I’m so excited for DANGEROUS DECEPTION Release Day!


Hey you! Are you excited for Dangerous Deception release day? Well, me too! Honestly, I haven’t read Dangerous Creatures yet, even if I have one sitting in my bookshelf because 1.) I really need to prepare myself before reading the books. 2.) I’m afraid to experience a cliffhanger by the end of Dangerous Creatures, that’s why I need to wait for Dangerous Deception to come out to avoid suffering. 3.) To save lots of energy for fangirling. You all know that my favorite character is Ridley Duchannes and in these books you’ll know her more and especially her romance with Link. *happy dance* I ship them soooooo bad!! and by the way you will still meet Lena,Ethan,Liv,John, and more in these books! The release date will be on May 19,2015. I really don’t know if Dangerous Deception will be the last book in the series because I’ve been searching for how many months already and yet I haven’t read any articles that says there will a third book in the series. I’ve checked goodreads and it turns out there’s no news about the third book too. I hope there will be a third book coming out soon. But, now lets just wait for MAY 19!

Wanna check the books out?

dangerous creatures

dangerous deception

Wanna purchase the books?

Dangerous Creatures

Pre-Order: Dangerous Deception

Wanna know the authors?



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