILOGIES! I read a lot of trilogies and other series that are composed of more than three books. I read stand alone novels too ,but Trilogies are more exciting than stand alone novels and mostly stand alone novels will make you beg for more.

#10: Monster read or Short and Sweet?

      Long stories with monsters of course. It’s more exciting and it will give you book hangover for days.

#11: Starry Eyed Romance or Full of Action?

        Mixed, A book filled with action and romance. It’s kinda boring if it does not contain romance,well it depends on how the book was written.

#12: Curl up in your snuggie or Bathe in the sun?

        The sun is way too hot right now and I hate light, Curled up in my bed while reading of course. My bed is my favorite spot to read and also our couch but mostly my bed. I love my bed.

#13: Hot chocolate or Latte?

       Hot chocolate because my mum won’t allow me to drink coffee and I don’t know what’s the taste of a latte. (hahahaha!)

#14: Read the review or Decide for yourself?

        Both, always both.

I TAG YOU ALL TO DO THIS TAG! IT’S FUN I PROMISE. As for now I’m going to bed goodnight guys! See ya’ll tomorrow and don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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