Books That Helped Me Recover From READING SLUMPS!

We all suffer from reading slumps right? So far I’ve suffered twice and here I am to show all of you what books helped me recovered from my reading slumps.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series by: Rick Riordan


I’ve suffered my first reading slump for one year, It was pretty awful I really don’t know how I survived that kind of reading slump. Then one day I grabbed The Lightning Thief. I read it and I was hooked by the story immediately and it go on and on until I’ve finished the series and I moved into Heroes of Olympus series then to another book series until my second reading slump. This book is an easy read and it contains lots of actions,adventures, and Greek mythology. You’ll be thrilled with excitement and you’ll able to learn a lot about Greek mythology.

Someone Like You by: Sarah Dessen


My second reading slump lasted for two weeks until I found Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen. I was really exhausted from reading high fantasy and dystopian series so I took a break for two weeks and after that I went into a bookstore to find a book that is not high fantasy and dystopian. There’s a lot of books in there that is not high fantasy and dystopian but I don’t know what came into my mind why I picked this book, maybe because of the cover? yeah I think so. I was very happy after reading the book because it really made me continue to read more books and to return reading high fantasy and dystopian series. This book is all about family,friendship,trust, and loyalty. This book is a must read if you’re suffering reading slumps.

So those are the books that helped me recovered from reading slumps, Yeah,I know  it’s unbelievable that I suffered reading slumps for twice only. It is because I have some ways in avoiding and fighting reading slumps which I will share to ya’ll soon! Don’t forget to leave you’re thoughts down below and tell me what are the books that helped you recovered from reading slumps?  Thanks for reading!

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