My First Alien Series!

                                                                                                                                                                                    My first ALIEN book series is *drum rolls*


The Lorien Legacies by: Pittacus Lore

Yes guys, Lorien Legacies indeed. I finished the series last year (not really finished as we all know there still be books coming for this series.) and I was actually hooked by it. I cannot put the book down even if I’m sleepy because it’s filled with action that will make your heart skip a beat. This series is like a coffee for me,it keeps me awake and very much addictive. As I read the series it became so good that I actually considered the existence of aliens until now. (haha!) Believe me guys! I was really fascinated that it came to a point I asked my friends and classmates if they do believe in aliens. I also made a debate about this with my friends. SEE? This is the effect of reading this series! You may also meet a lot of twists that will make you say or rather scream “WHAT THE HECK?” “NO,UH OH.” “OH WHY?!” “PLEASE DON’T!” “UGGGGH!!” “YES!” “GO ON!” “OH YEAH!”  and more. A lot of feels for short. Please take a very deep breath before reading this series. As for now, I’m still waiting for The Fate of Ten to be release this coming August. (OH.MY.GOSH.) We all know that this would be probably the last book BUT NO according to the authors there will be a BOOK SEVEN! So cheers to everyone who love this series and lets celebrate! (yohoo!)

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