Sapphire Blue by: Kerstin Gier BOOK REVIEW!


This is the second book of Kerstin Gier’s Ruby Red Trilogy.

I really cannot understand what should I feel about the book (in a good way I mean.) It has great characters and a great plot, but everything was happening too fast. I’m not used in reading fast paced books but this book nailed it because it turned out great,even though I cannot say it was intense like the way I expected it to be. It was more focused between Gwen and Gideon’s romance and please don’t expect super intense action scenarios.

In this book Gwen experienced lots of complicated things (Like her life was not complicated enough.) Like what? Oh lets say,figuring the truth behind the mysteries surrounding her, Dealing with her mean cousin and Aunt, Coping up with the lessons Mr. Giordano gave her,without being hurt with the mean words he spat, Who should she trust, and of course her emotions for her time-travel partner Gideon de Villiers. Oh, Don’t despair because Gwen got some helping hands like her best friend Lesley Hay and her new gargoyle demon friend Xemerius.

I warn you all, you’ll find it hard to understand Gideon de Villiers. He’s a very moody person and you will be pissed with him so hard. Although, you’ll be swept with his romantic side. SWOON ALERT!

I don’t have much to say about this book because I’m still waiting for the super intense action moments and of course for it’s secrets to come out. I really hope that the last book will not disappoint me but instead will satisfy me and will give me some book hangover for days.

2 thoughts on “Sapphire Blue by: Kerstin Gier BOOK REVIEW!

  1. I hope it won’t disappoint you (I was waiting near the door so I could grab it from the mail and read it at once – but that was few years ago when it was released in Germany 😀 I loved it. I hope you’ll too :D) thanks for following by the way :)) I’ll make sure to check out your blog more often 🙂

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